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  1. leaveitallbehind

    Dec 17th, 2019

    If it is a Roll Call for your ship and sailing date that you are looking for to talk with others on your sailing, here is the link to the RCI Roll Call board. Search your ship and sailing date and go from there. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/21-royal-caribbean-“meet-amp-mingle”-roll-calls/
  2. leaveitallbehind

    Is disembarking at Port everglades chaos for all

    Are you referring to a closed loop cruise originating in Port Everglades? We've never experienced - nor have seen - any issues with anyone disembarking there and none of our US based closed loop cruises ever disembarked US passengers first or ahead of anyone else. Perhaps as you suggest delays would occur on trans-Atlantic or other re-positioning cruises from a non-US originating port as it does tend to take longer to clear customs on those itineraries. But have never seen or heard of anything like that on any of our US based closed loop cruises.
  3. leaveitallbehind

    Boarding Advice please from Celebrity experts

    Have never received an email indicating boarding times and have always arrived at the port around 10:30 or so and have boarded between 11:00 - 11:30.
  4. leaveitallbehind

    Kobe beef meat loaf on the menu tonight

    And as a meatloaf would probably taste about the same.....
  5. leaveitallbehind

    Age limit on excursions

    Sorry, but to support what mom says indicates, the age restrictions are not Celebrity imposed but are based on insurance guidelines through the tour operators themselves, which are contracted through Celebrity. Celebrity has no input regarding this and is cannot alter the policy. The suggestion to look at independent operators for similar tours that would be booked on your own and not through the ship would be your only alternative if the tour you want through the ship has this age restriction.
  6. leaveitallbehind

    Traveling with Baby Question!

    Off topic to your questions, but just to be certain you are aware, if you are on an itinerary with more than two consecutive sea days most cruise lines require that your child be no younger than 12 months old as of the sailing date. If that would apply to your itinerary, confirm the policy with your cruise line before booking it. (You are fine with your 7 month old on itineraries with less than that). As to seat belts for car seats, you are correct that there is likely no way to be certain for sure that they would be present.
  7. leaveitallbehind

    Website Large Group Bookings

    Not familiar with a specific website, but if you Google your ship name and sailing date typically any large group associated with your sailing will be listed among the hits.
  8. leaveitallbehind

    Cruise line/timing recommendations.

    I understand what you are saying and not to contradict that, but to qualify your comments somewhat. As a frequent cruiser with both RCI and Celebrity I would say it isn't so much a younger v older demographics as it is RCI focuses more on families with venues and activities appealing to them, and Celebrity on adults with more of a traditional cruising atmosphere with less family venues and activities. But yes, there will be more families and children on RCI and more of an adult mix on Celebrity as a result. But there are plenty of younger people who either do not have children or cruise without them who cruise on Celebrity, just as there are plenty of older people who cruise on RCI. My point being that they each offer a different style of cruising that can appeal to people of all ages.
  9. leaveitallbehind

    Panama Canal

    That would be cruise line and ship itinerary dependent. You would have to see if the itinerary specifies which canal is used and whether it is a full transit or partial. A number of Atlantic / Pacific re-positioning itineraries use the canal as their means of transit. Others with the canal as as part of their regional itinerary use it for a partial transit. Many of the larger ships today - if offering a Panama Canal itinerary - would likely need to use the new canal due to their size. But again, it would depend on what ships a cruise line offering a transit are using for the itinerary. I would talk with the cruise lines directly or a travel agent to see what information they can provide.
  10. leaveitallbehind

    Plugging in Two CPAPs - Extension Chord

    If you contact RCI special needs department through customer service in advance with your situation they will have the necessary equipment in your stateroom for you.
  11. leaveitallbehind

    Can I get off ship without passport

    Agree. As others have said, most cruise lines only require a valid government issued picture ID and a birth certificate -or- a Passport for US citizens traveling on a US based closed loop itinerary. Check with your cruise line to confirm their policy. If a Passport is used it is only needed for initial boarding, and not in each port of call. With each port of call, the cruise line will tell you whether or not you will need a picture ID along with your ship card to return to the ship from that port of call. If they tell you that you need one, take it. BTW we have always taken our picture ID (drivers license) with us in Cozumel.
  12. leaveitallbehind

    Caribbean Fall 2020 / Spring 2021- Color me unimpressed

    That is correct - they are classified as Veranda category, of which the aft facing have larger than standard balconies.
  13. leaveitallbehind

    Caribbean Fall 2020 / Spring 2021- Color me unimpressed

    To clarify, Coco Coy originally was only an RCCL private island destination that became available to Celebrity after RCI acquired Celebrity, just as with Labadee. RCI owns the lease and development rights to both.
  14. leaveitallbehind

    Connecting owners suites

    ...or perhaps contact a travel agent who specializes in cruises to see what options may exist for you preferences.
  15. leaveitallbehind

    Caribbean Fall 2020 / Spring 2021- Color me unimpressed

    Just a little confused. If a port of call is not normally accessible to larger ships, why would it be accessible to Apex or Edge? They are the largest Celebrity ships and would require the current infrastructure in a given port to support them. As to tendering as a means to do so, this is still less convenient and time consuming, and regardless of capabilities this is still not a preferred method of visiting a port of call, in particular with larger passenger capacity ships. This is why, as example, RCI Oasis / Quantum class ships don't visit Grand Cayman. Not uncommon for cruise lines to commence itineraries for their newer ships on the currently popular itineraries to attract passengers to these ships. There are many people who have never cruised before that may do so on the new ships where these ports of call would be new tho them, and many experienced ones who are not as driven by itinerary but want to experience the new ship.