Seating on the Excellence and the Mystic Catamarans?

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Hubby has a bad back and needs a seat with a back. I, on the other hand, could live on the "trampoline" netting on catamarans. Any chance either the Excellence or the Mystic Catamaran has both types of seats, ideally very close to one another?
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We were on the Excellence in January, and what a great excursion! However, no seats with backs and lots of very bumpy waves. We sat on benches towards the back so we could have shade. Those in the front had to move to the back during part of the trip because of the rough wave action.
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The majority of the time on the Excellence we enjoyed a nice, calm ride. The only portion of the excursion with a much rougher ride was when sailing very fast through the open Atlantic enroute to Green Island. As cwb348 noted it would be a wet ride on the trampoline during that trek through rougher waters. However, before sailing to and after returning from Green Island to sail along the coast of Antigua and see the harbors it was a very smooth ride. We chose to be on the upper deck with the captain most of the time and went to the lower deck only as we returned to port and took part in the dancing.

There is a nice large trampoline at the front of the main deck, and seats with backs on the upper deck that I have photos of, can't remember what seating was available on the lower deck, sorry I missed your post! We still have photos of this excursion because it was the bluest water we've seen anywhere...
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Blue, Blue Water!