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  1. Our August 26th cruise is also gone 😔
  2. looks like you are right ....https://www.euronews.com/2020/06/13/coronavirus-vaccine-europe-s-inclusive-vaccines-alliance-strikes-giant-agreement-with-astr
  3. Agreed! as long as we have an airport and a port we will keep seeing COVID cases. Most of our recent cases came through the airport and the Island was shot down after a cruise passenger with COVID was left here with her spouse. Here is the story of the Costa Luminosa... https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/19/travel/coronavirus-cruise-costa-luminosa.html
  4. Meanwhile in Puerto Rico the government decided to count the cases following CDC guidelines, and it looks like we have beat the virus. After three months in lock down we have only 1,403 positive PCR tests, 56 deaths and less than a 100 patients hospitalized (7 in ICU and 4 using ventilators). The governor announced yesterday that we will be open for international travel in the middle of July. Our curfew will be modified next week from 10 pm to 5 am (has been from 7 pm to 5 am these three months). The use of masks is required everywhere!
  5. Right now, I'm watching Spain's president press conference. He announced that Spain will be open for foreign (international) tourism in July. Here is a link, in Spanish https://www.economiadigital.es/politica-y-sociedad/pedro-sanchez-anuncia-que-dejara-volver-a-los-turistas-en-julio_20065545_102.html
  6. Hi!! do you know if they are going to move the dates of the "Cruise with confidence" program?? right now this program protects cruises through July 31st. We are booked on the Apex at the end of August, using Am.Ex. Travel for the fist time and probably the last. I'm really hating the communication difficulties, still, we have to decide what we are going to do. Any feedback or information will be appreciated. Have a good day
  7. positive to Covid_19..https://twitter.com/DavidBegnaud/status/1238624682372468736?s=20
  8. We booked an S-1 on the Apex for our next cruise. This will be our first Edge class cruise and I’m enjoying the planning process! Thanks for your help!
  9. Hi! Any difference with the balcony furniture? Have seen some with loungers and read many complains about the Sky Suites’ furniture, don’t know if Celebrity plans to do some changes. Any information will be appreciated
  10. Hi. Just wanted to add some new information about the Move Up program. After a couple of emails with different members of the Move up team I was told that bookings made through TA in Puerto Rico don't qualify for the Move Up program. No idea why, we pay exactly the same that is shown on Celebrity's website, we are Elite Captain Club members (almost Elite plus) and we receive Celebrity's promotional emails every day, which is a requirement to be elegible for the program. 😡
  11. Still close enough to Old San Juan, and there will be plenty of taxis to take you there. Just plan to go back to the ship on time for the muster drill.
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