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  1. DH & I are booked on the Edge, end of March. We are seasoned cruisers who enjoy a variety of dancing in the evenings. The reviews I have read say nothing about the evening music . The copies of Celebrity today, that Adam has been so kind to post do not appear to have very much in the way of evening dance music. Can anyone who has been or is onboard share any info. Many thanks!
  2. Paul, Missing the old Cruise Critic Forums app which I used on my I-Pad. Sorry to sound dumb, but which mobile Cruise Critic app are you now using that is working well? I'm not the most savvy with all this!! Truly hope to one day be on the same cruise as you & Edward! Enjoy every moment of the next few days! Paula
  3. Thank you Paul for taking us along & sharing so much valuable info. Bon Voyage to you & Edward! Paula
  4. Congrats Paul!!! So well deserved & so wonderfully written . I had goosebumps reading it. Hope to have the opportunity to meet you & Edward on a future Celebrity sailing. In the meantime I can’t wait till November 5 & your next LIVE! Cheers! Paula Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. thanks so much Beardie! I feel comfortable booking dinner at 8pm and will change if necessary. Most shows don’t typically last more that 45 or 50 minutes. So glad you you enjoyed your cruise as I am sure we will. The reviews have been so very positive!
  6. DH & I are going to try Celebrity again after a few years away. We sail a Western itinerary in July on the Equinox.with Celebrity Select Dining. Can anyone who has recently sailed on her tell me approximately how long the shows in the theatre are and if they are at 7PM & 9PM ? We are thinking about shooting for a 7PM show and 8PM dining time so we can be free to enjoy the music & dancing (which we love - provided there is a good band) after dinner. It looks as if Celebrity has moved the band to the Sky Lounge most evenings which we think will be great. The Grand Foyer was used almost exclusively on our previous sailings. That area is just to small & the Sky Lounge is beautiful. Anyone who can share some info on the shows, times & live music(party band) it would be appreciated. Many thanks!
  7. tboy58 ~ glad to hear you and the other posters enjoyed the Equinox! Was the UP TOWN group the party band or did they perform in the theater? We have been away from Celebrity for a while primarily due to their lack of good bands and dance music. We moved to Florida last summer and are considering trying the Equinox the end of June. Any info you or any others who have recently sailed on her can provide would be much appreciated. Paula
  8. Safe travels Paul & Edward ! Paul, thank you so very much for another amazing journey with you! Sent from my iPad using Forums
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