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  1. This might be the chance for an Oasis class to operate from Australia: “We are continuing with our plans to produce a private destination in Vanuatu in late 2024…”
  2. Great, thanks. All makes sense and the last leg aligns with the first Edge cruise from Sydney on Dec 9 too.
  3. Yes, for Edge. They might be trying to sell a good number of those (expensive) cabins before announcing the second ship.
  4. Celebrity 2023 Alaska cruises were released today. Solstice’ last cruise of the season finishes on Sep 22nd in Vancouver. Allowing 28 days for the TP and advancing the calendar by a day at the date line, this Brisbane entry looks like the first call in Australia (if in fact it is for Solstice and not a placeholder). Slightly O/T for this thread but relevant to possibility of placeholder entries.
  5. Any views here on Edge’s repositioning route to Sydney? Is she likely to return to Europe in 2023 and then reposition to Sydney through the Suez?
  6. Yeah, I asked my usual US cruise TA if he could make a booking for us, since we are currently in Aus. They can’t.
  7. The Ovation cruises from Sydney are available for sale, but only to locals in Australia. They are visible if you change country to Australia on Royal’s web site.
  8. I don’t see Oasis class in Australia until Lelepa is up and runnning. With Quantum based in Brisbane, a Radiance class is the likely second ship in Sydney. I wouldn’t be surprised if Royal walks away from China. If so, Spectrum stays in Singapore through 2024. If Royal still has aspirations for Asia, a second ship joins might join her there seasonally (shared with Australia). They don’t need to make these decisions yet.
  9. Possibly. The TBA entry on 07 Apr 24 appears to be for Celebrity Edge though. Would Celebrity Solstice be a more likely ship for Melbourne home port? (there is an entry in Darwin’s calendar on 27 Oct 23 in this name).
  10. My first guess is that the bookings are for Rhapsody, based in a home port that is new for Royal (Auckland, or Cairns as you suggested). I can’t see them homeporting a vision class ship in Sydney and the bookings aren’t indicating Brisbane or Melbourne either. Could be a placeholder but why would they bother obfuscating their intentions given it’s not a big ship (as it calls at Melbourne). Ovation may not call at Brisbane or they havent finalised the Sydney itineraries yet.
  11. Update on Brisbane port calendar for 2023/24: - Frequent bookings for Quantum of the Seas right through the season. - Couple of calls in the name of Rhapsody of the Seas - A call for Serenade of the Seas. Celebrity Edge also has a couple of calls.
  12. Any guesses at likely port calls for the repo from Beijing to Singapore? Obvious ones…. Shanghai, HK. What about…. Keelung? HaLong/HaNoi? Phu My?
  13. I wouldn’t be surprised if Royal walks away from China entirely. I’ve never been convinced it would be sustainable. The geopolitical situation is getting worse and there are plenty of profitable markets for these newer larger ships. Singapore is more likely a beneficiary than a victim, however I do think Quantum will sail in Alaska and from Brisbane. If Royal pulls out of China, I’d guess Spectrum would sail year round from Singapore.
  14. Great news. I gather the assumption is that the 2023 relocation to Sydney will be from Rome via Suez (thus the late start to the Sydney season). After that, seasonal rotation between Australia and Alaska.
  15. Yes. Or Serenade’s Caribbean season will be shortened, or it’s remnants of an idea that has since been dropped.
  16. Yes, a round trip with a stop in Ensenada. Same as Princess’ Hawaii itineraries from the West coast. March makes a lot of sense if it’s between PC and Alaska cruises.
  17. Yeah, but as others have added, the timing and last port aren’t right. On face value, it looks like a Hawaii cruise from LA and the timing works for this to occur between a PC transit and Alaska season. Of course they could just be stale entries that have only now become visible.
  18. Entries in the name of Serenade of the Seas have appeared in Hawaiian port calendars in March 2023. The first entry is for Honolulu on 15 March 2023, showing the previous port as Los Angeles. There are entries in Lahaina and Kona on the next couple of days. Any idea if these are credible and which ship they might actually be for?
  19. Hey Chilli, Yeah I think that's a real possibility too. PortsNorth will be very keen to make use of their new facilities and the Qld government will be desperate to enable recovery in tourism. Surely Rhapsody wouldn't go to Alaska in the southern winter, so what would they do? Asia deployment? Or keep the ship in the area by sharing between Cairns and Auckland seasonally? Count me in for a (southern) winter cruise from Cairns.
  20. Hey springaussie, Are there any committed, funded plans to stand up a terminal in either of those? The last I heard about Newcastle’s proposal was that funding could not be secured.
  21. I’m wondering if Royal is planning to home port Rhapsody in Auckland for 2023-24. I can’t see them bringing a Vision class ship back to be home ported in Australia but some port entries are appearing here and she’s apparently disappeared from European schedules. They turn around Celebrity ships in Auckland occasionally, so RCG should already have supply arrangements in place.
  22. That change seems to make it more likely that the booking is actually for Edge, doesn’t it?
  23. Thanks for the updates. I like the idea of Serenade replacing Vision for the longer itineraries from Barcelona. Maybe there will be no ship home ported in Ravenna.
  24. I’ve often wondered why they don’t to a scenic cruise past Lord Howe and Balls Pyramid on the way from Sydney to the Pacific islands. It’s not much out of the way and they are both dramatic. The timing would normally work on the eastbound leg. Haven’t calculated for the westbound leg. On one cruise we were diverting around a cyclone and the captain took us close to Balls Pyramid. Nice.
  25. Melbourne’s port calendar has been updated and now shows a Transit entry in the name of Celebrity Edge on 07 April 2024. The three entries in the name of Rhapsody of the Seas remain.
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