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  1. Watching 'Out to Sea' on Disney+ , (set aboard the MS Westerdam) and there was quote that made me think of this thread. Upon seeing the size of the interior cabin, Jack Lemmon's character declares: "Look at the size of this room! A good fart will give you a concussion!"
  2. Far as I know its still on for 'late' '22. Even if its New Year's Eve... that's what, 22 months? Its incredible.
  3. Thanks for updating the title Sharon. And thanks for the link jaydee. I know I said this when Iona was being built, but it still amazes me how relativly quick the construction proccess is. Its February '21 and she launches late '22. Wow..
  4. I wonder if we can update the thread title to MS Arvia Construction now?
  5. The ship render looks great, and it looks like they're going for a Princess focus for this ship. Which makes sense, and I'm fine with that. The one thing from that clip that bugs me is that the singer is pronunciating it wrong. Its "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo" - certiainly not "bippity boppity". Yep, I know I'm splitting hairs on a made up word, but the fact that this is an official Disney release and they got it wrong is really annoying. I did a quick bit of research - the original 1950 version sung by Verna Felton plus covers by Perry Como and Louis Armstrong are all correct
  6. Ah thanks besberry. I wonder if Iona will follow that plan too with this festival show. (ugh even typing that makes me cringe!). This show a couple of nights and other acts in between. I'm assuming that there's plenty of other venues at night, so unlike the smaller ships, it doesn't become the main focus for most of the guests at night.
  7. That's true. However, I suppose its more cost effective for P&O to create their own show, rather than pay rights for an existing show. However, that being said, I think for the most part we'd all rather they put on a known show instead. How do they do it on RCI? Is it the same show every nigh and you just watch it when you want? or its it once a cruise?
  8. Thanks for sharing. I fear this will be one to avoid for me, just like Astonishing
  9. Surely that'd have to be always said as "Stelllaaaaaaaah" 😄
  10. All this talk of Isla makes me glad they didn't name them Sorna and Nublar. Yep... I'll get me coat....
  11. Ah I see. Thanks for the clarity. I didn't realise they were planning her to be a warm weather ship. So am I right in thinking that Iona will keep to her Norway and potentially expand to the Baltics, where as MS2022 will maybe do the Med?
  12. Fantastic find. Shame P&O seem unwilling to release something like this. She's looking good though.
  13. Thanks for finding that though jaydee. I wonder why she's currently listed as "over 180k GT" - I wonder if that means they've not finalised some things? If she's the same as Iona, surely she'll be the same weight?
  14. No matter what we think, its bound to end up as something easily trademarked, quickly prounouncable and quite likely generic. No point giving it a name that can be mispronounced. Although as I type that I'm wondering how many other ways people can say Iona.. Eee-ona, Eye-onna, Ee-oh-nah. (this in comparison to the P&O pronunciation of eye-oh-na). Of course, we all say it differently, but they won't want to have a name that hardly any of us can say.
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