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  1. It is true that there are a large number of FCC's resulting from the current cancellations but there are also a significant number of new bookings currently taking place as well.
  2. Not sure I understand what you are saying. Carnival Corp. (of which Carnival Cruises is one brand) and Royal Caribbean International are currently the two largest cruise companies in the industry. Not sure which bigger ones they would be waiting for to be bankrupt.... And IMO the more likely scenario would be that if smaller companies fail, they would be bought out by the larger two companies mentioned - which is in part how they grew to their current size in previous economic downturns.
  3. The key statement is "without revenue". But clearly, revenue will be generated - and is currently being generated - with new bookings being made and the likely resumption to sailing by the fall at latest. So when you add revenue to the equation - even if it is not optimized - those timelines would be longer.
  4. That may be the case, but from information I am aware of, the expectation is not that there is a plan in place to prevent Covid19 from occurring, as that would be impossible, but that there is a plan is place to deal with it on board in a manner that limits further exposure and, should foreign citizen crew be affected, does not tax US based healthcare. Additionally, the plans are also required to define pre-board passenger screening, on board health monitoring and isolating if needed, on board cleaning procedures and preventative measures during the cruise, terminal cleaning pre-board and post disembarkation, increased on board medical presence, etc. And not questioning your position, as I agree with you, but there is a significant difference between not respecting environmental regulations and ignoring CDC regulations, which is the current body that will permit you to return to sailing in the first place. But for now it is just interesting conversation as it all remains to be seen....
  5. Well unless current target dates change - which they very well could - Carnival will not be the "standard bearer" as they are not the first cruise line returning date. Currently RCI / Celebrity is the first planned return to sail cruise line..
  6. The CDC has required all cruise lines to submit a formal plan of operations for their return to cruising that has to include, among other priorities, a comprehensive program dealing on board with Covid19 relative to passengers and crew. This plan was required to be submitted by early May per CDC guidelines issued April 15. So none of the cruise lines can return and develop protocols on the fly - they will only be able to return with plans accepted in advance by the CDC. IMO it would seem logical that they should be relatively consistent with each other so that there would be cohesive measures in place within the industry satisfactory to the CDC. As they are members of CLIA it would also seem logical to me that they would coordinate their plans together through the CLIA in order to achieve this. But regardless of how the cruise lines accomplish this, it does not seem likely that any of them will be able to return to cruising without CDC approved plans in place prior to the resumption of operations. Those that have announced return dates must either already have that in place or anticipate that they will by that targeted return date.
  7. According to the report they can survive for 12 months+ without revenue. Assuming they resume operations as planned, they will also have revenue during that 12 months, which I would think would extend that timeframe.
  8. Well so much for the need to be nervous. It was just announced that NCL has secured $2 Billion+ in stock and debt that will carry them well over a year without added revenue. Once the transactions are completed they will have approximately $3.5 Billion in liquidity for their continued operations. So much for "going out of business" or bankruptcy proceedings - your FCC's should be fine.....
  9. Again, the point of view from the site you use is still their point of view - does not mean it is factual. And "discuss" may have been the better choice of words, which I now no longer will do with this topic.
  10. Just because they say it's factual does not necessarily mean that it is - that is just their view of the information, which can also be self serving. IMO the only way to determine the accuracy of any given information is to hear it from several different and diverse points of view and decide for yourself. But I'm not going to debate it any further.
  11. Let me be more specific to clarify - the CDC is indeed concerned about taxing the US healthcare system with cruise ship based foreign citizens that may require disembarkation in the US if affected by Covid19. But this concern, while applying to current cases, was more specifically identified in the challenge to the cruise lines in their plans to return to sailing to address measures that would avoid US healthcare from being utilized for foreign crew who would become ill moving forward.
  12. Yes - they are chartering commercial aircraft flights privately.
  13. ....especially when there is only a very small percentage of US employees on board most ships to begin with - officers and crew combined. And just to add, what the CDC is primarily concerned about regarding crew re-entry to the US is with regards to any foreign citizen crew that my be affected by Covid19 taxing the US healthcare system for treatment once off the ship and in the US prior to their return home.
  14. If you book using an FCC that conveys the value of that credit to the new booking, thus protecting it. Otherwise it may be suspended during a bankruptcy reorganization but should then be honored at a later time. The way it would be lost with certainty would be if in fact NCL were to go out of business altogether. However, either way, I would not want to be a holder of an NCL FCC at this time.
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