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  1. I was kinda cruising it was this cruise! Laura
  2. Laurab23

    Ferry Pass

    How much is a one day pass? Laura
  3. If we take the ferry to Hamilton then a taxi to the caves,how much would a taxi be? We will be there on a Sunday so can't take a ferry to St Georges. Laura
  4. We had Ken Byrne for our Feb cruise. We cruise again next Feb and I hope he is there again. Laura
  5. The first day in the Italian restaurant is nice because it is not very busy. Free for lunch and a charge for dinner. Dinner is very good! Laura
  6. Many years ago I online I bought a cruise shower caddy from Favors By Serendipity and I am still using it every cruise. Works great in the shower and don't have to remove anything. Laura
  7. I took my first cruise on Carnival Holiday back in the 90's. John was my cruise director then and he was great. I have taken 19 more Carnival cruises since then and up to this year no one came close to him. This year I cruised with Chris,the Flying Scottsman, and I have to say I think he is as great as John although John and my first cruise will always be special. Laura
  8. I prefer to drink my dessert. Chocolate martini.key lime pie martini,etc. Much more flavorful. Laura
  9. Do you have to scan a picture when you do online booking or can you wait til you get to the pier? How to do all the scanning stuff is beyond me and I just want to do it the old fashioned way. Laura
  10. How bad does Freeport look? Are all the little shops gone? Laura
  11. It will work out well for us too with a childhood friend living near Charleston. We did drive down and see her and took in some of the sights a few years ago. I have never been to Newport so looking forward to that but I hate getting into Bermuda in the afternoon instead of the morning. See you onboard.
  12. The last few years we have done Bayonne to Bermuda in May. 7 day cruise.3 days in Bermuda. Nothing like that in 2020 so we are doing the 10 day which also goes to Charleston and Newport but less time in Bermuda. I hope they bring back the 7 day Bermuda in 2021 where you just go to Bermuda. Laura
  13. I wish you could post pictures. Maybe when you get home?
  14. So I guess the area where the ship docks must not have sustained as much damage? Hopefully we will see pictures from that area soon. I wonder if there were any ships there in drydock. What Celebrity is doing is great! Laura
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