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Costa Maya/Majahual Cruisers- Request for donation to school for handicapped children


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We found that there is a school for handicapped children in Bacalar that is needy and would appreciate any donations. They especially need two oxygen tanks and a wheelchair, if anyone has these items they don't need any longer.


The school for handicapped children in Bacalar has approximately 121 students, some who have only physical impairments and some who have developmental and/or physical impairments. Several years ago, after the parents complained to the state about the lack of schooling for these children (as they were not accommodated in the regular schools), the state built a school building and currently funds some teachers and a physical therapist/nurse. The school was turned over to the parents who are responsible for upkeep/maintenance. There is no funding for school supplies or first aid/ medical supplies. Most of the families are poor and some local businesses have made some donations to keep the school going. Some children are not able to go to the school because they do not have school supplies and their parents can't afford to buy them, so when donations run out, the children have to leave the school.


A drop off collection point has now been established at the Costa Maya cruise ship pier area to collect donations of supplies for the handicapped school.


I thought that some on this board might have oxygen tanks or a wheelchair that are no longer needed. However, all donations are welcome, especially school supplies, back packs (used in good condition are fine), medical/first aid supplies, and cleaning supplies, including cleaning cloths and mops.


The real estate office in the cruise ship plaza has agreed to serve as a drop off collection point for donations to the school for handicapped childrenl. (They also collect for an orphanage, so designate your donations.) The point of contact is Kerry. This is the only real estate office in the cruise ship plaza. Coming from the ship, you pass under a Mayan arch. The office is the 4th store on the left and says "OCEANFRONT LOTS" in big letters. There are also photographs of beach properties in the windows. In addition, security personnel at the plaza can provide directions.


Bacalar is about an hour to an hour and a half away from Majahual. However, because of the distance to Bacalar, visiting the children and donating directly to the school for handicapped children probably isn't feasible for most people since you would have to take a taxi there. However, the school and parents association have told me that they extend a welcome to anyone who would like to visit.


Because the regular schools in Majahual have been so amptly provided for by the generous cruisers on this board, we were interested in locating other needy children in the area that we could help with donations of school supplies or other supplies. Since other CCers on the board might also be interested in the opportunity to help the disabled children in the area, I am posting this information. See the related thread for more detailed information:




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Splinter, thanks for the link. I will contact them also.


The issue of getting the supplies there is why I highlighted the posting for people whose cruise ship will stop at Costa Maya/Majahual. The cruise ships dock there, making it easy to get off the ship and carry off a duffel bag with supplies or to roll off a wheelchair. Then the drop off collection point is in an office near the entry of the cruise ship pier area, so it is close and convenient. I don't believe it will take more than 15 minutes to drop off the items.


I think that the primary difficulty is for people that fly rather than drive to the port, as the baggage restrictions may preclude their being able to bring these items on the airplane.


I am going there on the November 27th sailing of the Grand Princess and will have two backpacks filled with supplies. Some of my friends who aren't going told me that they wanted to donate some things, and if they do, I'll just put all of it in a duffel bag and carry it off. Unfortunately I don't have an extra wheelchair nor do we have any oxygen tanks.


Since I leave in Houston and am sailing out of Galveston, I won't have an issue with baggage restrictions. Anyone who lives in the Houston area that would like to donate something for me to take down, especially an oxygen tank or wheelchair can contact me at aleta@ev1.net.



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Read this all with interest.


I am uncertain about cruise lines carrying O2 but perhaps if empty?

All the security issues. I had a few hassles on lasts weeks medical

supplies run off the Norwegian Star. They wanted to be sure the IV solutions did not contain booze, I kid you not.


I have talked & emailed a wheelchair group out of Colorado Springs, as to donating chairs. Will look for their URL.


You should note:


will the child be pushing this wheelchair? or do they require help sometimes, all the time..makes a big difference it getting a suitable chair.


Child's age




male or female

hip size etc..

upper extremity capacity

general health

a photo always helps


Then it is a simple process of networking to obtain one. Took me three months on the last one we delivered to Oxxaccha (spelling).


TIRR The Houston Regional Spinal Cord Injury center would be a good phone

call try "family services". Perhaps contacting the local chapter of the APTA American Physical Therapy Association would be useful. Just ask any Therapist also the Occupational Therapists are a great resource.


Can I help? Will try. Usually I get "pieces" and have to "build" the chair over.


Costs are always a concern. I also have family in Bay Town (Houston).


Once I have the basic info I can ask and email those who have helped in the past.



Will keep in contact!






I do mostly medical supplies and directly to health care practitioners.

I am overwhelmed with needs but be glad to share some insights. Just

recently added Roatan to our area of support, also do Northern Mexico and migrant workers here.

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Colorado Lad, thanks for the information. It is really funny that they wanted to make sure the IVs didn't contain booze!


The wheelchair for the school is for the use of all of the children that might need it while at the school. Since the children range in size, going all the way to older teenagers, the wheelchair would need to be large-small adult size, rather than child size.


There are actually several children there who need wheelchairs, as they cannot walk. Their parents carry them ito/from the school and sit them in the classroom. However, if the child has to go to the bathroom or somewhere, the chld has to be carried or has to crawl. (The teachers are woman and some of the children are too heavy for them to carry). So the wheelchair would be used at the school.


I will ask the parents association if they would like to give me the information about the specific children that don't have wheelchairs to see if it might be possible to get wheelchairs for them in the future. I'll pass on the information you indicated that needs to be obtained. They hesitated to give me much of their needs because they were afraid that they would be asking for too much and then they wouldn't get any donations.



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The wheelchair for the school is for the use of all of the children that might need it while at the school. Since the children range in size, going all the way to older teenagers, the wheelchair would need to be large-small adult size, rather than child size.


You need a couple "clunkers", easy to obtain, seems the APTA or TIRR can locate one. I think all that were at TIRR when Milli was working there have

retired. But also I hear that eventually there will be specific needs, I'll

put this on my list of projects. Again when we start to look you need a "profile" with all the info and a picture. Makes getting something much easier.


Perhaps the local (to you) DAV, VFW or American Legion posts can be contacted as a lot of old vets have wheelchairs, some old clunkers, some well you can figure that out.


Sometime a wheelchair vendor will have a "clunker" due to shipping damage.

I actually find them at garage sales.


All The best!






would like to get a couple real small parcels to Cozumel:

these are for Cozumel Sailing: simple stuff like soy sauce, wasabi and ginger slices for Sushi! They can meet at dock I am sure!


Last week we caught a few fish while sailing and everyone (except me) at thr fresh tuna sashami ? sp, Joe don't eat bait :p

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Thanks for the information.


Good news about the wheelchair. One of the others in our group works at a childrens hospital and managed to obtain a wheelchair for the school for handicapped children, so we'll be bringing that down. I will check with the school about the children that don't have wheelchairs, though.


They still need the oxygen tanks. I checked with the ship and it is no problem to bring them onboard, whether or not they are full, as long as they are properly labeled.


I'll be going on the Grand on the November 27 sailing out of Galveston and I live in Houston. So if anyone has anything they would like to donate, especially the oxygen tanks, I would be glad to pick it up and take it. My email address is aleta@ev1.net.



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