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  1. Good morning. Thanks for the Daily. Love the quote. I love oatmeal, but not Frankenstein. I'm a bit of a hermit lately. The dinner suggestion and wine sound good, but I'll pass on the drink of the day. Praying for everyone on the care list. Cheers to everyone celebrating. Be safe.
  2. Good morning. Thanks for the Daily (twice). Love the quotes. Chocolate day should be everyday. The meal suggestion sounds good, so does the wine. I'd like a Sloe Gin Fizz. Praying for everyone. Raising a glass to toast all the celebrations. Have a great day. Stay safe.
  3. Good morning. Thanks for the Daily. No black cats for me. A big Thank You to the Navy. I love a good story. Love the quote. I'll pass on the meal suggestion, but @rafinmd's sounds good. I'd love a Tequila Sunrise. Looking forward to reading about the wine. Praying for everyone. Cheers to everyone who celebrates. Stay safe.
  4. Good morning, thanks for the Daily Report. Love the quote. Interesting collection of days. I don't care for mincemeat, but DH loves it. Thanks to all Deployed throughout the world. Love my horseless carriage. Thanks for the meal suggestion. DH enjoys a Rusty Nail, so may have one tonight. Looking forward to reading about the wine. Prayers for all. Stay safe.
  5. Hello and welcome to the Wonderful World of Cruising. I think most of us hope that this COVID virus will be under control by next spring and cruising will resume safely. If you have any questions, ask away. Lots of good advice available (ok, some snarky comments occasionally, but most Cruise Critic members are great). Hope you love your cruise.
  6. Good morning, thanks for the Daily. Love that quote! I don't have a mother in law, but my husband's MIL is a gem. Thanks for the dinner suggestion, but we had chicken the other night. I might go for salisbury steak though. Your pictures look very appetizing Roy, thanks. Looking forward to reading about the drink and the wine. Have a wonderful Sunday. Stay safe.
  7. Good morning Dailyites. Thanks for the Daily Report. I'll pass on the bologna, but Fettuccine Alfredo sounds good to me. We had a tornado watch yesterday, but fortunately no tornadoes touched down. I guess that's something to celebrate! It's a lot cooler here, so an Irish Coffee would go down well. Sending prayers for our world, cheers to everyone celebrating. Stay safe.
  8. Hello everyone. Love the Daily Report. I finished my canning (pickles, relish and jam) months ago. Love that quote. Congrats Millie, you're great! Prayers for everyone. And a clink of the wine glass for every celebration. Have a wonderful day. Stay safe.
  9. If COVID is still a problem, Canada may not be open to cruise ships. And even with a cruise out of Seattle, you still have to stop in Canada.
  10. Good morning Dailyites. Love the Daily Report. Clean up the Earth Day should be everyday. Nut day. Does that celebrate the thing you eat, or crazy people? No salmon for us today, but I'll try to buy some next time I go out for groceries. Thanks for the cocktail recipe, looking forward to reading about the wine. Praying for us all. Celebrating whatever we can. Have a wonderful day. Stay safe.
  11. Thank you for sharing that video. I'd love to visit Pompeii again. It's amazing that so many mosaics survived.
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