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If you haven't already check out the improve Web Cam site for Oceania

Oceania has the best web sites

Here you can see where the ships are at a given momemt as well
learn about the various computer training available.

My major pet peeve is the charges for using the net and emailing

95 cents a minute is very high although you can by packages that reduce the cost

but for emailing it is $2.00 a email both send and receiving less tha 100k
Thats criminal
They add $1.00 over when you send a photo

Thoughs on this and what do other ship lines charge

As for using the Internet for surfing
I am on vacation and the last thing i need to use is a computer.

Channel Islands Beach, Calif.
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what I like is that now they have the ship schedule by date and port there...
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I am so glad you posted, I have been unable to bring up the Web Cam site, and thought Oceania may have discontinued it. I wanted to follow Nautica's sail into Da Nang, Phuket, and their arrival in Bombay. Thanks for posting, the new site is great, and so much quicker.
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Their prices are not out of line with other cruiselines (Celebrity, RCI, Princess) charge for the same service. No one will give away anything in the cruise business anymore. They lost all revenue from in-cabin telephone use since people now use cellphones, so this is one way of making it up. Hotels lost the telephone income as well so now they make it up with a so-called daily resort fee.

In 2000 on the Millennium, in-cabin internet access cost $10/day. That's long over. The cruiselines feel that most vactioners won't pay the prices they are asking now, and that's OK. However, people who need to stay in touch with their work will gladly pay the price to check on things from the middle of the ocean.

Not everyone, including me, feel they need to burn all bridges with home when on vacation.