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  1. If you mean forward facing balcony - it does get pretty windy while at sea.....as this has been our experience since many Owner's Suites face forward. BUT if you mean forward as in towards the "front" of the ship? Those are fine....
  2. LOVE Christina and have not sailed with her for TOO long! Wish she was on the Breakaway....oh well, one day soon...
  3. I am pretty clear on the embarkation requirements....but still not sure about the coming home part. We are only doing a 7day out of New Orleans....and will do our own tests within 72 hours before the cruise in order to satisfy the reimbursement requirements should either of us test positive. (This not only due to NCL requirements but personal insurance as well) BUT I am still trying to figure out the return protocols. To further complicate matters, I have surgery scheduled 3 days after coming home. The hospital WILL check me of course but they also say that I will also have been tested as everyone returning to the US from any foreign country, needs to be tested......is this a fact? I have no reason to think that they are lying to me.....just that everything is so confusing these days.... So any of you experts, please chime in!
  4. There is generally an accepted agreement that 20% is the minimum for land based restaurants....so I can understand someone who has NOT cruised with butlers and concierges wanting to know what others usually tip......this is always such a contentious subject.....which is sad as why can't we all just tell the OP what we usually tip and NOT feel the need to comment on each others idea of what they choose to tip? Think about it.....if each person merely responded "I tip x amount to my butler, x amount to my cabin steward....x amount to the concierge".....and it was left at that? Just a thought....
  5. omg.....although have been hesitant to admit it....but we have done the GV for TWO! lol oink, oink.....and then some!
  6. I am in the process of booking a cruise and although it appears under my name and other info, it has NEW Latitudes #'s for both DH and myself. This would be ok IF they had not erased all of our past cruises (we stopped cruising when the pandemic began and were Platinum Plus) I DID phone NCL and was told by the agent that it would be corrected within 48 hours. After giving it 72 hours, the problem still exists.....just curious if this is just a fluke or something that others have experienced lately?
  7. We always get the two bedroom suite if the Owner's suites are not available. The extra closet room, hubby can sort of be a bit more "messy" in there as he loves to bring lots of WORK along with him....and an extra bathroom/shower is NEVER a bad thing! Do it and don't look back!
  8. We have not been on the Breakaway for a couple of years and were wondering if there had been any updates to the cabins.....specifically those in the Haven? TRYING to get back into the swing of things and book some more immediate trips......as we do have some already booked for early next year....but were "thinking" of doing one sooner and the Breakaway is on the list....
  9. We love Jost Van Dyke.....but mostly as a day trip? Just about ANY Caribbean port makes me smile.....!
  10. How in the world do you know that she is "highly allergic" to the vaccine?
  11. We have not cruised on Oceania but have now cancelled THREE cruises on this line that we are So anxious to try! We now have two more booked and are working on more...... But our best memory would probably be sailing out of Tortolla after having visited Jost Van Dyke once again.....which is one of our favorite places in the world. This last trip in 2019 was especially meaningful as we sailed out to sea....as I had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer the previous year. But after LOTS of chemo, immunotherapy and surgery to remove most of one lung.....here wer were once again! Ang this time? My current diagnosis was "NED" which stands for "no evidence of disease!" I truly beat the odds.....and it was such a treat to be able to enjoy our favorite Caribbean beaches once more! Only hoping that my luck and the good graces of the man upstairs.....allows me to continue our pursuits of travel! I am truly blessed.....but also would have to admit to just a "bit" of anger over having spent the past year sitting in my house!.......But hoping that things open up soon....AND that my current cancer status remains!
  12. Loved your reference to the "demographic!".....but have to admit that we are half in/half close to that number and are NOT too proud to do yet another Caribbean cruise! Miss cruising, miss the casinos onboard....miss the OCEAN! Both while onboard and in port. So we are willing to spend money to repeat some of our favorite Caribbean ports/memories!
  13. We had three cruises booked on Oceania - all of which have had to be cancelled of course. But we did have a credit line established in advance for our gambling needs. I agree with another poster in that contacting CAS (Casinos at Sea) is the way to go.
