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  1. Thanks for taking the time to share your cruise with us. Tari and Sony took care of us back in June, and both were wonderful. Enjoy your cruise
  2. Tari is a doll!! she also took excellent care of us back in June!!
  3. I understand. We were on the Apex first cruise back in June with a group of 13. Only four of us needed PCRs to travel because we were transiting through Heathrow, but still, we all had PCR's done the day before our flights. Though, it was not required for the whole group, it was the right thing to do. BTW, only the four transiting through Heathrow were also tested upon arrival in Athens, and then the next day we were all tested again by Celebrity. Did I mind? not at all. IMHO everyone should be tested before any type of travel vaccinated or not.
  4. love your mom's attitude!!! she should go to the spa to use the OBC!!!
  5. We get PCR's before traveling even if is not required, to me, is the right thing to do. We traveled with a group of friends on the Apex and only four of us needed to be tested because we transited through London, but still, we all had our PCR's done before our cruise. BTW, when we arrived in Athens they did antigen's tests on everyone on our flight, add the one given to us before boarding, meant that we had one PCR and 2 nasopharyngeal antigen tests in three days. But I won't complain, had a great time and felt really safe.
  6. exactly! this is already working there, why can't they do it in the US? This is about going back to our favorite type of vacation in a safe way. We keep criticizing the CDC but the truth is that protocols everywhere else are stricter. Florida reported over 100,000 new COVID cases this week and we now know that vaccinated people can transmit the virus if infected, which makes this is a recipe for disaster. We know what it works; lots of testing and contact tracing. This virus is not going to disappear soon enough, but with the appropriate protocols we should be able to controller avoid the outbreaks, IMHO
  7. Almost 700. We all had our TrustOne app, where we received our tests results and made the appointments for the testing at the end of the cruise. This is Celebrity's model for the Apex, don't know why they don't use it with the Edge too.
  8. Agreed! we were on the first Apex cruise back in June and everybody was given an antigen test before boarding. We had to wait on the terminal for the results and had water while we waited. At the end of the cruise, the day before debarking, had another antigen test done to use on our way back home. The truth is that I like the Apex protocol better than the Edge's.
  9. Safe travels Steve!! looking forward to your reports!
  10. Two more cases on the Apex too... posts #41 and #45
  11. This is from a Facebook group. Yesterday a member questioned Celebrity's bubble tours for families with children, then another member told us about two positives on the Apex. Hope this family remains asymptomatic.
  12. Recent MedPage article about Mixing vaccines. You might need to register with them to read it https://www.medpagetoday.com/special-reports/exclusives/93706?xid=nl_mpt_DHE_2021-07-23&eun=g1923202d0r&utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Daily Headlines Engagement PassiveNew 2021-07-23&utm_term=NL_Daily_DHE_passiveNew
  13. Hope they do. My 23 y/o son is on this trial and I feel awful for him right now, he can't travel or do some things all of us can. Looking at the volunteers posts in Twitter I fear many will leave the trial if they don't apply for approval soon, some are really angry.
  14. Will be following you. We were on the Apex first voyage back in June 19 and it was a great experience. Still, keep an eye on Barcelona's numbers, right now I'm watching the Spanish news and is not looking good. Hope they get it under control soon https://www.euronews.com/2021/07/16/spain-curfew-restored-in-catalonia-as-covid-19-cases-soar https://english.elpais.com/society/2021-07-16/hospital-admissions-of-covid-19-patients-double-in-two-weeks-in-spain.html
  15. Looks like I was mistaken; off the ship by 9:30 am and had to leave our room by 8:00 am. Hope the picture helps
  16. We were on Celebrity's Apex maiden voyage a month ago, all our tour guides and drivers were vaccinated. Ninety-five percent of the passengers were also vaccinated and the only moment I didn't feel "safe" was having dinner in Luminae (suite guests dining room) because there were a couple of unvaccinated children screaming and yelling. Olga, I'm a mom and we cruised with our kids a couple of times a year since they were two and three years old, believe me, I understand the need of taking a vacation. Any cruise in normal times has rules, but especially now, cruises need to have very specific rules. I decided to cruise on the Apex not only knowing the rules, I also knew that they could changed in a matter of minutes. I watch RTVE news every day and the raise in cases in Spain is worrisome, and BTW I didn't need to wait until corona is over to travel, I waited until we were vaccinated to do it.
  17. Everyone must leave the ship before 9:00 am. and the drive from the port to the airport is over 45 min. If you are planning to get your VAT refund, plan for an extra hour. Bring everything printed on paper and if you are flying American or British Airways download the Verifly app. Hope this helps
  18. Olga, you will only be allowed to use ship sponsored tours because you are traveling with an unvaccinated child. Please, check this thread on the Celebrity boards; an unvaccinated couple was kicked out from the Edge for wondering around on their own on a ship sponsored tour. BTW, Celebrity and Royal are private companies and they make their own rules.
  19. I was away on the Apex maiden voyage when the thread was closed, and didn't have a chance to thank you. In the beginning of the pandemic not only I didn't know if I was going to be able to go on a cruise again, I also didn't know if I was going to be able to work as a dentist again. I used to spent hours reading everything that my friends and colleagues shared, but believe it or not, your thread was my place to go everyday, and for that I want to thank you. The truth is, that vaccines were the light at the end of the tunnel. This picture was featured on the latest Captain's Club newsletter, we traveled with some of our closest friends, ten of us doctors. With our #TeamPfizer, #TeamModerna and #TeamVaccines t-shirts we wanted to paid tribute to the vaccines that made our cruise possible...
  20. I really miss the "light at the end of the tunnel" thread 😔
  21. true! they can change for the best or worst. The numbers in Barcelona right now are not good. BTW we were on the Apex maiden voyage three weeks ago and my biggest concern wasn't getting infected, I know the vaccine will protect me. My concern was having to stay two weeks in a hotel until I turned negative.
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