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  1. I'm here to see the ship I've never sailed but will be on come April 12. Getting really excited!! Helen
  2. Thanks so much. I thought it might be 6 months but just couldn't remember. Helen
  3. We are booked on the Nieuw Statendam leaving on Nov. 24, 2019. I just went to "manage my bookings" on the HAL page to book dinner reservations. At this time I am unable to make any reservations. I cannot remember how far in advance they open the reservations. Does anyone know? Thanks! Helen
  4. The Zuiderdam is my favorite of the HAL ships that we've sailed. We did the partial transit of the Panama Canal twice on this ship. We usually do a midship balcony right next to the outside elevator. No noise and people only on one side. As on all HAL ships the service was outstanding and the food excellent. I love the decor on this ship as opposed to the modern decor on the Koningsdam. One time we sailed over Thanksgiving and found the casino had quite a good crowd. When I'm looking for a cruise I always choose itinerary first and then look to see if the Z'dam is doing that cruise. It would always be my first choice. Helen
  5. I am a smoker and I LOVE the casino but the first thing I look at is the itinerary. If there are several ships doing the same trip then I will take into consideration if I can smoke in the casino. In the scenario you described I would still choose the Zuiderdam since it's my favorite ship. Helen
  6. Dear Jacqui, You will have no time to do the list. You have organized a zillion tours on your upcoming trip. How do I know? Because I am on many of them!! So looking forward to this adventure! Helen
  7. Hi Jacqui, Can you add the following info: Nieuw Statendam - Nov. 24 - Dec. 1, 2019 - 7 day Tropical Caribbean HELENPSL - annual Thanksgiving cruise with Angelo Thanks so much!!
  8. Still my favorite ship and one of my favorite cruises. She looks so beautiful! Helen
  9. Don't be confused. I've been up on the Sun Deck and no one is ever up there because it's too windy. NO - you cannot smoke in the Crow's nest. You can smoke at the back of the Lido Deck and you can smoke at the designated smoking slot machines in the casino if you are playing. Those are the only smoking areas on the ship. Helen
  10. You can't smoke in the Crow's Nest. You have to go to the Lido Deck which is deck 8 on this ship. You can smoke near the seaview bar at the back of the ship. The only other place to smoke is in the casino if you are playing. That's about it!! Helen
  11. Doing an inside cabin for the first time on the Nieuw Statendam (cabin I-6112). Does anyone know if they have a fridge in these cabins? Thanks! Helen
  12. I would suggest that you initially book with a PCC (personal cruise consultant) at HAL. My reason is that they can see cabins that are available that do not necessarily appear on the website or are not readily available to a TA. For example, I am doing a 1 week cruise that is also part of a 14 day cruise. They block certain cabins for 7 day and others for 14. The cabin I wanted was part of the 14 day block. She was able to get it approved to give me the cabin I wanted. I would suggest you look at the deckplan for the ship and try to figure out where you want to be...mid ship, aft or maybe it doesn't matter. Once you get everything settled and booked with the PCC you can call around and see what other companies are offering you. Just know that once you transfer to a travel agent the people at HAL will no longer speak with you and will refer you back to your travel agent. Hope this helps you in making your decision. Helen
  13. The first time we did the tour to the Tayutic Hacienda. It's a long drive but we found it very relaxing and interesting. This tour is about 8 hours. Of course, we came back 45 minutes late but since we were on the ship's tour we didn't worry. The second time we did the tour of the Tortuguero Canals. That one is about a 4 hour tour. Again, it was a relaxing and lovely day out on the canals and we actually did see quite a bit of wildlife. Whatever you choose have a wonderful time. Helen
  14. The casino on the Nieuw Amsterdam is a 100% smoke free all the time. Helen
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