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  1. What happened to Asia? is that for next year then?
  2. Why take the perfect white pearl look away. It made it classy. Now its just like someone made a mistake and decided to completely cover it up with blue (a terrible shade of blue i might add). Couldn't they at least have chosen a more appealing turquoise-ish blue..
  3. I was actually thinking that this would coincide with Oasis 6. It would be the perfect itinerary for an oasis class ship with the same already happening out of Florida. Plus, capacity wise, imagine having Ovation and Oasis 6 visiting the island simultaneously. Big bucks coming to Royal!
  4. Isn't Voyager leaving in 2021 and Serenade seasonal?
  5. Is this likely going to be only Brisbane round trips or Sydney as well?
  6. Not sure how fast China's market is booming, but to bring it to scale, If only counting Local resident's from Singapore, approximately slightly more than 1/3 of the ENTIRE Singapore population cruising in just 2017 alone. This 1/3 makes up for nearly half of the total that sail in China (assuming that their definition of 'Asian' in this context includes their mainland Chinese market). That definitely says something in terms of the commitment that Royal should have towards the SEA cruise market. Possibly Royal could move Wonder to Singapore year-round after her inaugural China season given these stats, with already Spectrum serving China, and now Singapore Shipless after 2021. "Asia is the industry’s third largest market after North America and Europe, with 4.24 million cruise passengers last year, up 4.6 per cent from the previous year, according to Cruise Line International Association. And figures from the Singapore Tourism Board showed that 1.87 million in Singapore went on a cruise holiday last year, up 35 per cent from 2017." Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/cruise-upgrades-tourism-millenials-asia-11969842
  7. I've been to the caribbean is that good enough? Singapore in April and May are the driest seasons. Highest humidity is during June-August when it rains a ton
  8. I can second that Singapore's humidity is the worst.
  9. If Wonder is debuting in April 2021, this is likely to be in late spring not fall.
  10. It's not much different from the weather in Florida, both tropical, and they've sailed the previous 4 oasis class ships from there. I don't think weather is the deciding factor.
  11. Ethanol95

    Singapore Port

    You can also use Trivago!
  12. Apex of the Seas sounds like a name more likely for either Icon class or other Quantum class ships!
  13. What's on the other side though? It kind of looks like a glass roof with lights of sorts!
  14. I too am surprised they have so much faith in China, there's probably higher demand in India given that not even one RCI ship is home-ported there. I think they just don't want to lose out on the competition of Global Dream entering the region in 2021/2022 also.
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