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  1. I do! I am retired and have the time it takes. I just scroll down through the emails and look for anything that might be it.
  2. I didn't think it was worth eating when it was free. Laura
  3. It's not the workers I am concerned about. There are a lot of strange people in this world who might think it fun to add stuff to the bottles. I am sure they do not get rinsed out between cruises. Laura
  4. I also don't like the idea of bottles being refilled. Yes,yuck! I won't use them if that is the case and I will bring my own. Laura
  5. I read through every email I get from Celebrity so I don't miss PUPS. Have not seen any reveal. Laura
  6. Post everything and pictures. Menus,martinis etc. I am not cruising until May and I need my Summit fix. Laura
  7. He is wonderful and so full of energy. We had him on the Sunrise 14 day journey cruise and we loved him. Laura
  8. Yes I agree. Not many ingredients and mostly broth. I miss the Mongolian wok that some ships had. Laura
  9. I like the martini bar so I always upgrade. Laura
  10. It is hard for me to pick a time because I come by chartered bus and there are times it gets there earlier than other times. Hopefully by my cruise in Oct 2022 they will let platinum board when they get there. Laura
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