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Wylie, Texas
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Joined Apr 2004
My wife and I were discussing the carrying of our passports while in port.

Is it alright for 1 person to carry both passports or should each individual person carry the passport. While on shore my wife and I will alwayss going to be toghter. I had thought about just getting one of those security wallets to carry both passports instead of getting 2. Anythoughts..

Jeff Cox [email protected]

Jeff Cox - Rookie Cruiseer
ms WesterDam 5/31
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Joined Nov 2003
Hi Jeff,

Note that in some ports,pick pocketing is rife and a profession for some,if you are going to carry your passport ashore make shore it is on
your person. Make sure you take a few copies of the important pages of your passport should the worse happen.

Napa, CA
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While we were on a cruise in Tahiti, Princess kept everyones passports. We did not get them back until disembarkation. Is this true for European cruises with Celebrioty, too?
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You do not need to carry your PP with you..a copy of the front page will do if you feel the need to have something on you,but you don't even need that.Leave it on the ship in the safe in the room.Some ships even keep your PP until the cruise is over as to clear customs in each port quicker.Carry only what you need for the day on shore,and keep your CC,and monies in a secure pocket as like Mike saud pickpocketing is a way of life in some areas and they are very good at what they do.I have never had a problem,and I travel to Europe a lot.I carry a purse,and DH has a shoulder backpack.You can worry yourself to death about somethings,but if you are careful as you would be anywhere,and just go and have a good time you will be fine.

Melbourne, Australia
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Joined Sep 2002

I think you will find that the ship's office will keep your passport. Last year on the Noordam in Europe, our passports were kept until we reached Monaco and then we were given them back.

To get into the Casino you need your passport. I always make a few copies of the first two pages and have them in a plastic folder in both suitcases and our carry on luggage just in case something goes wrong and they are lost.

We always carry a copy whilst off the ship, just in case we don't happen to get back in time!! Otherwise, I have never carried our passports with us whilst just shopping or touring whilst in a city in Europe. They have always been locked up in the safe in the hotel.


The next cruise is always the best!

Bradenton,Fl. USA
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Joined Feb 2002
May I make an alternative suggestion. Pickpocketing is fairly common in Europe especially in the major tourist places. I wear "cargo" shorts or pants and put my money, credit card and other "valuables" in the front pocket on my leg. It always has some sort of closure and for most pickpockets they would have to get into a pretty awkward position to get into that pocket (I'm referring to the pocket that sits mid-thigh) and by then I would be aware of their presense.

Rick,24 cruises and counting! Next cruise- #25-Riverboat cruise from Amsterdam to Vienna in July '04
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These theives are professional and know exactly who and what to go for,keep as little valuables with you as possible. Be particularly wary of beggers who at first glance might be after a few coins,but are really interested in bigger and richer pickings.
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Joined Jun 2003
Don't laugh..I know a woman who put a mouse trap in her purse to see what would happen if someone tried to pick her wallet,and of course she forgot....need I say more.

Minneapolis, MN
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On our med cruise last year, our passports were not taken by the ship. We carried ours in neck wallets. We also made two color copies of the photo page, leaving one in our safe and one at home with a contact who could produce it in case of emergency.

I understand the keeping of passports varies depending on ship and individual passenger's home country.

Also of note: we were never asked for our passports in any port, and thus have no stamps to "prove" our travels.
Flanders, NJ USA
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Joined Mar 2004
We were on the Star Princess April 2004, they did keep our passports. We carried a copy and our money in a neck wallet. Altho we did not encounter any beggars or pickpocket attempts on our trip. A local in Rome pointed out two guys to watch out for as they were known pickpockets there. We used local transportation in most cities without any problems. Common sense with your valuables is needed in any city. Enjoy your trip!!
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Joined Oct 2007
In Dubrovnik the port authorities stopped our bus and checked everyone's ID. Half the people on the bus had to get off and go back to the ship to get their passport. My husband and I carried our U.S. drivers licenses with us and those were sufficient. RCCL later said this was the first time the authorities in Croatia had asked for IDs. Never go anywhere without at least a copy of your passport or a driver's license.