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UK Based River Cruisers?

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First posting on this board - We are thinking of a River cruise next year. We have cruised Regent on the seas and love that product so we are trying to find something similar - thinking about AMA or Uniworld. Are we on the right track?


Anyway my main Q is to UK based river cruisers - Do you book direct or do you use a travel agent? Does a TA get a better price? I know this is the case for ocean cruising but unsure of river cruising setup.


Many Thanks

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The only River Cruise (sort of) in the UK I know of is the Caledonian Canal, which is on my bucket list, but not in my budget right now!


I use Noble Caledonia for small ship sailing, and I believe they have affiliates with River Cruise companies, but reviews are varied. They do some unique itneraries, so mishaps do occur.


Others may have other contacts. I know there are larger companies doing Ocean cruising, but not for UK Rivers/UK companies.

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