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  1. The time I remember getting conch salad at Senor Frogs, there was a guy moving around the restaraunt with a cart who would prepare the conch fresh on the spot for you, including removing it fresh from the shell. I don't know how authentic that was, but I was pleased to find that in such a touristy place as SF. It was several years ago, so it may not be the current case though.
  2. Second the recommendation on Pirate Republic. Great craft brewery and they are right there on Front street. Also, Sharkeez is right next door to them and there are a couple more along there that are worth stopping into.
  3. We met up with another couple from our cruise and took a taxi over to the Sands brewery on our own the last time we were in Freeport. We weren't interested in all the other stops along with the cow herd on the tour through the ship. We got to have a less crowded tour and a much less crowded taproom to close our tour. They even let us stay on for a bit when the small group we tagged in with left. (not guaranteed, your mileage may vary) Enjoyed the experience and definitely recommend it over going through an organized tour, especially if that's what you really want to see.
  4. Thanks for the review! We were on the cruise immediately proceeding yours and I think I've just about gotten my post-cruise depression over enough to pen my detailed review up. Had some similarities and some differences with our Key experience. Loved reading through this.
  5. I'll try to post it in the Key thread. I don't generally access the forums from my mobile device though, so there's no telling how that will go! LOL!
  6. This has been a wonderful review @Grenouille21 . We fly out for our pre-vacay in Miami for our Symphony cruise early tomorrow morning and your review has been the perfect thing to get me hyped, ready, and set for this cruise! Thanks again for all the wonderful pictures, comments, and information! As a parent of a teen and with the Key for this upcoming cruise, this has been the perfect lead-in review to what we are looking forward to.
  7. These pictures are incredible. I'm sold! where do I sign up? (Just kidding! I know EXACTLY where to sign up, lol and will likely be doing so on my Symphony cruise next week! 😁
  8. Hooked was just put on Navigator with their most recent refurb, along with El Loco Fresh, the Bamboo Room, and Playmakers
  9. Hooked- Only available on two ships fleetwide Wonderland- Another uncommon restaurant 150 Central Park- Specifically for that Tenderloin for two, lol
  10. Loving the review! The Wonderland bit has me a bit nervous now. We have the BOGO and cannot reserve until we get on the ship. My goals are Hooked and Wonderland. I'm going to have to make that priority #1 when we get aboard, even before the Key luggage drop, it would seem. Don't want to miss the opportunity.
  11. Thank you so much for the Teen club compasses! I know mine will enjoy the gaming setups and the activities. Awesome review thus far, loving every post!
  12. We really enjoyed our last cruise on the Elation. It was what we expected for the price point, which was the lowest per night average of any cruise we had been on. A fun hopping little ship that is super easy to get around on and never really felt crowded. I'd book a three or four day Bahamas cruise on her tomorrow if the dates and prices wound up right. Sorry your friends had bad experiences, but there's a reason that Carnival is re-investing in their Fantasy class ships and not getting rid of them. There's still very much a market for sub-Panamax cruise ships on the budget end.
  13. Yeah, sad to see Navigator no longer doing ABC runs. Was getting excited about booking her for a longer Southern itinerary. Short jumps to Coco Cay just do not have the same ring to me even though I love the snorkeling there.
  14. We have sailed Carnival, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean almost evenly. Things we love about each line: Carnival: -Free food options like Guy's Burgers and the Blue Iguana cantina are excellent. -The fun atmosphere on deck for sea days and at parties is infectious and really enjoyable. -The Alchemy bar is my favorite bar on any ship. IT has it's own cult following. Still keep up with my favorite bartenders. -The Piano bar and the Comedy Club on Carnival are both so much fun. -Consistently the best budget friendly line Royal: -Wow factor. Absolute wow factor. Especially the Oasis class ships. Nothing like it at sea. So much to do. -Main dining is the best of the three lines IMO -Great dining options for specialty dining -Entertainment in the Oasis class ships in unbeatable. So much variety and of such a high caliber -Probably the most expensive on average of the three when you count in the prices of the newer ship itineraries Norwegian: -The sheer number of dining options are unsurpassed -They were our first love and introduced us to modern cruising -Some fun and innovative ships, included perks in the rooms make them very competitive price wise. -Their Haven rooms and multi-class cruising concept is a big plus for the suite cruisers. Personally, I'd pick whichever one has the best looking itinerary, dates, and prices for me. We currently have cruises upcoming on both Carnival and Royal and had to cancel a Norwegian this year just because of a scheduling conflict. Enjoy them all!
  15. We are actually doing the Try Dive on the morning of our first Sea Day (at least me and my DS are). Figured it would be in the Aqua theater pool since that is the only one deep enough to dive into, but good to see confirmation of that. Thanks! And still debating if we are going to be Key line cutter or not. lol
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