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Need help, anything out there besides Wayne's boat tour he is booked for the day.. Anybody else out thre doing about the same thing. His tour sounds great..




we booked wayne and had so many he got a buddy to bring his boat and both boats hung out together.

Just a suggestion. You swim together in both spots and have lunch together as well.

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we booked wayne and had so many he got a buddy to bring his boat and both boats hung out together.

Just a suggestion. You swim together in both spots and have lunch together as well.


Can you tell me a little more about this tour vendor?? I'm booked on a cruise that will stop at St. Vincent next year. I have a while before the cruise,but like to see what's out there.

Do you have a website for him??


Happy sailing!!

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I ask about another boat and was told no, they said the other boats did not have the shade and or as nice as his,,,, do you know the name of his buddy or anybody else that we could use, they put our name on waitlist incase something canx's or does not show up,, I just can not wait for that,, I have never been to this island and his tour sound great,

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That's odd he would answer NO?

We sailed on the Grand Princess in January and we had 2 boats. Now there may have been a falling out so not sure. But for sure the other boat did have an enclosed cabin and an open aft area. Not the same style as Wayne's.

Wayne does not have a web site. We have toured with Wayne 3x and always enjoyed his tour and his first mate Emma. Try sending an e-mail but again he does not reply right away.

TOTO who is on the site a lot has a means of getting hold of him. Post a thread to her for assistance and I am sure she will give the right guidance.

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Somebody on cruise critic set it up and when I emailed Wayne the person from cruise critic emailed me back instead of Wayne, so go figure..

Just need to get another tour if I can find one.

This is the one stop on our trip that I have never been to, and afraid to wait until we get there to set something up,, they are being very nice and told me that they would put us on a waitlist in case somebody canx's, final payment is not due yet so I will keep my figures crossed.

Thanks for all your help..

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Try treasuretours@vincysurf.com . We used them when we where in St. Vincent a month ago.....fantastic tour....great rates!


Above was one of the threads which may help you


Contact info for Wayne is:


You can send a message to him via email with your name, arrival and ship date and your telephone number.

Wayne does not respond by email, but will call if he has availability on the phone.


Complete contact info:

Phone: (784) 457-4089

Cell: (784) 593-9398

Fax: (784) 457-2432

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We booked Wayne last Feb and had two boats. I was in the second one and it was a bit smaller than Waynes but had a top and staff were very nice. The two boats stayed together all day. I think all together we had 24 +/- people??


Like GSD says, Toto has loads of info on Wayne.

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Hi all .............. Sky and Sarah! :)


Actually Wayne does have a website, it can be located here: http://whalbich.googlepages.com/home2 He also has a new email address: baleinetours@hotmail.com

He is definitely not an online person though, so when he receives an email from you, he usually calls instead of answering the email. Therefore always include your telephone number. Each time we take the tour I keep telling him he really needs to take a computer class. ;)



One thing when he arranges for a second boat (which could possibly be the problem you are running into) is that he needs a guarantee of so many passengers for the second boat. If Wayne's boat is full, and there are an extra dozen or so people on the waitlist, then he can usually make the arrangements for a second boat for the day, but there is a minimum number to do this. I would guess that might be why the 'no' answer.


It is a fun day full of water activities and a great lunch (see the photo gallery on his website). Last time I spoke with him, he told me that the falls of Baleine are supposed to be cleaned up and re-opened sometime in November this year. Which will include a new dock for the boats to allow passeners to go ashore. We have been to the falls twice before they were closed because of rock slides and it was a lot of fun hiking up and taking a swim in the cool water at the bottom of the falls.

With his new boat, he is able to take passengers down the coast to the lava bed, but no more swimming to shore to visit. Instead it will be off to the Falls of Baleine before lunch. Then of coarse to the black sand beach to attempt to drain his boat of all that rum punch he supplies. :D


It's really a great tour (we have probably taken his tour 5 or 6 times to date) and well worth the effort to get a small group together with your roll call.


Good luck, and I am sure I can answer most of your questions you might have about it, we have taken it enough times that I have it memorized. lol

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This is so funny, I followed the link Sky posted and it took me to a google search which offered a UTube Video of Wayne's Tour. I watched it just now and was shocked, we are in that video. It was taken back in 2006 and I have no idea who took it, but someone in the group we were with must have been very sneaky. It is located on UTube here:


I had to laugh when I checked out the photo gallery on Wayne's website too. We are also in the shot of the beach at the lava flow. Hubby is in the water, and I am on the beach in the orange bathing suit. I guess that tells me that we have become a fixture on Wayne's tour in St. Vincent. :)

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Sue I just played the video for Deb and we cracked up.

"We gotta get another beer"!

I can just imagine.

The photo you mention I see Jim is doing his daily exercise again.

Reminds me of all the swimming he did with us.

Still can see him in Bonaire with both hands full. LOL

Tough to swim with Corona's in each hand.


Hope all is well with both of you and enjoy your upcoming cruise.

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Don't cha just love it though, my DH online forever saying we "gotta get another beer"? OMG, he is never going to live that one down. :)

BUT............he has stopped drinking entirely now, so there won't be any more "gettin another beer" in his future. ;)

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