Has anyone ever hit a jackpot on slots on the ships?

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Cruise Casinos
For those crazed about casinos on board!
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Washington DC
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Hi! I do enjoy playing the slot machines on cruises occasionally, but have never really won anything to speak of, and the machines seem rather "tight". I've never seen anyone hit a jackpot or come even close, and am curious if anyone has ever hit...I usually play the Quarter machines, max bet (.75) and it's a fun no stress type of entertainment until I decide I've lost enough money. (no more than $100. total) So...any big winners out there? I'd love to hear your stories!
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Originally posted by Maxie1111
Hi! I do enjoy playing the slot machines on cruises occasionally, but have never really won anything to speak of, and the machines seem rather "tight". I've never seen anyone hit a jackpot or come even close, and am curious if anyone has ever hit...I usually play the Quarter machines, max bet (.75) and it's a fun no stress type of entertainment until I decide I've lost enough money. (no more than $100. total) So...any big winners out there? I'd love to hear your stories!
I have won a few Royal Flushes on Video Poker machines. $1 machines with max bet ($5) was $4000. I think that I have hit 4-5 of these. I also hit one on a $.25 progressive Video Poker machine for over $5000 - so it is possible. Oh! one trip on Carnival I did keep hitting 4 of a kind which pays anywhere from $1200 to $2000 and I won so many times one night that when the casino personnel came to pay me, even they were amazed. And I always remember that crew as they didn't seem bothered in the least that I was winning a lot! Sometimes the casino staff act as though it is their money that they are paying out.... Last cruise on RCI the lady behind me hit the jackpot for a free car - BMW if I recall - and another lucky player hit $5000. Again, all $1.00 machines which can really eat up the gambling fast!

Other family members have hit regular jackpots - none over $1000 though and that was playing $1 denom.
South Carolina
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I have been on several cruises and I play pretty regularly and have never won anything grand on a cruise, have done better in Vegas. Also have never seen anyone on a cruise win big other than at the slot tournament. Seems the Video poker machines are the way to go, I do hear people winning big on those. I should try that on my next cruise in December. IMOP, Casino's on a ship are strictly for entertainment, if you do win or come out ahead then that is a bonus!! Have a set amount when you get on board and have fun!
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I played the Top Dollar machine on the Grandeur & won $1000 on day 2 of our cruise!!
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Only usually play 25 cent slots except on last night of Eurodam cruise last year when I tried a dollar machine.

Played 3 credits on a 25 cent slot on the Regal Princess on our first Princess cruise and won $2,500. On another won $500 each on 3 different nights.

On Eurodam last year was a bit ahead each night on 25 cent slots and on the last night my husband was trying to get me out of the casino and since I had about $100 left in credits I switched to a dollar machine and after about 5 minutes won $3,800. I cashed out after that!
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I hit the progresive jackpot but didn't play the maximum. People around me were upset but I got $250. and my maximum playing money is $20. so I was happy, sent DH back to the cabin for the camera.
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Princess Elite
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On my first cruise and my first venture into a casino I won $600 on a 25cent Bow Tie slot machine. I had hit the button only twice. I had no clue what I had won when the light and sound went off. We used that money for our excursions.
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My DW won $1100 on the last night at about 12:45 AM on JOS. Big times pay.
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Went up to The Wheel of Fortune $1 Machine...Plopped in a $40,
1st pull I hit for $500...took my money and left, Thank You Very Much!
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Decatur, Georgia
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My inlaws on are a cruise right now on Princess doing the panama canal cruise they call to tell us that someone on the very first day hit the biggest jackpot of $485k on slots I am trying to find out now which one.
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Austin Texas
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just off the Enchantment two weeks ago and won $500 on a Five Times quarter machine. Played the $1 Wheel of Fortune daily and won nothing, but, as usual, saw several other people hit spins for $1000 toward the end of the cruise. Also heard of someone winning $3000 on a Wheel of Fortune machine. Did MUCH better on 3 card poker!
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North West Georgia
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I have been on several cruises. One time on RCC I hit for 1000.00 on a quarter machine and 2500 on a dollar machine. Usally I break even for the cruise. The most on any one cruise was 4500. after loses.
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Originally posted by mjm1204
i hit a $25 machine for $5,000

mother hit 2 machines for $9,000 each
I would never play a $25 machine. How much did they take to begin with?
Pensacola fl
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Was on the Holiday on Oct 1st and a lady won 40k on the wild cherry machine the last night everybody was yelling and she was crying btw I know this may be a stupid ? but do you have to pay taxes on winnings?
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If you received a W2-G form when you won then you'll probably have to pay. Most winnings over $1200 on slots is considered taxable as 'other income' on your filings. Even though you weren't on american soil, the IRS still looks at is as taxable income (i.e. same as if you were working in japan, you'd still pay partial taxes to the US). If they don't have your info or players card, you're probably cool.
San Mateo, FL, USA
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Normally, I donate pennies and nickels while waiting for my DH to get finished at the blackjack table, and that's about it.

Several years ago, I had saved up a handful of quarters before we went on a spring cruise. DH told me to play any machines I wanted, but to play the max bet.

I won $20 on the very first pull on a X-factor machine, and thought I was doing quite well. However, the handful and the $20 went down very quickly at 3 coins per pull.

I was down to my last three quarters, so I put them in a Stampede machine, and started to walk off. Behind me, the machine eruped with music, lights, and moos. I had hit the top award - three 7's with horns on a 3 coin max bet for $625.

I couldn't remember my name, my cabin number or anything else. Luckily, DH was playing blackjack, and the casino folks took me to him.

I was such a mess, the casino guy remembered me... a year later on another ship.

What a blast. Nothing much since then, though.