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  1. I deleted my email but now I want to let my TA check to see if it can be applied to a previously booked cruise. Do you have the code for the 10% off? Laura
  2. Where would I find the code for the captains club promotion? I want to ask my TA to check into it. Laura
  3. So sorry that you have lost your income but what a cool job to have!
  4. Before Covid 19 I never considered my high blood pressure (controlled with medicine) a chronic heart disease, I thought if it was controlled it was not a problem. Laur
  5. I would love to see the picture of one. Laura
  6. come to the Finger Lakes in NYS. Lots of wineries here too. Laura
  7. Older cruises pay more for travel insurance because of their age. Laura
  8. Cheers package does not work on Princess Cays but I would still choose Princess Cays. Laura
  9. Is it 70 and older or older than 70? It says over 70 so if you are just 70 how does that work out? Laura
  10. This is what we are hoping as far as cash back. Even though 3rd person got discount,she had to pay for beverage package the other 2 got included. We decided to spit it evenly 3 ways and each put 1/3 on separate credit cards. Laura
  11. Can they really refuse cash back on a service you paid for and they could not deliver? That does not seem right. Laura
  12. I am waiting for Celebrity to cancel my May 9 cruise and I will take the cash if they do cancel. Laura
  13. NY has banned gatherings of more than 500 people. More than that in NY ports to board ships. How will they get around that? Laura
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