Birthday cabin decorations .. anyone with pictures?

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MY DS will have a birthday a week before our cruise and thought it would be great to decorate the cabin. Does anyone have pictures of the decorations or can you tell me what they do?
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IMHO, it wasn't worth the money. Now, if money's no object, fine, but all they do is put some crepe paper/streamers across the ceiling along with the "Happy Birthday" sign across from wall to wall. It comes with a card saying what you want it to. I would assume it's cute for a kid, but for an adult it's pretty cheesy.
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If you're cruising after May 31, I can help. They are on order for our cabin for DH birthday cruise. I would never be able to surprise him if I tried to decorate myself, besides I'm on a cruise, I don't have time to decorate....
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I thought it looked great... Must have been a great surprise to your wife...

I'll be doing it also for my Mothers 65th b/day and also to celebrate her retirement. I'm also ordering the flowers from RCCL... Glad you posted a photo...
I don't think it looks cheesy... Looks FUN!!!!!!!!!!
Originally posted by natish3000
To each his own and, no, there isn't much to it, but my wife loved it.
You can check out pics of them at :

Also you can read our review at :
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Well, my son will be 11 so to him it will be just fine. Thank you for the pictures.
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I think your son will love it!

Personally, I agree with the poster who said for kids it is fine, but I also thought it was a bit cheesy for an adult. SILs have done it twice for DH. I guess being in a smaller inside cabin for 3 had something to do with us not being all that crazy about it...

And also FWIW, if you have arranged two cabins where you will be switching rooms once you board, make sure you have the decorations put in the right cabin #!!!

Not only did we need to be grateful for the thought, we had to help move all the decorations & put them up in our cabin, then swat at the streamers etc that apparantly are only meant ot be hung once . The second time this occurred, most of the decorations were "grounded" by day two

Again, I think my son would have loved it for himself (11yo), but I personally felt it was a bit hokey for an adult... TEHO (to each his own!)
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We are having RCI decorate my daughters' inside cabin. They're a little bummed they get an inside cabin and mom & dad get an oceanview across the hall. They're 14 and 8 and I know they'll go crazy when they see the decorations and balloons. It'll be a surprise. Here's some more pics I found:
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