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  1. I’m on the Panorama 12/21 and didn’t get anything. Won’t need to park anyway😊
  2. Loving your review. I’ve been looking for a good Panama Canal review and they have been hard to come by; we’ll be on the Miracle from San Diego to Miami in Feb so this is great timing.
  3. Amazing review as always! I get so much joy from your reviews. Please, cruise more often!!
  4. Just booked this sailing! We’ll be celebrating milestone birthdays for myself and my mum, sailing with extended family. Can’t wait!
  5. Agree with everything! In fact, I could have written your post! Lee is just the best. I didn’t get the survey either but husband did and I made sure he mentioned Lee. He’s the first CD I’ve had where I’d book another cruise specifically to sail with him again. He felt like an old friend from day 1 and I had to remind myself that I didn’t really know him, I just felt like I did!
  6. Jeff and Patty, greeting passed on to Ruther. Told him I expect a lot from him!
  7. Loving every moment of your review, Jamman! We board the Splendor on Saturday! Tell me, what’s your favorite bar to sit and spend time at on the Splendor? This’ll be my first time on this ship and I am particularly entranced by the look of the aft liner bar...
  8. Yay! I’ve been checking regularly waiting for your review. Loving every moment!!!!
  9. Oh that hurts to hear! Better that I am prepared for it though. Thanks for taking time out of your cruise to respond. May you enjoy the rest of your cruise and do well in the casino!
  10. Yes, really... we have had a little success in the past on ships, one cruise in particular after hitting up a machine a reviewer had recently mentioned. Though I do prefer to spend my time at a blackjack table.
  11. Glad you’re sitting about even. I know you’ll come out up, you always seem to! Oh how I despise those CSMs! Do they have them on all tables or just low limit tables? I’ve really only cruised fantasy class ships (with the exception of Victory) and on my recent cruises on Imagination and Inspiration they had the CSMs at the $10 / $6 non super-fun tables only. Hoping that’s the case on Splendor too. Though I wish Carnival (and land casinos) would do away with them completely. I know, I’m dreaming 😆
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