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My last cruise I could not afford a balcony and discovered on each of these ships on the Panorama level are 4 Ocean View cabins that are bigger than balconies, about $400 or more cheaper, look straight out the front of the ship with HUGE windows! I booked it last cruise and just booked it again for October 28th to the Eastern Caribbean and as a single, taxes included it was only a little over $1200! For a couple right now it is only around $1600. I had the best view coming into port and the cabin is bigger than a balcony. The cabin #'s are 10001 thru 10004. There are only 4 on the panorama level, as the rest of the cabins are balconies. I am enclosing pics for you. You can thank me later!
Please ignore the following comment.I can't seem to delete it. The answerto my question is given in your title. So sorry.
Wonderful information, but please give the cruise line and ship.