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  1. leaveitallbehind

    No Mega Millions winner

    Now you're getting into my world, Andrew. I would also add Clapton and Fleetwood Mac. Certainly could add quite a few more.....
  2. leaveitallbehind

    Country music on balcony anyone?

    I agree with the others. You should not be subject to other peoples music while on your balcony. Regardless of how loud or soft it is played, it is inconsiderate of them and I would definitely take it up with guest services. They can - and should use - earbuds. Hopefully it will stop with a visit to the front desk.
  3. leaveitallbehind

    RCI "Brilliance" vs Celebrity "Infinity"?

    Whichever you choose, enjoy your cruise.
  4. leaveitallbehind

    MSC Seaside. Men’s Spa area?

    I would suggest posting this (and your status match question) on the MSC board as well to get better responses at the following link: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/49-msc-cruises/ Not familiar with MSC, but most cruise lines have separate dressing and locker areas for men and women but the equipment and workout room is common. Treatment and steam rooms typically would be separate as well.
  5. leaveitallbehind

    RCI "Brilliance" vs Celebrity "Infinity"?

    I have been on RCI Jewel and Serenade, both sister ships to Brilliance, and was on summit in August, sister ship to Infinity. Aside from what I have posted previously, what specifically about either would you like to know? I guess if you are looking for a recommendation, based on your ages I would probably suggest Celebrity Infinity. Based on ship and the longer itinerary, I would probably suggest RCI Brilliance, They are both good lines and ships and I don't think one holds a significant advantage over the other.
  6. leaveitallbehind

    RCI "Brilliance" vs Celebrity "Infinity"?

    Just a couple of things. Although both ships are part of two fleets of ships - RCCL and Celebrity - that are owned by the same parent company - RCI - they are separate brands run independently and represent two different cruising styles. RCI is more oriented towards families and has more activities venues than does Celebrity, which is oriented towards adults with more of a "traditional" cruising style. And although both ships are somewhat older, they are both maintained well, are very clean, and provide a very good level of service. Brilliance has a more contemporary styling with a lot of glass and open spaces. If you are eliminating the option to dine at the specialty restaurants you are limiting your opportunities for a varied and higher level of dining than that which will be found only in the MDR and buffets. But that being said, having cruised extensively on both lines, I would say that Celebrity has a better level of food quality overall. A word of caution, as both itineraries are relatively short, the demographics on board may tend to be younger and more of a party style in nature. Not a certainty but something to consider as a possibility. Somewhat of an unusual list of things that aren't important to you on a cruise, of which are typical cruise draws - ports of call, excursions, entertainment, etc. - which makes me wonder what is it you do look for in a cruise? And yes - the fitness centers are essentially the same with either.
  7. leaveitallbehind

    Poolside Theft?

    It absolutely is done on both RCI and Celebrity - and has been for years. There is a small screen at the register facing the employee the displays your picture when the card is swiped. Part of the security to assure the proper passenger is using the card. The same as when you exit and enter the ship your picture is displayed as well.
  8. leaveitallbehind

    Entertainment 10/28 Infinity

    All Celebrity ships have nightly theater entertainment and a casino. As do every major cruise line operating in the US with the exception of Disney, which do not have casino's on their ships.
  9. leaveitallbehind

    Eastern Caribbean water temp in April

    The water temperatures will range between 80 - 82 degrees F for St. Thomas and Tortola. As mentioned, Castaway Cay is nowhere near the Caribbean but in the Bahamas, which will be about 75 degrees F that time of year.
  10. leaveitallbehind

    Water on the ship

    Yes, of course the water is perfectly safe. What do you think the crew drinks each day during their many months at sea?
  11. leaveitallbehind

    Roll Calls are Back

    Andrew I see where I can link to those that already exist on my previous subscriptions but when I go to the RCI Roll Call search to look for a new one to sign into I get a message indicating "Under Construction". Am I missing something? (I know, no surprise there!)