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  1. I believe this is the second one of these I've had. Never clicked on the link though.
  2. Wow she looks great. And to think we were all commenting on how much there was left to do only a few months ago..
  3. Channel 5 has a show about the MSC Bellissima next Friday (14/2 20:00) , so who knows, maybe Iona will feature in a future episode?
  4. Jonty Stephens and Ian Ashpitel as Eric and Ernie Shaun Williamson
  5. That is a great idea. So long as they don't want to run the entire Greek national anthem.... (longest in the world with 158 stanzas) Joking aside, it would be a nice touch - especially if you like experiencing a lot of the local culture. If they wanted to make things balanced (emphasis on the if), play our anthem before/after it - as they do for international sporting events. I have to agree there too. Sailaways are optional, and even if you attend you don't have to participate. I'm not overly keen on those times they encourage you to "dance along" (thats on most sailaways, not just GBS) One thing that I find cringy - and it would also apply to playing the host nations anthem, is when they use some really tinny syntheic version of the anthem (same for Land of My Fathers/ Flower of Scotland/Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory). Surely its not that hard to find a decent recording of the songs? ..... On a separate thought - just how much of the music can they hear dockside anyway? I remember being aside the Azura in Gibraltar as we both sailed out - you bearly hear anything. You could see their passengers dancing - so they were doing the same sort of sailaway, but what was playing - anyones guess.
  6. Interesting points there. I have to admit, I'm cringing at the thought of 5,200 let alone 6k. As for delivery dates, I wonder how much of a buffer is built into the date? Granted they could not forsee the delays with the Mardi Gras, but with other ships - do they have, say, a week or two contingency? Its a fine line, no point having a ship ready to go and waiting for its maiden voyage. Must be heckuva a stressful time for those who plan all the promotional side of things. Let alone those people who work at the booking agencies/call centres that probably get a right earful when things have to be re-arranged. As you said Britboys, here's hoping Iona will buck that trend.
  7. Thanks for the update jaydee! I'd completetly forgotten about the works over at the Ocean Terminal.
  8. I guess they can re-purpose the sailaway to the "Best of British Music". As a nation, we have produced some amazing songwriters and performers. Trouble is, even with the hallowed names of the British music greats, you're not going to please everyone.
  9. As others have said, its sad to see these things disappearing. OK, the majority of things do not affect your cruise experience (ie. the flower in the cabin) but it does make it seem like they are cutting costs left, right and centre where other lines seemingly are not. It makes you wonder what will set P&O apart from its rivals if it just becomes overly basic and run-of-the-mill?
  10. As others have already said, Hvar is a lovely spot. Its nicknamed the Lavendar Isle so if you like that plant/herb, you'll find plenty of things to buy! And its a nice place to have a relaxing meander around - if that's your thing.
  11. This just popped up in my suggestions. A little relevent to what we've been discussing on capacity. Couple of notes: Its about the Mardi Gras - Iona's 'cousin'. It's a little bit of a PR video, naturally. The tile states 6,000 people - that's including the crew - Mardi Gras has an occupancy of 5,200 same as Iona.
  12. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ Sounds about right!
  13. ^I read "Indy OTS" and wondered if it was a new Harrison Ford film.... took me a second to realise what it was. ☺️ πŸ˜‰ I think I've had too many mince pies... or not enough...
  14. Merry Christmas all here and to all those at sea today - passengers and hard working crew that make our cruises so wonderful.
  15. These ships are in the Β£800m range, so that's a huge dent for the yards if they had to pay even a percentage of that back.
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