How do I make a payment online?

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I went to my reservation on the Carnival site. I want to make a payment but I cannot do it the same way as before. I would rather just apply the payment myself rather than calling my PVP. Can anyone tell me how?

When I click on manage my bookings and make a payment it takes me back to the original page where I cannot make a payment.
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OK I got the page up but when I enter my info it says invalid agency. Is that because I booked with PVP?
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You cannot make an online payment unless you booked online with Carnival. If you called a PVP or booked any other way, you have to call.

It isn't a big deal, it would just be nice if they'd make the website so that it would note this rather than giving some generic error message.
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The above post is exactly right. I tried to make a payment yesterday and got the same message. I called and they said it is because I booked the cruise over the phone and not on line. But they took my payment in 2 seconds and it wasn't a big deal, but you do have to call Carnival direct.
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