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  1. Thanks. That is the small table. We going to have to request a larger table--the smaller balcony table is useless for a wheelchair user since it can't be pulled up under and can only be used with difficulty from the side. So no good for breakfast--just holding a drink.
  2. So is it the small table that barely two people can fit next to with chairs (and not a wheelchair)--basically just to hold drinks and maybe a small plate-- or is it the larger one (the size minisuites have)
  3. We have stayed in 301 and it only comes with one barrel chair. 302 accommodates four people, so perhaps that is why there are two chairs in that room. The room also has a closet with a pull down bar so passengers in wheelchairs can hang their clothes, a ramp to the bathroom with a roll in shower and a ramp to the balcony. Some of the storage in other staterooms is not present because the wheelchair has to be able to roll under the sink and desk. Ombed, how big is the table on the balcony--is it a small table or larger? The wheelchair can't roll under the small tables because the legs interfere. We are booked again in May for that stateroom and would like to know what to expect.
  4. When you take photos of the suite retreat area, could you please look for a wheelchair lift at the hot tub and take a photo of that with the hot tub. There was one put in the the Millie and we are very hopeful that Celebrity will do the same on the Summit. We cruise in August.
  5. No, but upon advance request, the cruise line will provide a sign language interpreter if that helps. This has also been discussed on the disabled cruise board also.
  6. On the Disabled Cruise Board there have been several discussions of the T-coil and other assistive listening systems on the various cruise ships. I suggest that you do a search of that board for information and post your question there too. As I recall, there was also information that you need to contact the Special Needs Department of the cruise line (Princess, in this case) and advise them of your needs and ask them for assistance. Princess has an email address for the Special Needs department on their website. I do know that it is unlikely that a Guest Services representative at the Guest Relations desk knows how to assist you if you just go up to the desk and ask. We never get correct information when we ask about the wheelchair lift on the pool, but over the years we now know to go to the pool deck and talk with the Pool Deck Mgr. I need to seek out the theatre mgr or theatre audio/visual mgr and talk with them about the issue. Hopefully Princess Special Needs will notify the ship of your need and also advise you who to contact regarding this once onboard. You do need to talk with the onboard contact and insure appropriate arrangements are made well in advance of the show(s) you want to see.
  7. A regular traditional mudslide has kahlua, vodka, and ice cream mixed in a blender with chocolate syrup drizzle on the glass. Sometimes irish cream and/or coffee is added. So this is basically an alcoholic milkshake. The virgin mudslide is without the alcohol. On Princess, the bars don't have ice cream at the bar, but many of the bars have ice cream mix, which is mixed with crushed ice and some chocolate syrup drizzled in the frozen mixture and on the glass. I usually ask for extra chocolate syrup. Some of the bars which have heavy cream will also add heavy cream. Coffee could also be added, but you would need to ask for it. Most of the bars have coffee brewed.
  8. My favorite is the virgin chocolate mudslide. Since milkshakes aren't included any longer, this is the closest thing to it. Haven't had any trouble getting pool bar to make it, but sometimes the inside bars say they can't because they don't have ice cream mix.
  9. Just a clarification-- (Wheelchair) Accessible Sky Suites have a "roll in shower". 🙂 6145 and 6146 have walk in showers (as well as a tub). The roll in showers are much larger than a walk in shower and are not enclosed--big enough to roll a wheelchair into and transfer to the small shower seat built into the shower wall. Since the shower water is not contained by an enclosure, it will go all over the floor when the ship is moving unless it is contained by towels. Not trying to nit-pick. Just wanted to clarify for those who are not familiar with the type of shower in the wheelchair accessible rooms.
  10. On the M class ships, the sky suites next to the PH has both. On all the rest the regular sky suites are a combination tub/shower. I think that is the case on the S class as well, but I don't know for certain. The wheelchair accessible Sky Suites have a roll in shower and no tub. There is a small shower seat which pulls down from the wall.
  11. While we have not cruised in a wheelchair accessible sky suite on the Connie, we have cruised in one on the Millie and Summit. Since all of those are M class, the wheelchair accessible sky suite showers should be the same. Yes, the shower does get slippery when wet. We bring a large nonskid safety bath mat (with special suction cups to adher to the floor) so that when I use it, I don't slip and when the disabled member of our party transfers to the shower seat, it provides a safe, clean area for his feet to lay. So I suggest that you bring something simlar. When the ship is moving, the water flows all over the bathroom unless you build a "dam" out of towels around the perimeter of the shower area. We obtain extra towels from the room steward for that purpose. (Even then it may not be completely successful.) It usually doesn't do that when the ship is not moving unless you drop the handheld shower or you point the handheld shower incorrectly when on. The wheelchair accessible sky suite does not have a bathtub, so you do not get the very nice large bathtub which comes in a regular sky suite. There is also less storage space in the suite and bathroom. Frankly, since it is not yet final payment date, I am surprised that Celebrity assigned you this suite. In accordance with their policy, they should have waited until at least after final payment date. So Celebrity has violated their own policy by doing this. It is quite common for cabins to become available after final payment date--even sky suites. However, since you have been assigned a wheelchair accessible sky suite, if a regular cabin does become available, Celebrity will not automatically move you to a regular sky suite--they will just sell the ones which become available. The wheelchair accessible sky suite is removed from the inventory and any disabled person who calls for availability is told everything is booked--they don't note that able-bodied passengers are occupying that suite due to assignment. I suggest that you watch the sky suite availability as you get close to final payment and if/when one becomes available, call Celebrity and ask them to move you to the regular sky suite (using the rationale that you aren't disabled and should be assigned a regular sky suite). This way you won't have to worry about the water issue and will also have the nice bathtub and extra storage space. Also, you would be more likely to get an upgrade offer. (we never get upgrade offers when in the wheelchair accessible sky suites as there are no higher category suites which are wheelchair accessible)
  12. I agree. I think it is also better than the ramp to the retreat on the Edge. In addition, the open bay lifts often have problems. On the Summit, there is an open bay lift to the roof top terrace. On the five cruises we have had on the Summit (since the lift was installed to provide wheelchair access to the terrace), the lift has been operational on only one. An actual elevator should eliminate those issues.
  13. Thanks so much for posting the information about the elevator to the retreat area! That really relieves our mind in regard to wheelchair access to the retreat area. We are really hopeful that the same wheelchair accessible features for the retreat (hot tub lift and elevator) will be put in place during the refurbishment of the Summit.
  14. Since you are celebrating your 25th Anniversary, consider using some of your OBC to purchase the unlimited photo/digital plan (which is usually on sale for $199. You could get some anniversary photos as well as some of the cruise/Bermuda photos. I do agree with the others that you can do most tours yourself better/cheaper by hiring private company or DYI. You might want to take a look and see if there is any unique ship tour offered that you and your DH would want to do, but for most tours, there are plenty of other offerings just as good/better from outside the ship. On the last day, if you want to take a tour, you might take a ship's tour to get the guarantee that the ship will wait if anything happens to delay the tour.
  15. Since it is your anniversary, you could consider purchasing the all inclusive photo package, which is usually $200 if you buy pre-cruise and includes both prints and digital photos. Could get some great memories of your anniversary trip and have $100 credit left over for other things.
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