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  1. Total discrimination against singles as you are forced to buy the package and WiFi separately losing any discount offered to couples. Oddly if you do manage to book a single stateroom (which frequently cost more than having a twin room as a solo) they only change you once for the drinks and WiFi package. It’s about time Celebrity sorted themselves out.
  2. Exactly the same food being served 2 weeks ago on Silhouette. Dreadful presentation and choice compared to past experiences.
  3. The new menus offer poor choice and reduced quality sadly. Just back from Silhouette, and it was not at all good. You could tell the waiters were a little embarrassed at what they were serving too.
  4. Well I checked today. Look how much a solo now has to pay for what is only WiFi and drinks now. Disgusting.
  5. Totally agree. I have had experience of this. It is blatant discrimination against solo travellers. The executive office gave me a load of waffle when challenged, as usual.
  6. 400% This is discrimination. My first reaction to your question is book with a decent cruise line that values you as a solo traveller. Celebrity don’t, and to make it even worse when you try and book all in as a solo they charge you double! There are no excuses for it to be honest.
  7. Maybe elite plus will be insulted by being offered one free cookie per cruise, along with the existing one scoop of gelato. seriously though if this is true, the direction this company is going is not at all good.
  8. Aaaaaaaaaaah. You mentioned the dreaded Yorkshire puddings. Tried them on most nights in Silhouette last year. Stone cold and as hard as concrete each time. Even when the matre d went and got fresh ones specially. The meals were mostly pretty dreadful and worse than a £8 carvery meal in the U.K.
  9. Charging for burgers at the mast grill. removing most casual option in the ocean view during the evening (these have increased somewhat since the decision)
  10. Looks like the Celebrity stupid ideas department has struck gold again. The times they have come up with a ridiculous idea, it has created as PR disaster and they have had to back pedal their decision, creating nothing but bad feeling.
  11. Looks like the Celebrity stupid ideas department has struck gold again. The times they have come up with a ridiculous idea, it has created as PR disaster and they have had to back pedal their decision, creating nothing but bad feeling.
  12. I have given up on the premium package now after several cruises hunting down the real champagne on Silhouette. After all the package is advertised as having it. Funny about the supply problems as Oceana are serving it at every bar!
  13. This sadly sums up most executive office communications. They just don’t care anymore. It’s sad but true I am afraid. If your cruise was cancelled they used to offer a form of lift and shift, but not anymore. There is no longer any point being loyal to the company as they don’t show much loyalty back. I am booking more and more princess cruises in the future, for far more sensible prices. happy cruising
  14. See you onboard. Coming over from the U.K. and doing the 6 night cruise as part of a longer holiday 😁
  15. It’s ok but not for what is now a 9 hour call
  16. Well that’s the result. At the same time they have extended the stay later at Catalina Island, so the obvious option to leave Catalina a little earlier, run at a slower speed (more than 9 knots which is more like drifting) and still make San Francisco the day before was missed. An even better option would have been to skip Catalina Island entirely (it wasn’t in the original itinerary) and do two full days in San Francisco.
  17. 8 knots only requires the smaller diesel generator which they added to the M class a few years ago. It is a capable of propulsion up to 9 kn and the hotel supply on its own.
  18. So I guess celebrity have saved a fair amount by cutting our stay from 2 days to one compared to the original itinerary?
  19. That has to be total rubbish. Ships pay to be in port by the hour so Celebrity are saving a small fortune halving the port stay.
  20. The reason we feel it is celebrities fault is that they have also extended the port stay at Catalina island, which does not warrant more than a few hours stay. If we had left there mid afternoon we could still have cruised at a slower speed and arrived at San Francisco the day before, allowing an overnight in the city.
  21. I am also on this cruise. To initially lose Monterey and have that substituted by Catalina island was disappointing (Catalina island is a few miles from Los Angeles, where we board, so we spend 17 hours drifting around before anchoring there) To now lose one whole day in San Francisco and have the port stay in Catalina Island extended so the ship can now travel painfully slowly from what is a port that nowhere near warrants a whole days visit, is pretty bad. I appreciate the reasoning of slowing down for whale migration (which has been known about for centuries) but I believe this is just being used to justify the fuel and port charge savings that Celebrity wishes to achieve. To be honest I would have rather skipped Catalina island and drifted to San Francisco to have two days there. San Francisco is one of the highlights of the whole trip. Now we have only 8am - 5pm there, which is just not adequate for a city of that size. The ship could easily have been scheduled to cruise at the lower speed and arrive the evening before, allowing us an evening out in the city. I have worked out the speed we now need to maintain after leaving Catalina island to get to San Francisco at the new time and it’s under 8 knots! Celebrity need to realise that we are not as naive as they think!
  22. llutoff-perlo@celebritycruises.com works for me
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