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  1. We have done four Mediterranean cruises on NCL - all in the Haven and one other thing to consider is the Haven restaurant? As trust me....when we are in the Caribbean? I do NOT get up early to get off of the ship usually! But when in Europe with SO much to see....it is very nice to be able to enjoy such personalized service while enjoying a sit-down breakfast early in the morning before you disembark. We have done the two bedroom suite - but only for storing luggage in the second room. But we ARE doing these for Thanksgiving cruise for the entire family! It is a whole other ballgame when YOU are paying the bill! So my thought is that if the person in the second bedroom is not paying for the trip....then it is totally adequate accommodations! lol
  2. We have done four NCL excursions that included a drive around various sites in and around Miami AND the nicest mall (where we had plenty of time for lunch) and that finally ended at the airport. It was around 5 hours or so? Worked for us as we tend to book later flights in order to fly a wide body aircraft. We have also done the Everglades one...but only once as the boat things are NOISY and once you've seen one or two alligators on the banks of a swamp....well - you get the idea!
  3. Is this the excursion that also includes Positano? As we have done that one twice now. It was a great way to see a lot of places/things in one day. The only complaint we had was that there were a couple of stops that were just to have you purchase things? I.E. in Sorrento, you will probably be forced to stop in a store that sells inlaid wood tables and other items....and on the way there is a Limoncello bottling place.....I could have done without both of these and enjoyed more time in Pompeii, Sorrento and Positano. But again, one way to see a lot and there is also the comfort of being on an excursion from NCL which assures you of not being left behind, etc.
  4. Sardines sounds about right.....my husband and I book this cabin type but we only use the second bedroom for storage and for second bathroom when we are running late and need for both of us to shower at once. It would work fine for younger children I think.
  5. I am not sure about whether or not the “free” offer still stands but we had another issue as we have 5 Haven cabins reserved for a different sailing date and when one of my daughters tried to add a 4th.person (they decided to take the nanny) they were totally willing to PAY for her but were told that the Haven was “full”. So there also must be a limit to how many Haven passengers are allowed? In addition to lifeboat numbers of coarse. We were just surprised as each of our cabins can accommodate up to 6 people and even though we have only 2 or 3 people booked in each - that the Haven is “full”
  6. I noticed a new shore excursion offered by NCL in Roatan today and wondered if anyone had any experience with this resort? You can either book a resort day with beach chairs, lunch etc. or an "over the water bungalow". I went ahead and booked the latter.....but curious as to how far this resort is from the port, what the water/beach and food are like, etc. Thanks!
  7. One more of your "fans" that have been enjoying and benefiting from your reviews for years - but has never responded. We too had a "break" in cruising since last October (our last cruise in the Caribbean) as I was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. Happy to report that with the great help of City of Hope doctors, chemo therapy AND thoracotomy surgery....I am "NED" or no evidence of disease! VERY blessed and just wanted to tell you MY story to give you encouragement to get better soon as we are now booked for a cruise in a month on the BREAKAWAY! My point is that it has been a LONG journey for me (us!) and it will seem that for you too....but you and your amazing family WILL be back in those annoying lines at embarkation before you can say "REHAB!) But as my OT daughter is always quick to remind me...DO THE REHAB! in order to make it all better! I love you for all of the time and personal attention you put in to your reviews and wish you and your family all the best during this "short" time off of the seas.....keep the reviews coming...even if they are only about you recovery - as so many people on this board LOVE you dear girl! Regards, Debby
  8. I cannot say that I noticed a significant difference in the treatment from staff when staying in a DOS vs. a two-bedroom suite. To me it seems to vary more on the staff on that particular cruise? But I DO notice a difference in treatment when staying in the various GV suites in the NCL fleet. That service is really above any and all other Haven service in my opinion. ALL our great however!
  9. We have done this same itinerary many times. There will be a meeting for those doing B2B cruises and you will receive a letter in your stateroom advising you of the location/time. It is usually the last sea day of the first leg of the cruise. Platinum vouchers will be delivered early in the "second" leg of the journey for the second leg of the trip. You will of course NOT have to pack as you are booked in the same cabin. We have done it both ways in that we have had to walk OFF of the ship - only to go into the terminal for a very short period of time (customs etc) and right back on the ship and also did a tour in that port..... It is truly a wonderful feeling to see everyone packing up, standing in line to disembark....and they you get to walk off of the ship knowing that you have another week onboard!
  10. I have the largest size Kyss bag but wanted to check out your recommendation for the coolbags. But I am confused as to how they work. Can you lock these to a stationary object? Or is it just the bag that locks itself? As in what is to prevent someone from just taking the whole bag? Sorry if I missed something....as I find the Kyss bag to be too heavy and want to try another product but DO want one that we can lock to a chair, table, etc....
  11. We are on the 10/6/19 sailing and when I called yesterday I was told to check back in a week as they are also unable to book either.....computer program "glitch"... is what I was told.
  12. THANK YOU ALL! Been waiting for this to become available and just booked ours for 10/6/19 cruise. I LOVE these boards! lol
  13. Yes - you are right and I HAD realized this when I was typing......as a young child does represent a loss of real potential income. So I stand corrected. And I got the final quote today for the one year old......and he is only costing a little over $650 for a one week cruise....which includes prepaid service charges, port fees etc.....and again, we are all in two bedroom Haven cabins. Not bad at all! Thanks for the replies! Always get the answers here.....
  14. Wow...surprising as I cannot see paying full HAVEN fees for a 1 year old! But if that is the rule, guess we have no choice! I had thought that it was only age three or even two....but one? That seems excessive! As how much can a one year old eat?
  15. It was been four years or more since we traveled with grand children this young....but we have another baby in the family who will be 1 1/2 for our next family cruise and I cannot remember at what age they need to pay full fare. I tried to find it on ncl.com but that FAQ section is NO help at all and you guys know better anyway! So let me know....trying to do the "numbers!" as I know that the 5 and 6 year olds will have to pay....as wouldn't you know it we chose a date with NO "Friends and family go free" offer!
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