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  1. Maybe RCL might swap Voyager with another ship if she's scheduled to be there earlier.
  2. I know its not, i don't expect people to reference. But is it such a big deal to just add the organization's or person's name if it's not yours? it takes all like what 5 seconds. Its not so much of traffic, but rather that this is 'their' work if you will. People using websites and all is fine because most of the time the entire website is seen, so people know where the information is from. I guess i'm just requesting too much of people then...
  3. For those who are interested: Cruisers need to: 1. Take a rtPCR SARS-CoV-2 test (between 24 hours and 3 days before your cruise). 2. Collected a physical contact tracing (TraceTogether) token or download the contact tracing application onto your phone. 3. Always wear the Tracelet Wristband during your cruise 4. Stick to assigned check-in times and wellness screening times.
  4. Also because these photos were from someone whom i know, it's not right to not give credit where its due.
  5. Unless its from Royal's website, I definitely think that photos should be credited. Just like how Lloyd keeps to it. Thank you.
  6. Please source your photos, as these are clearly not your own.
  7. Then why don't they just order more oasis class ships, if that's the case? Both are roughly the same size in GT now. If the design is the same too, then icon class seizes to make sense, other than the LNG which could be added to future Oasis classes.
  8. And we still have no idea what Icon will look like.
  9. Yeap! So far all sailings have been successful. Hope that that will continue when RCL restarts.
  10. I was thinking maybe my waiting time was too long, but now i can mentally expect another one month delay before my refund is paid. Thanks for the insight!
  11. I don't know whether normal users can do this per se, but I would like to add Dream Cruises to the list of Cruise line forums. Is this possible to do?
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