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  1. I still think it be pretty hard to judge at this stage of the construction process. Probably in a year's time, it would start to take shape.
  2. I was also speculating about this being the repositioning for Radiance back to oz. But Australia's borders still remain closed. And the fact that Radiance is going to Malaysia, that usually doesn't happen on repositioning cruises to Oz. She would go straight to Indonesia, then Darwin. Hmm..
  3. You're probably looking at the timeline of when Oasis 6 comes into service, when royal can spare an oasis class to serve the major global market ports. I have no doubt too that Oz will see one, but infrastructure and availability of these ships are scarce at the moment.
  4. There's still many hurdles to overcome for that to happen, and that's just for a world without covid. I think its safe to say those plans are probably up in the air right now.
  5. Radiance has appeared on Singapore's port schedule on 30/09/2020 from HK with it's next destination stated as Port Klang. That seems very odd. Anybody knows the reason for this? Port Schedule: https://mbccs.com.sg/search-ship-result/
  6. She's really taking shape now. Can't wait to see her itineraries!
  7. They designed Quantum class ships to offer the highest balcony cabin to inside rooms ratio. And its a ridiculously huge number of balcony cabins on that ship. Something like 2000+ balcony cabins IIRC. One would think that through the designing process, some passengers would have to be restricted full view, with partial views instead to have that number be as high so that they can better sell the product.
  8. I don't think there is any other alternative is there?
  9. Spectrum's itinerary for Beijing/Shanghai/HK for 2021 till Oct is up. Nothing on Singapore yet. I'm interested to see what's going to happen now that Quantum is leaving for Oz.
  10. There's currently a 12 night from Singapore to Tokyo in April '21 for Ovation and a 14 night Singapore to Tokyo for Quantum in late March. I don't know whether that's part of the initial planned TP or whether it still fits in to the new TP deployment post corona.
  11. Royal has added new/more Quantum sailings out of Singapore as early as October and November 2020. Previously Quantum would only be available for booking from January 2021. Looks like they are ready to start sailing out of Asia soon!
  12. If anyone is interested in CCL Australia, they are allowing cancellation with full refund (including deposit) up until 76 days before sail date. At least that's the policy that they used with me. I'll be getting my full deposit back, what a shame though. I was looking forward to trying my first Carnival cruise on Splendour 😞
  13. Yea, I forgot to mention this was booked with CCL Australia. I'm wondering whether, holding off a while more would ultimately cost me more to wait for CCL to cancel more cruises out of Sydney in September and a higher chance of getting that refunded. Mine is the 25th September sailing. I might just give them a ring and inquire what my options are at this stage.
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