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  1. I don't know all the history here corporation wise....what is wrong with Duffy's leadership?
  2. We have never missed the ship. We like most other experienced cruisers show up a day early when we fly. I know that not everyone agrees with excursions from the ship. We have been late, past all aboard on an excursion. The ship called our guide when we were stuck in traffic. That day it was money well spent. We also learned a valuable lesson about drinking in port, time flies by. We pulled up to the ship and there was one worker, everything outside had been cleaned up. He had a clip board and asked our names, crossed them off when we told him. He did mention there was one more group behi
  3. Bookings are up across the board... https://www.businessinsider.com/cruise-ship-bookings-are-increasing-for-2021-despite-coronavirus-2020-4
  4. Yes, was trying to figure it all out. So confusing with all the cancellations. Had 2 cruises cancelled.
  5. Our last cruise was the Panorama inaugural 3 day. It was fantastic. Can't wait to get back on a ship. Sitting in the backyard in my lounge chair drinking isn't the same as a pool deck.
  6. The original cruise was 100% paid for with credit card, not giftcards. Looks like my cruise rate without taxes was $588. Is that my total FCC? I had FCC of $150 put towards this cruise, looks like I lost that along the way somehow.
  7. We had our May 10th cruise cancelled. I filled out the form the day I received it. I also rebooked that day for March 2021. Today my agent sent a new confirmation from carnival. It has the OBC on it clearly labeled.There maybe FCC also. Not labeled FCC, there is $300 under coupns/credits and $450 under payments received. I wish when we submitted our request we received a note telling us the amount of FCC.
  8. I filled out the form from Carnival and chose the FCC and OBC. I made a booking for March. I'm not sure what the coupons/credits are or the payments received. The OBC is labeled. I paid a $150 deposit. That leaves $600 I'm not sure about, is that FCC? How do we know the exact amount of FCC? CRUISE CHARGES Cruise Rate $938.00 Taxes, F
  9. Thanks for the instructions Saint Greg. When I tried it I got Carnivals page is having maintenance . I get that a lot lately. I will keep trying.
  10. My agent told me there is usually 15 of them. They laid people off and now there are 5. She was telling me how the 5 people had to take care over all clients. Those 5 are very busy.
  11. I just tried to book a May cruise on Carnival site. May is blocked, can't pick a May date. Wonder when we will get our notice about May cruises being cancelled. Have a May 17th cruise date.
  12. With cities/ports not allowing ships to dock right now, we may not be cruising for awhile. Lets hope cruising begins again in May. We all know it may be later.
  13. We are OV bookers, sometimes even obstructed view. I think fear of no window to the outside world scares us. We booked a balcony for Alaska, didn't think it was worth the extra $$. There was a time we booked portholes on a regular basis. One trip the noise was so awful, we have never done it again. With so many issues cruise ships have had with "THE VIRUS". I couldn't imagine an inside cabin for some of these quarantined ships or ships that couldn't dock.
  14. I love this topic. My husband and I have been having this discussion between the two of us as a way to pass time around the house. It's like the game what would you do if you won the lottery. We say... *Don't prepay gratuities *Don't buy drink package before you board We always do both of these, something we will do different with OBC to spend *Book a spa session *Excursions *Liquor to bring home *Jewelry/Watches
  15. Saint Greg, My husband is with you. We would be on a ship right now if we could.
  16. On Monday when our May 10th cruise was cancelled we were sad, but not shocked. We often use B-days and anniversaries as reasons to book cruises. Which means my husband's 45th B-day celebration was cancelled. On Monday with the announcement, we booked 2 cruises. One in March 2021 for our anniversary and we will use our FCC & OBC. The other one is booked for May 17th, hoping to still celebrate a week late. We know this may get cancelled, it was such a deal we thought we would chance it. So, yes we will continue sailing.
  17. My favorite thing that always makes me smile, when I look at my Carnival account and see multiple cruises booked. Right now there are 3.
  18. We have used OBC towards gratuities before. We just don't pre-pay gratuities. Your sail & sign account will show the charges for gratuities and your OBC credits.
  19. My travel agent told me today the the FCC does not happen instantly, there is a process period. She says the FCC is linked to your VIFP#. She told me she'll be able to find it easily. I have had FCC credit before from a cruise we cancelled. We rebooked a new cruise a week later, the FCC credit was there for her to use towards payment. She says this will be the same situation.
  20. I used the form today, no problem. It went through and said my request had been accepted. Who knows when I will hear from Carnival again. I chose FCC & on board credit.
  21. We had a B-day cruise booked for my husband on May 10th, cancelled this morning 😡. We booked a March anniversary cruise to use our cancellation promo. Put down deposit and will use FCC towards that. Sailings are suppose to begin May 11th. We are trying to still celebrate B-day a week later with a May 17th booking. Prices have dropped. We'll see what happens with that.
  22. I think they may miss the sales... http://theconversation.com/coronavirus-and-tourism-places-like-alaska-without-a-severe-covid-19-outbreak-could-still-be-devastated-133421
  23. I agree that these ships are old and this would be a great time to add features. I always say there should be water bottle filling stations around the ship, like the airports have. A lot of people travel with refillable bottles now, the buffet is not a sanitary way to fill them. We did see handwashing stations in buffet on the panorama.
  24. Cruises to Alaska need to stop in a Canadian port. It's a rule of the Jones Act. Because the Canadian PM has banned all cruise ships from Canadian ports until July, all lines will be pretty much not going to Alaska until August. This move by the canadian PM will kill a lot of business in Alaska.
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