I just got back from the Imagination today and had to take a nap from my vacation before collecting my thoughts but I did wasn't to leave my updated impressions here ( and later in a review) about this excursion .

Intro to Ensenada :
So while we docked in Ensenada I went out pretty early in the morning to do my shopping, I cruised solo and the streets of Ensenada aren't gorgeous with that said I was one of the first visitors to many shops and everyone who was there who could speak some english were pretty funny / nice. I did see one military vehicle drive through the streets but the soldiers themselves were laughing I just assume that Mexco has a larger integrated military presence in their cities than I think we're used to in the states. Regardless I was alone walking through Ensenada alleys for their small shops and I survived. naturally I stuck to the touristy areas and the few suspicious people I did cross ( a guy who handed me a flier advertising all sorts of prescription drugs while he casually alludes to a place around the corner with beautiful girls) I naturally smiled, nodded, and proceeded to walk away from . I live in Los Angeles and I've felt more in danger in Skid row or walking Downtown LA at night then I did in Enseanada .

The actual important part The Excursion Experience : I booked this cruise specifically because I needed to drink , relax, and shut off for a few days and I did just that . Doing it solo was definitely intimidating but the entire atmosphere of this ship and the people ( crew and guests alike) on it is to have fun . I figure i'll save the nitty gritty details for my actual excursion review ( also there are chunks I am piecing together through memories and random photographs on my phone) but in short it was fantastic. If you like to drink and want to make some quick friends then this excursion is a great idea. Not at all for prudes , and I came back with some wild stories and a few people on the ship remembered seeing me and my excursion buddies around the ship to remind us how insane our partying was but we all had a great time and I hung out with all of them for a good chunk of the cruise later. This was the highlight of my cruise by far and I'm very happy I went.