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  1. I’m on the Panorama 12/21 and didn’t get anything. Won’t need to park anyway😊
  2. Loving your review. I’ve been looking for a good Panama Canal review and they have been hard to come by; we’ll be on the Miracle from San Diego to Miami in Feb so this is great timing.
  3. Amazing review as always! I get so much joy from your reviews. Please, cruise more often!!
  4. Agree with everything! In fact, I could have written your post! Lee is just the best. I didn’t get the survey either but husband did and I made sure he mentioned Lee. He’s the first CD I’ve had where I’d book another cruise specifically to sail with him again. He felt like an old friend from day 1 and I had to remind myself that I didn’t really know him, I just felt like I did!
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