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  1. Cruising with toddlers is great as long as you are on a newer ship that has a sizable toddler area. All kids with diapers can only access the areas and based on my guesstimations...some of these are tiny itty bitty triangles of about 10 sq ft and some are quite sufficient. Research before you book for sure!
  2. I’ll be on Symphony in 2 days so that would be a surprise.
  3. Milkshakes have not been included for at least 5 years. They were never really that great anyway...so not much of a loss really.
  4. I will not be on the ship for another 6 days....so either you have to be on the ship then or it simply does not work but that is nothing new with RCI's websites.🙂 Seriously for a company trying so hard to grow...if they just invested a bit in their infrastructure the dollars would more quickly add up.
  5. Definitely cannot reserve laser tag in the App. The app itself is very limited much like all of RCI's websites.
  6. Looking fwd to using the wrist band next week for the first time. Never would I wear my card anywhere. Should be far more convenient.
  7. How/where do you make reservations for laser tag on Symphony?
  8. Good thing the Wonder is going straight to China...looks like a waste of a perfectly good cruise ship! ”chill area” instead of a flow rider lol Very few pools I personally would never pay to stay on that ship.
  9. I have this same issue of limited threads listed on Tapatalk. Anyone know when this will be resolved?
  10. Always worth it...especially if you are down to try new drinks. On a cruise ship I nearly get every drink imaginable. Because I can and it does not cost me anymore. I never feel bad if I don’t want to finish a drink that doesn’t suit me.
  11. Does anyone know if wow bands can be used when taking/linking photos? Or do you have to have your boarding pass? Just bought a photo package and would like to just use the band I will be getting. Thanks!
  12. I just paid $380 total for 7 days on symphony. Don’t be scared to book on whatever sales is going. When it goes cheaper like mine did a week later. Just cancel and rebook. This will ensure you always get the best deal...unless you miss a sale.
  13. The next class of ships greater than the Oasis class need to stick with the same large size but ditch the open design so that all the floor space given up can be gained back for larger pools and more chairs.
  14. We are platinum as well...so I guess we will show up around 10:30 and hope for the best. If this embarkation does not go any smoother than the last...I will forever be showing up late to RCCL.
  15. Just wanted to check and find out if anyone had any recent experience boarding Oasis out of Orlando? Were you able to board early? How long was the boarding process? Our scheduled boarding time on our edoc is 1130am and we have a massage scheduled for 1200...but was hoping to board earlier than 1130 for this reason. Previously we sailed on Liberty out of Galveston and the boarding process there was a nightmare. Sat in a room for over 2 hours with what seemed like thousands of people before we could even board the ship after 1pm.
  16. That’s BS. Sounds like my kids with/without diapers will be joining me in the adult pools.
  17. Lol. We had the same issue. RCCL went as far to say that my travel agent may be in the reservation...for weeks lol! My travel agent is RCCL! For the size of company the website is the most pathetic resource/tool I have ever used. They should really be embarrassed to go live with such a website.
  18. Thanks for the quick response. I just went back on the planner and since noticed the smaller bold print stating additional limitations. Of course this is where it states all the info you just told me - a little misleading. Only reason I really purchased it was for the hibachi deal since my two young kids would actually probably be entertained the entire dinner. Oh well. Guess I will just cancel.
  19. I purchased the 3 night dining package for my family and I. Where/how do I make reservations for the 3 restaurants I want to go to? I would like to reserve two nights at Izumi for the hibachi deal and then one at the steakhouse but I am unable to find where to do this. On my cruise planner, on night one, it lists my dining package...but that's about as much detail as I have available to me so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Lol. Just received an e-mail highlighting the specialty dining packages - on sale for 40% off. Follow the links RCCL provides me - and of course lead to nothing mentioned in the e-mail. Since the website is crap I decided to call. When I called I was informed that there was no such sale! LOL. Why in the F do they send a million e-mails when their not even valid e-mails promoting their products????????
  21. The old site...which still is semi-intact...needs to be brought back to life. The new website is not even close to operational! How could they think of going live with such a piece of crap? Take a few of the hundred's of millions your investing on the ships and hire some web designer's who actually know what they are doing!
  22. Always worth it if you order at least 5 drinks per day. Especially if you like to try new drinks. On cruises I literally will try anything and everything with the pass! Also the bonuses are nice too - fresh squeeZed orange juice every morning, coffee drinks, and sodas!
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