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Directions to the Very Front of Costa Magica


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Hello all, Jim here with a wonderful secret tip.

The very front of the Costa Magica is not easily accesable, the forward most you can go is the urbano theater. Well that simply wasnt good enough for me and my 2 brothers, so we scouted out a way to get out to the front area with no trouble, here are the directions.


When you first board the ship you will board on deck three, tons of people will be maulling around aimlessly like lemmings. Get there EARLY and go directly to your room, it should be ready but your luggage prolly wont be there till later. dont stop at places, or wait in line or register your credit card or anything like that. also, here's a side tip incase you didnt know, all odd numbered rooms are on starboard side (right), all even, port side (left).

after you get in your room and drop your crap off, make sure your room keys work. then go up to the buffet on deck 9 and get some awesome food! after that its time to explore!


go to an outter area on deck #4, like by the internet cafe or the galerea shops. on the outter walls you will see large firedoors that say emergency exit, and perhaps have a green sign that looks like a family. these signs point out muster stations, and the emergency exit doors arnt real emergency exit doors with locks and sirens like in the USA. they are simply heavy doors that are hard to open that lead to the lifeboat deck deck 4. this is a plain deck with simply gray painted floors, this is where you want to be, either port or starboard side.

next procede to the front of the ship, all the way forward you will see two big doors that say 'crew only' dont go in there, right before these doors is a flight of stairs, these stairs lead down to the wooden planked deck 3 which you came in on, but the stairs are forward of them. at the bottom of these stairs look left and right, you will see two doors, the back door opens to the wooden deck, the forward door doesnt say crew only but it goes into right before the front of the ship, go thru this door. at this point you can either go thru another door to get to the crew only front or you can go up a flight of stairs to the front deck 4 and then go out to the crew only. either way if you go on sunday when everyone is busy and the crew is busy doing thier thing you should be abel to get out on there and snap a few pictures no problem before you are spotted, and when you are spotted, they are very nice and say 'sorry crew only' you go back the way you came and relish the fact you got somewhere not many people will be abel to go on the boat :) try to get up as high as high as you can then walk down the stairs in the front outside. we were abel to get below the bridge and see it from the front, we saw the large windows with dozens of large windshield wipers.

this worked for us anyways and we were on the starboard side. if anyone else has tried this or has another way or questions, feel free to post!


good luck, have fun!



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jeff, i musta missed the wings on deck 9.


mike, what i'm talking about is going out on the very front bow of the ship, which is normally inaccessable, so i guess its an achievement for us to have done that and i just wanted to share. i understand many people are content with the view and locations elsewhere but for me it was personal achievement. not everyone is interseted in exploring every square inch of the ship, but for thoes who are, i offer my post.

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I saw someone try to do this on Costa Fortuna (presumably identical to Magica) and he was firmly led back again.

On Costa Victoria you can get right to the bows quite legitimately (although it takes a bit of working out how to get there) and we got some brilliant photos of the dolphins from there.

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