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  1. I agree with you 100%. I was generally OK with the thought of going on a cruise again eventually... and then weeks went by and we've still got ships floating out there, the souls onboard disowned by literally the entire world- quite literally left to die since some have died already. Whether countries are truly unable to help or just unwilling, the end result for these folks is the same. It is irrelevant but I do feel the cruise industry has often gotten the unfair end of things. No doubt, air travel is responsible, almost exclusively, for the spread of this worldwide. In a 24 hour period a single sick traveler could spread something to major airports worldwide and be back at home on his/her couch days or weeks before anyone figures out what happened. It is much easier to track the spread of something on a cruise ship and of course it becomes the center of media attention. But, the precedent has now been set that cruise ships and their passengers will be regarded by the media, governments, etc. as disease carrying entities to be avoided at all costs. The portrayal of the cruise industry is that they represent the essence of everything that allowed this virus to fester. I do not like the combination of all this and it doesn't make me feel good at all about setting foot on a cruise ship. I consider myself to be a pretty solid person from a mental standpoint but I'm not sure I could withstand weeks confined to a stateroom without having some longer lasting issues and that isn't even mentioning the impact to my wife or kids.
  2. That is not a bad concept at all. Various stations where you could get order things like a sandwich, salad, or daily grill item. I would be a fan of this and the food would be more fresh to boot.
  3. A smart decision by the cruise line and good for the customer as well. By doing this they decrease the number of full refunds they'll need to make. Win for RCI. At the same time we are uncertain whether we'll be able to cruise by 13/31/21 but like the sound of 125% so we might wait and see knowing we can get the refund any time. If we had to decide right now we'd certainly go for a full refund.
  4. I wish we could just blink and we'd be 30 days in the future. The next 30-60 days won't be pleasant for anyone- sick or not. We need that amount of time to pass to let this virus subside, but without all the negative consequences that come from people not working, not getting paid, etc. for that time period.
  5. Normally I would say the same thing, but if the credit is only good for a year I'm not sure what to expect out of fares. If things really go south here, the cruise lines could be shut down longer leaving you with less than 12 months to re-book but perhaps fares are good since nobody would be interested in cruising. On the other hand if we rebound quickly from this you are going to have a lot of people looking to use FCC and competing with sailings that were already partially booked prior to all of this- meaning hire fares. Cold hard cash on the other hand- can use that whenever, however.
  6. I do think that the cruise industry got singled out on this given the risks but I think they are easier to pick on and nobody would think of making a "first move" against someone like Disney (I realize they operate a cruise line but that is minimal compared to their mid-sized city ownership in Orlando.) All that being said, it is possible the entire country will be shut down in a month and it won't matter much that the cruise industry got a "head start."
  7. In the same "boat" here, cancelled next week's cruise after events this week which including a couple flights where like you guys I noticed that travel was probably down almost 50% already. I hope you are right about April but I am concerned you many need to wait many more months.
  8. That sort of already happened and was what caused us to finally cancel next week's cruise. Port Everglades had 3 workers test positive. I'm less concerned about that part to be fair, but more concerned about the external consequences. This time they recommended everyone going though the port self-quarantine. Next time it might not be a request. The way things are going it is only a matter of time before the cruise ships are all stopped and I don't want to be on one once stopped. Also recent cruisers are already being treated differently by some employers- not being allowed to return to work. We are pretty seasoned cruisers, been a member here since 2001... have sailed though a hurricane. Everyone has their breaking point.
  9. Ugh, almost 100% certain we'll cancel our cruise on next Friday's Navigator sailing. Disappointing but I don't like the way this is going. I've flown twice this week already... odds are I passed by someone that had the virus... prob a few folks with the flu and other krap also. That isn't my main concern. I'm much more concerned about about the tactics that might be taken. More quarantines are a given and I'm worried about where this might escalate from here.
  10. I agree 100%. If RCI is serious about keeping sick people off their ships, they need to make it easier- not harder- for folks to make the decision that RCI wants them to make. What is the loss to them? A few staterooms go empty, a few thousand dollars returned in return for keeping keeping a few sick people off the ship? Sounds like a good trade to me for both RCI and the fellow passengers. I cannot fathom why they would not refund everyone in the stateroom or immediate traveling party. We already know that some people are going to lie. Now, the ones that were going to tell the truth are going to lie as well.
  11. We are on the Navigator mid March (with 2 kids.) We don't have plans to cancel right now but a couple things could change that. Primarily, if we see ships sailing from US ports quarantined between now and then. That is our biggest fear. I cannot imagine being stuck in a stateroom for that long and the negative impact it would have on our mental health, jobs, school, etc. would be considerable. Otherwise, a weekend cruise to Coco Cay is no worse than a staying at a hotel and eating at a restaurant a few times. I've got to fly a couple times for work in the next month and I'm more concerned about that because there is a lot more randomness to airports than a cruise ship. So hopefully some of the hype dies down. Folks need to be smart and be informed but panic helps nobody and mob mentality could result in people being unnecessarily confined.
  12. Thanks! A couple of the items seem like things they'd try to charge for so I'm glad to hear they are included. Kids will enjoy the funnel cake and the crispy chix sandwich sounds pretty good too.
  13. Sorry, I'm sure this is answered somewhere but I'm not finding it. Is the food at the Snack Shack complimentary? If not, is the cost of each item published somewhere?
  14. We are on the Navigator next month for a long weekend cruise. I am not concerned right now; statistically we stand a (much, much) greater chance of having something happen to us driving down from Tampa. Or for that matter catching the virus (or any virus) at the supermarket, coffee shop, work, school, gas station, etc. That being said, the wildcard is a quarantine- whether necessary or not. If we see a ship sailing from a US port quarantined between now and then OR a several international departures getting quarantined, that will be our indicator. As spun up as the media and everyone is right now I could easily see a domino effect where every ship that has a fever on board goes on lockdown. Personally if we see a quarantine or two on US-based sailings, I think it would be bad form for RCI not to issue refunds on future sailings (although I expect they wouldn't.) I'm not sure how you could expect someone to sail if they have a reasonable chance of getting stuck on board for 14 days. Not to mention what you might catch if heaven forbid there was an active case onboard.
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