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  1. So you are saying there is a chance, 😁 Thank you for the pictures!
  2. Plus RCI has to be swamped with all the ships and all the sailings that need to be cancelled.
  3. Our TA came to the same conclusion. We are settling on the 7 day from Vancouver to LA. At least we got the cabin we wanted.
  4. Last Oct (2019) We did Adventure Of The Seas Quebec to Ft. Lauderdale. It was awesome! 13 days for the same price as the 10 day ones they had during the season.
  5. That's what we think too. We were planning on using our air fare from Our Visions cruise in March, which is almost certain to be cancelled, for the Empress. DW does all of that planning. She's good at it.
  6. It would be two separate cruises, one from Anchorage -Vancouver and one from Vancouver to LA. Our TA checked and we can book them, but might have to cancel one of them. We would only do it if we can keep the same cabin so this one looks like it is dead in the water from the get go.
  7. First of all, I may have mentioned before, I really like your avatar. Looks a lot like our Oreo. Looking at an option for Empress, Radiance has a 7 day Anchorage to Vancouver, which we could B2B from Vancouver to LA. Then there is nothing listed for Radiance until October. Radiance is our favorite ship.
  8. We did a B2B on Vision a few years ago, 11 day Norwegian Fjords and 11 day Baltics. We really liked the ship. Our TA is really on the ball. He called this morning and is going to look for an alternative.
  9. Us too. No doubt our Visions cruise in March will be cancelled.
  10. This wouldn't be so bad if there was another ship to switch to. We were really looking forward to the Empress in September, if it sailed. We were going to sail from Montreal. Do they have any ships that could do that?
  11. We are kind of wondering that too. First, cdc is saying no cruises over 7 days, and who knows when Canada will open back up. Then there might not be any other ships sailing from Montreal. Not looking good.
  12. I really do not want to discuss politics on here, but a new administration is more likely to close everything down than the current one. Also, please note that, under the current regime in Cuba, your tourist dollars do not help the economy.
  13. Looking for cruises is like looking for something on Amazon. Just entering RCI and Empress and there are no listings for September. Enter RCI Empress for September and it shows up.
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