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  1. YEAH - so good to hear from you. I'm sending you a private email in just a minute!!
  2. Part II - I just googled this and found out that there is a room called the Oak Room which is their smoking room. According to the deck plan it is right next to the Crow's Nest and not near the casino. Helen
  3. I have never been on the Noordam but I had heard that there was a "cigar smoking room" near the casino. I just looked at the deck plan and don't see anything that would imply such a room. I'm sure someone who's been on the Noordam recently will be able to solve this mystery. Helen
  4. There are several ships where the casino is totally smoke free.
  5. My understanding is that they only show 10 cabins at a time in a particular category. I have wanted a specific cabin, called my PCC and she was able to get it for me. If you're doing a fake booking there should be a place on the page showing which cabin they suggest that allows you to input the cabin number you want. It will let you know if it's still available. If so, you can book it . Helen
  6. For our last few cruises we have taken out a single trip policy. I originally found it on Squaremouth.com and it's through CF Travel Insured International - Worldwide Trip Protector. I was primarily concerned about medical and evacuation coverage. This particular policy is $100,000 medical and $1M evacuation. The bonus on this policy is that the medical is primary coverage which is pretty hard to find. Thankfully we haven't had to use it but it's nice to know it's there. Helen
  7. In Miami waiting to board. Arriving at 5:20am. Will you be meeting us at the airport? Helen
  8. Can't believe that tomorrow we head down to Miami for our flight to Lisbon on Monday. You plan for so long and it feels like forever before the time really comes but...the time is now. Thanks to all of you who posted about the weather being colder than expected. I think we'll make a quick change taking a heavier jacket and a hoodie if it's warmer. Appreciate all the info. From the heart I must mention one thing in particular. Over the years I have been on many great roll calls with people who actually participated and offered wonderful information. But on this roll call it was amazing. Of course, we had someone who truly was "the leader of the band." So Jacqui, thanks so much for all that you've done to organize so many tours and events. Many people helped in putting tours together but your spread sheet to keep it all together is spectacular...thank you. We arrive in Lisbon at 5:20AM on Tuesday morning. Think we'll have a little nap and then be raring to go. Can't wait to meet everyone as we start this fantastic adventure!! Helen
  9. Anyone else having a problem getting into the webcam? Helen
  10. As others have said the Asia trip is very port intensive. We did the 28 day Singapore to Yokohama in 2017. We had a balcony but spent very little time there. Our days were very long with some of the most fascinating excursions we've ever taken. We also decided to to 2 excursions where we were off the ship overnight and met the ship in the next port. We have now started booking ocean view cabins because I like the light and we've found that not having the balcony is not a problem. We just always make sure that we're mid ship. Enjoy your cruise. It's a fabulous itinerary!! Helen
  11. I'm here to see the ship I've never sailed but will be on come April 12. Getting really excited!! Helen
  12. Thanks so much. I thought it might be 6 months but just couldn't remember. Helen
  13. We are booked on the Nieuw Statendam leaving on Nov. 24, 2019. I just went to "manage my bookings" on the HAL page to book dinner reservations. At this time I am unable to make any reservations. I cannot remember how far in advance they open the reservations. Does anyone know? Thanks! Helen
  14. The Zuiderdam is my favorite of the HAL ships that we've sailed. We did the partial transit of the Panama Canal twice on this ship. We usually do a midship balcony right next to the outside elevator. No noise and people only on one side. As on all HAL ships the service was outstanding and the food excellent. I love the decor on this ship as opposed to the modern decor on the Koningsdam. One time we sailed over Thanksgiving and found the casino had quite a good crowd. When I'm looking for a cruise I always choose itinerary first and then look to see if the Z'dam is doing that cruise. It would always be my first choice. Helen
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