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  1. Thank you for all the tips. I have been lurking and using your ways of framing before we go to places we visit.
  2. We asked for the cards on our February 2020 cruise but they changed their menus so they stopped selling the cards. The new chairman of the boards has bitters in it, I thought it was horrible and was told I could ask for the old style. They will make some of the old recipes if they still carry the proper liquor or can substitute to come close. They can still make some martinis like the Violetta or Skyfall, not on any menu so you have to know what you want from the old menu or the cards. I will borrow them from our son to make a list of my favourites before my next cruise.
  3. what was the original logo on the Princess Patricia? Stanley is named for Stanley McDonald
  4. Pretty sure you can put the shares in your RRSP. We had them for so long the on board credits paid for the shares and if you are military you get the same on board credit.
  5. Friends are going on both and I am wondering if the bartenders are someone we know.
  6. Photoscan is a free app from Google that helps you take clear pictures of objects behind glass such as the menus. I haven’t tried but read about it on a blog about cruising around Australia.
  7. thanks for the info. Will wait for the 3rd and 4th person free. Merry Christmas.
  8. What sale offers the best prices for taking kids 1yr and 6yrs on a cruise. Does princess ever have a kids go free deal or any good sales for kids. thank you
  9. Tell Jesse and Neal that Deb and Gary said hi. We were on in Nov. If you meet Sydney and Dylan in Vines and Francisco in international cafe say hi for us too. Your comments and pictures are so helpful, thanks for the time and effort it takes.
  10. We are getting off tomorrow, the bar tenders are Neal from the Philippines and Jessy from Thailand.
  11. sorry, since the site listed other cruise lines just wondering if there was a conflict with the Princess corp.
  12. Is there a problem with this website? Just tried to find the port load for our Nov cruises and it does not list any Princess ships in any port that I looked up.
  13. Thanks for the quick Crooners info. I am enjoying your live report and hope you have calm seas for the crossing.
  14. Could you tell me who the bartenders are in Crooners and Vines. We are cruising in Nov, getting excited and hoping to meet some of our favorite staff.
  15. haven't booked cause she can't go 7 days without a protein count every day,. Didn't ,know there was a special needs department. Thanks, that's who we need to contact.
  16. thank you, she is limited to 25g a day so we need a daily count.
  17. where can I find the protein count in food like hot dogs or pizza and soft serve ice cream
  18. could you please tell Junella that Debbie (Korbel) and Gary from last Feb say Hi!
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