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  1. I think the Avis at La Marque is open in Sundays. Uber from there.
  2. Drumming up business for Next Cruise? But seriously, successive NSW governments have failed to plan and now there is no viable solution. I think sales would fall badly if they were to home port in Kembla.
  3. That preference for Sydney, together with the terminal capacity constraint, is reflected in cruise prices. So Brisbane has to be a bit cheaper (and it usually is). Without Lelepa (and a suitable dock for Oasis class), it is not workable. Tendering is bad enough on Quantum.
  4. I think cruise sales in China would be disappointing due to issues in their property sector and flow on effect to the wider economy. Just a guess. My first thought on the deployment item showing through to Oct 2026 was that it was a typo! However, there have been revisions to the deployment schedule in the mean-time and it’s still there. Star perhaps?
  5. Hey springaussie, Looks like you were right about Quantum taking over Ovation’s TP. Made sense given the Alaska cruises on sale. Ovation has not appeared in Darwin’s port schedule but Asia seems most likely deployment.
  6. It would be good to go on Edge. At least then you don’t have to look at it.
  7. Yeah, I’m on Quantum right now. I’ve been watching the depression brewing into a cyclone. Given the forecast track I really doubt they will risk going north. We’re disembarking tomorrow.
  8. Yes, it is. Perhaps they have devided that Quantum is not suitable for the market here or the ports of call. Wonder if she’ll get the rest of the “amping” or any other refurbishment. Seems likely there will be a good repo.
  9. I’ve been on the lookout for that repo too. Still not released. Either they haven’t decided where she’s going or it will be year round in Australia. I haven’t checked port schedules recently.
  10. Hi, Try both Safari and Chrome. Some web sites work with one but not the other.
  11. I’m not Elite and could only see the 32 night Sapphire cruise departing Apr 8, 2025. The others are on the spreadsheet that was posted earlier on this thread.
  12. I see Sapphire will arrive in LA from Santiago on April 8, 2025. The next cruise I see in Alaska spreadsheet is a Pacific Coastal from LA departing on May 10. Is it likely that Sapphire will do a couple of Hawaii cruises at this time? Sorry, I just saw there is a 32 day Pacific cruise.
  13. Red Sea itineraries for 2024/25 are also now available. They have deployed Musica for this season, replacing Orchestra. At the moment there is a 2 week gap from Musica's last Med cruise (completing Nov 3rd 2024 in Athens) and first Red Sea cruise (commencing Nov 17th from Safaga). There is no repositioning cruise available as yet.
  14. Yeah, the biggest issue is that their property bubble has burst, leaving a huge inventory of unsold properties together with insolvent property developers and banks. The problem has been growing for years.
  15. Ok, thank you. Guess we can expect her to make a visit to Singapore.
  16. Yeah, I saw that. Guess they’re doing some re-thinking. Singapore must get a replacement for Spectrum.
  17. Thanks Chilli. Yeah, you’d think it would be a smaller ship at first. A Radiance class would be perfect.
  18. Hey springaussie, Could you pls share the link to the Papeete port schedule? I’m wondering why they haven’t released a Quantum April 2025 TP from Brisbane. Quantum going to Singapore (replaced by Anthem)? Ship year ‘round in Australia? No supporting entries in Darwin’s port calendar.
  19. I tend to agree. Surely a Q class replaces Spectrum in Singapore.
  20. Is there likely to be 3 Q-class in Alaska or would Anthem replace one of the current 2? I guess Anthem would replace one of the 2 in Australia. Or will we have 3?
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