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  1. We rec'd a notice ages ago stating that our final payment date had been changed from 90 or 150 days to 60 days.......does this count? This is for a February 2021 cruise...which of course probably won't happen...
  2. SO hoping that you have good news for us! I am a cancer "survivor" but just a year out of major surgery and treatment...and have tried to find any vaccine studies that would want to test on my population.....so far the answer is "not yet!" But I am ready, willing and able! Kudos to you for your participation......and we have already cancelled two cruises....fingers crossed that we "may" be able to take the one in February 2021. Again - thank you for your participation in our journey to 'normal"
  3. I admit that I have NOT read through this entire thread....just wanted to add our experience to those wondering about refunds. We cancelled on March 6th for a March 11th cruise. This month's American Express had over $24,000 worth of credits on it....so I am pretty sure that they got everything credited back to us. We had made final payment of course....in addition to lots of extras that had been paid for by credit card - hence the 5 or more individual credits.... I believe this fell right within the 90 Day period that Oceania had promised we would receive our credits? Close enough........ We also still have another cruise booked with credits from a cruise that Oceania cancelled for June.....doubt that this one will go either as it is for February......but one can hope, right? Just wanted you to know our experience with the time frame for our refund.
  4. I signed on to read about everyone's thoughts regarding Covid-19 and low and behold ended up on a thread dealing with mileage credit cards.....gee whiz people.....stay on topic! lol
  5. ON the CONTRARY! Consider many who only have one week to visit ports on the Meditteranean cruises that only spend one day in Rome, one day if Florence, etc......not at all enough time to see all that these wonderful ports have to offer. We have done many B2B cruises. Some I research to ensure that they have different itineraries.....but we have also enjoyed a couple of the SAME itineraries that allow us to take different tours in cities that we visited twice within the two weeks. Both choices are awesome and we now try to do this as often as possible. And "turnaround" day - which is what it is called when the first cruise is ending and the next one is beginning.....is not at all "changeover chaos" as it usually involves only walking off of the ship and walking right back on. OR as has been our experience the last two times....Customs and Immigration have brought their equipment onboard and we had only to go down to an area near where others were disembarking.....to be processed. Not ONCE having to leave the ship! But we also sometimes take advantage of this day to tour the town.....even Miami! As although we have been there tons of times....we still find places we want to visit/revisit or run to buy supplies.....and when it is a town like Barcelona, Venice, etc? Who would not want to spend another day in these ports? So my vote is a YES for B2B's........try it and see for yourself!
  6. So sorry....but some of us are still working and just now getting the chance to check our e mails, Cruise Critic, etc.....so what would you suggest we do that have not been in front of our computers all day? Geez.....as if we don't have enough to deal with....now we need attitude from each other???
  7. Thoughts are with you all on board and now on your way back. Hopefully this is due to an extreme amount of caution to allow for those foreign passengers to get home as quickly as possible and before the travel bans come into full force or the powers that be initiate more. stringent criteria regarding air travel. I must admit that I am in shock though.....as I am not sure what the reason for stopping the voyage midway would do? Unless the NCL corp powers that be are hoping to cut their losses and continue to remain one of the few cruise lines that have NOT had any cases of Covid 19 on board their ships. My heart goes out to you all.....please keep up posted on the details and how things progress.
  8. I believe that the President made mention of bailing out the cruise industry as a possibility during his most recent speech. So it might be possible that this would come into play IF some cruise lines were at risk of truly going "under" in light of the recent pandemic?
  9. And you are someone that I hope to sail with!......very soon! As we have to use up this credit, right? Thank you for your kind words and even more so for all that you do in your profession!
  10. I NEVER fly in the day of a cruise! As I understand the possible delays/disasters that can happen. This was "POST" cruise....so a little more flexible. But for the record - we decided to keep our hotel reservations and stay one day post cruise THEN decided to CANCEL THE ENTIRE CRUISE! So it is all mute at this point..... But for the record I DO agree with you about flying in the same day. The only time that we attempted it was when my hubby had a court case that would NOT settle....and after I had cancelled the wonderful First Class airline tickets....of course they settled the case! So long story short....we took the Redeye.....not even two seats NEAR one another....but it worked out fine and we arrived in Miami early morning, had brunch at the Intercontinental...and then made the ship with time to spare. Sometimes the universe DOES line up....just not apparently this week.....
  11. We also have kids in 30's through early 50's......a total of 9! And their responses vary as do those from your kids. My main consideration is my health and age as I am 63, hubby is 75 and I had half of a lung removed 8 months ago....so feel as though I cannot really risk this virus and being far from good medical care. In the "mix" of my 9 kids....there are also 2 physicians, a couple of attorneys, and various other titles....including our youngest who is severely affected by autism. And that is yet one more reason that I chose to cancel. In the event that I or my husband became seriously ill while on this cruise - it would fall to one or more of our kids to either come to our aid OR at least all of them would be horribly worried and affected as well. I feel that they have suffered enough so far in my cancer journey/fight....and would not want to put them in the position of having to fight the cruise line or other powers that be should be become seriously ill and put off of the ship or quarantined or any other outcome that may arise out of this virus that is currently affecting so many. Don't get me wrong....as it breaks my heart to cancel this trip. But I also know that it would not only be US that would be wondering what every cough, feeling of a possible fever meant.....it would also mean that my poor kids would have it on their mind for 15 days worrying about every news report and phone call - as it may mean that mom OR dad were in trouble. Again - many mixed emotions over the cancellation as I am NOT assured that my health will remain so that we are even able to take ADVANTAGE of the full 100% credit towards a FCC......just trying to figure it all out in my head and express that it is not only ourselves that we have to keep in mind when making these decisions..... BEST to all of you that are moving ahead and cruising!!! PLEASE send us all photos and updates, ok?
  12. Strange that this cruise is still "full" when the Riviera which leaves on 3/11 had over 180 cancellations.....maybe there will be more OR less on the Sirena 4/1 after the numbers continue to come in....but I sincerely doubt it. When talking to Am Ex Platinum Dept today to cancel hotels for our pre and post 3/11 cruise - the agent told me that there were balcony cruises being offered for $240 for a week long cruise to the Caribbean....said he has never seen anything like this. I feel for those in the travel industry...but also feel for myself - as I worked SO hard fighting cancer last year and was so looking forward to this cruise....but hopefully another one will be in our future real soon.
  13. I am about ready to make that phone call....heart broken but I DO have lung issues having had lung cancer less than a year ago. And it is scary to wonder what medical care might be available in some of these smaller Caribbean islands? Anyway...that is my reason for cancelling....OH! and I am over 60 also! Which seems to be the demographic where the numbers start to look scarier.....
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