  14. Lord I hope so! Otherwise I have wasted 3 ton of money in booking 2 additional cruises!
  15. We were on the Joy (11 of us) in November of 2019. Travelling as a family in the Haven....and the trip was a "bit" affected as there had been a Norovirus outbreak on the previous cruise. So no menus, the rooms were not ready....not even salt and pepper shakers on the table.....but we tried to make the best of it - as this was not our first Noro experience.....Remember when Noro was our BIGGEST worry? lol.... I think the rest of the ship was pretty much the same as the other NCL ships in this category with the exception of the casino. I HATED the casino - as did most of my family. Suffice it to say that we are all gamblers and I always book through CAS (Casinos at Sea) as again, I gamble a LOT on cruises. This was the first cruise in my life that I only went to the casino a total of THREE times during the entire week. Lack of machines, bad traffic flow.....NEVER saw a cocktail waiter OR a slot attendant.....one of my daughter hit one Hand Pay (jackpot over $1200 that requires you to wait for an attendant to come and pay you and issue a 1098 form) and she sat for 40 minutes before finally sending her husband to go and find someone to complete the above. I have NCL ships that I "like" and many that I love....but it would have to be a really fabulous itinerary AND Haven price before I would try the Joy again.
  16. You all are amazing! I will continue to "stalk" the site and hope that one of the Vista Suites open on Deck 12. And I considered the Owner's Suite....but think that the salon/piano area is a waste for us.,...as we do NOT entertain OR play the piano....and I didn't like the fact that the living room was so disconnected to the bedroom....also LOVE the idea of our own workout room which is part of the Vista option.....(NOT that we ever have worked out much at ALL on cruises!...but maybe if it is in our own stateroom? One can only hope.....lol!)
  17. Thanks so much! I am being told that there are none available on Deck 12 at the moment.....but who knows? Very hard to get accurate info these days.....but I too feel that #12 would be our "best" bet! Thankfully we have time to cancel before penalties, etc..... Again, I would still love to hear from any of you with varying opinions!
  18. I LOVE you guys! Thanks for the great insights.....will think about all of your thoughts and make a decision asap....again, many thanks!
  19. I appreciate your input....but this is 12 days in the Caribbean with 10 of them in port.....and we have enjoyed many forward facing suites in the past on other lines. My question was just with regards to any particular Vista Suites that may be better in terms of particular Deck, etc..... The Oceania Suites DO look nice.....but I am trying to convince myself that I WILL take advantage of that private workout room! lol..... Still would love opinions on Vista Suites on the Riviera....
  20. We keep rescheduling these cruises....and are now working on 2022 options. Do you experts have opinions on which Vista Suites on the Riviera are better and if so, why? This is our first Oceania cruise....although we had THREE booked before Covid....trying to get back to cruising....fingers crossed!
  21. Thanks all! Loads of good information here and I will follow up.....and I truly appreciate all of your input.
  22. I have now cancelled two cruises.....one was refunded (still trying to figure out if I rec'd all that I had already paid) and one we had to cancel as I am a cancer patient and we decided back in early March that it was not worth the risk. Good thing as our ship was three days at sea and then had to turn around and head back due to the cruise industry lockdown in March. All that I have in the works for now is a cruise for February 2021 - which I know is NOT gonna happen. We have been offered the extended final payment (60 days from sail date if I recall) but also still owe a slight balance as this replacement cruise is a day or two longer than the one that we replaced. Bottom line is that we have NOT made final payment. SO....my question to you experts is this - Is it best to wait until Oceania cancels the cruise? And then use whatever we have paid towards a new booking? What if I make a NEW booking now? Would the refund from Oceania be able to be transferred to an existing booking? Sorry but we are NOT Oceania past passengers.....have only sailed Azamara a few times and NCL NUMEROUS times (still love the Haven!!) and RCCL years back......etc., etc..... Thanks all for your expert opinions!
  23. We were also underwhelmed with Paris! Only spent 3 days and 2 nights there (on a cruise of course!) but enjoyed London much more. Not sure what it was exactly.....as the weather was great, the sites were amazing....maybe the people in the service industry? As we spent almost 2 hours waiting for our dinner at one outdoor restaurant that was highly recommended by the Concierge at our hotel, or the waiter at yet another outdoor cafe that told me that I had already "sampled" the champagne that I had ordered a glass of for lunch and asked to be sent back due to lack of any bubbles and the fact that it was warm......not sure how I was supposed to "taste" the champagne without having "sampled" it....lol.....and this was for a $40 a glass champagne! We were just left "flat" with Paris....but hope to give it another chance one day.....God willing!
  24. Did you receive an e mail? If so, from which of the three lines? As we have cruises booked on all three....and didn't receive any notification of the possible new start-up date..... And I NEED to keep track of these silly dates in order to cancel within the "new" guidelines if need be....which I fear they will.... Thanks in advance...
  25. Next time rent the Deluxe cabanas....they are very comfortable and include padded lounges, hammocks, private butler service....private bathroom and shower.....and you can even just sit inside the cabana enjoying the air conditioning...on the couch! We LOVE the private islands IF we manage to snag reservations for the Private Cabanas.....
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