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  1. MARLEY225

    Koningsdam Question

    I was just on this ship late January into February. The lido pool has an up stair deck where there are lounge chars that face the sea and are totally shaded. You might enjoy this in lieu of the lack of deck chairs on the Promenade.
  2. I was on the "Oosterdam" for Thanksgiving week and the casino was non-smoking for the entire cruise.
  3. MARLEY225

    Koningsdam: Differences of note

    Another question for those who have been on the Koningsdam lately. Is the casino smoke=free?
  4. MARLEY225

    Koningsdam: Differences of note

    Thanks for all the comments about the Koningsdam. I am a four-star mariner, but shortly I will be doing my first cruise on this ship. I have always steered clear of it because of the extra amount of passengers. I like the 1,900 to 2,000 range. I have two questions - (1) Is there a welcome 3-4-5 star mariner cocktail party the first day or any day? (2) I received today a notice of embarkment times done by deck level which start at 1 pm. Four and five start mariners can do anytime between 1 PM and 4 PM. I usually arrive at 10:30 and they let you on at 11:30 or noon. Is this procedure of 1 PM embarkment start time normal for this ship? Thanks in advance for replies!
  5. MARLEY225

    No HAL to Bermuda in 2019?

    Although, while on a January cruise this year, a flyer I picked up showed HAL going to Bermuda in 2019, obviously this isn't happening. I have been going to Bermuda from Boston on a 7 day cruise in June for the past three years. I heard they do this every few years - discontinue going to Bermuda for a full week cruise. Sad.
  6. MARLEY225

    Beach near port

    Is Calico Jack's walkable from the tender drop point?
  7. MARLEY225

    New Endless Summer Promo is Good.

    Update - after calling HAL - I obtained a $300. credit on a future cruise. Since I cruise all the time now in my retirement years, this was fine with me !
  8. MARLEY225

    New Endless Summer Promo is Good.

    Just checked my booking on the "Zuiderdam" - Dec. 16 - 26 - with the Endless Summer Promo - it's $358 less plus $75. on board credit for a like cabin on the opposite side of the ship from where I am currently. I booked on HAL's site during a Top 10 Sailing Promo and had to pay the full fare at the time of booking. I now have a call into my HAL personal consultant to see if I can get some sort of adjustment. We'll see - I am a four-star Mariner (better mean something)!.
  9. U.S. Citizen -- What is the order of procedures at the cruise ship terminal? Also, same question - once you get to the Montreal airport? How long would all these procedures approximately take? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. MARLEY225

    Another Website Complaint

    I have had this same problem since the new web site started. I must say lately, I have been able to get pass the whirling circles and was able to pick a particular stateroom. When this happened, I felt like I won the lottery! I have complained about this problem twice via feed back on the web site, and also verbally to my personal consultant.
  11. MARLEY225

    Website Problems

    The problem I have with the wonderful NEW HAL site - is if I am logged into my account, I can not pick a particular stateroom (the spinning circle appears) on any given cruise to see my pricing. If I do not log in, I can go thru the whole process and pick a particular stateroom, but, of course, I am not seeing my pricing. This has been going on for quite a while now. I have sent HAL feedback on this and received back an e-mail with a survey attached which I answered. This was two weeks ago. I sent another feedback to them yesterday, and haven't heard anything from them yet ! I even mentioned this to my personal HAL consultant, since I had to use him on my last two cruises because of the website problem.
  12. MARLEY225

    Specialty Dining Cancellation

    I have made specialty reservations online prior to a cruise and then cancelled while on board. I receive full credit on my on board account for the cancellation. Credits are done at night (I was told), so just watch for the credit a day or so afterwards on your bill.
  13. I am a very frequent traveler on HAL and have also noticed the lack of lido pool side live entertainment on sea days. I have made mention of this in my survey comments to HAL after returning from cruises. I also found that sometimes, the lido pool staff forgets to turn on the recorded music. Steel drum players use to hold guest lessons back on the sea view pool area. There also use to be ice sculpturing by the lido pool. The librarian has also disappeared, thus there isn't any one to help when there is an issue with their wonderful internet ! Maybe, soon we will have to cook our own meals and make our own beds on board (ha - ha).
  14. MARLEY225


    I was in St. Thomas on Nov. 30th, 2017 and the Sky Ride was not operating. One of the cable posts looked kind of tilted. I am on another cruise which will be going to St. Thomas again on Jan. 19th and the Sky Ride is now being offered as an excursion, so I suppose all is well now.
  15. Which port in St. Croix are you all referring to? My cruise will be going to Frederiksted on Nov. 30th. Is there are walkable beach near where we dock? Any help greatly appreciated.