NCL Spirit replica ship model ornaments?

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Queens, New YOrk
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Joined Nov 2006

Every time I go on a cruise I always buy a ship replica model ornaments of the ship that I have cruised on as a souvenir to remember going on the ship. I have a wonderful collection.

My godson accidentally dropped so of my small ship replica ornaments and they broke and I have been trying to replace them with no luck.

I went on NCL the last 2 years on a Nowhere cruise from NY but both times they did not have the ornament in the store.

If possible if anyone is cruising on the NCL Spirit cruise and if possible can someone be able to purchase for me the NCL Spirit replica model ornament which have broken to replace what broke.

It is 4 inches in size and it's an exact replica of the ship with the name of the ship in the front port & it is also an ornament with a silver loop & gold string to hang onto tree. They usually sell the bigger replica models to put on a table. I take off the string & the silver loop on top and I have all the ship on a side display table.. Last year when I bought one the price was around $10.00 it probably went up $1 or $2..

It is a great collector's item to remember all the ship's you have cruised on

I will mail you payment first before for purchase of ship ornament & also shipping cost before you go on cruise. I can also email you a copy of what the ornament looks like..

It would be greatly appreciated to replace my collection since I am not sure when I will be able to book another cruise on either one of those cruise ships.

My email address is [email protected]

Thanks so much...
Pascagoula Ms
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Joined Mar 2004
I will be sailing on the Spirit from 12/14/08-12/21/08 if they have them I would be more than happy to pick you up 1 it just might not get to you before Christmas. I also collect them the ornaments and the magnets of each ship we sail.
Paul (crewsin250 at yahoo dot com)
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Aiken, SC
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Ornament collector here myself. Generally, if they don't have the ornament, I do something like buy a keychain and modify it. I'm hoping to see some Spirit ornaments when I go in a week.
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Queens, New YOrk
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Joined Nov 2006
Hi Paul

Thank you so much for you're offering to pick me up an ornament.. It is very kind of you.

I just collect the small replica ship ornaments only. I take the string off & the medal hanging piece attached and have them on all on a table as my little cruise ship collection area with 1 sovenuir glass also from the ship or anything else they give out to represent the ship.

Since you're trip in next month if you don't really mind picking me up an ornament if you find it. Let me know how you want payment for ornament & shipping and when & where to send it.

My email address is [email protected]

If you need me to email you a picture of what I'm looking for please send me your email address and I will try to send you a picture of it. I also had a few Carnival ships broken so I currently only took a picture of the Carnival ship only.

Thanks again so much

Queens, New YOrk
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Joined Nov 2006
Hi Ralph of SC

I read you're respond after I read Paul's response and didn't notice that you are going on the ship on 12/7/08. I thank you so much for your offer to get me an ornament.

Not sure what to do now since I've gotten 3 responses so far. I assumed I would only get one response only.

Since I responded to Paul's first I will let him buy the ornament when he goes.

I was thinking of having you try first since you were leaving on 12/7 but you're ship arrives the same day that Ralph's ship leaves on 12/14 so it would not be fair or not enough notice to inform Ralph to purchase one for me.

My third response is leaving in February so I can always have her try if Paul did not find it.

Ralph I thank you again so much & everyone for offering to restore my collection. I appreciate everyone's kindness & help

Have fun on the ship. The Spirit is one of my favorite NCL ships in my opinion it is better then the Dawn. The best one so far is the NCL Gem & Pearl you must go on that if you can.