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  1. Just finished a Princess Cruise and our luggage arrived in our room minus a rum runner with a note that we were suspected of having violated the alcohol policy. They missed the others which were wrapped in bubble wrap and tucked in with shoes and toiletries. DH did not believe it was crucial to pack his rum runner so carefully, thus we lost it. They didn't return the emptied rum runner to us so beware and be careful.



    I guess you ignored the instructions on the rum runner packaging then.

  2. If the security wants to confiscate rum runners they do have the technology to do so. Rum Runner will show up on the X-Ray scanners. The fact that they are clear, or plastic will not make any difference.


    If the cruise lines decides to spend the time and effort, they can and will confiscate all alcoholic beverages, including rum runners.


    When will they do this?


    When the cruise lines decides that they are losing significant income at the ships bars, they will become more aggressive.


    Rum runners do not show up on xray anymore than other innocent objects, in other words almost impossible to detect

  3. I think it may depend on the port, the ship. the security people. We in no way tried to sneak it on. I don't think it was "missed" since we were not the only ones bringing it onboard. We were told we could bring it back on with no problem and did so. It does seem the rules are not consistent.


    When it all kicked off on the Golden in March it was the food and beverage director who was calling all the shots. I guess its his departments profit that's effected.

  4. Wrong!!!

    When you check your baggage at the airport, your bags may be opened and searched without you being there.


    Princess, and the other cruise lines, have the right to open and search anything which comes on board the ship. Princess, as well as the other cruise lines, have rules in regards to alcohol. If you smuggle and break the rules, expect to be caught.


    Or use rum runners and never be caught.

  5. Sailing on board the Ruby at the moment and all is going great. Any tech person have a clue how my bbc news app is conecting to the internet without me logging on to my internet minutes. Im on an ipad its not 3g.

    With my ever inquisitive mind, im really intrigued

  6. I asked one of the security heads one evening exactly how much stuff goes on from a security standpoint (wondering about the free-reign of the kids aspect) and his response was this:


    1/ For every security camera you see, there are 5 you don't.


    2/ As long as a passenger has their seapass on person, with the touch of a few buttons they can locate them on the ship and automatically pull up the nearest security camera's live view. (The Seapass cards are RFID active, for those who didn't know...)


    3/ If a parent ever needs to urgently locate their kid, #2 above is utilized.


    If the cruise lines wanted to vehemently enforce all the rules regarding curfew they'd need not work very hard to do so, sending out teams to sweep the areas where the seapass cards (and the attached kids) are located. The fact that they don't (as others mention here as well) would sure seem to indicate that they are satisfied to let the rules remain lax as long as there are no problems.


    I'm confident that if kids were running ram-shot around the ship at 3AM causing all sorts of disturbances they would not only be sent back to their room, but their parents would be receiving a talking to the next morning, or if the situation was serious enough, in the middle of the night.


    Again, these are not 9 and 10 year old kids we're talking about, but 13-19 year old young adults.



    What a load of rubbish.

  7. What I am seeing is some much lower fares on less desirable cabins i.e. inside, while the TA fares seem to be as good on more popular choices. I certainly have gotten a wide variety of answers. I know that my wife would hate to give up her "black card' and free internet.:D We may have to look for a short cruise to find out for ourselves;)


    If you book via a interline agent you still get all captain circle benefits, interline is not a TA rate

  8. I am a retired flight attendant and have used interline rates many times. I am also an elite passenger with Princess. The interline rates are great; however' date=' you do not get any elite benefits, shipboard credit, laundry, etc. in fact, you get a "blue"card when you check in on embarkation day. The only thing you get is the accumulation of your cruise days. In fact, you have to check your cruise history afterward to make sure it's posted. Imhavebhad to contact Captain Circle a couple times to add my cruise days. Otherwise, I enjoy the savings.[/quote']


    This post is incorrect.

  9. Sorry antsp, but what we stated is fact. There was one person who sold his internet time and this was not a secret. We are going back quite some time, but he was warned and it still continued. Bottom line is that we all lost the unlimited and it had nothing whatsoever to do with having your own equipment.


    If this person hadnt done the deed, do you think princess would still have unlimited internet.

  10. I think the reason unlimited was removed was the use of laptops, tablets etc, if it was still unlimited passengers could use the internet all day every day, if you have to go down to the internet cafe, your hardly going to sit there all day.

  11. I just think its tacky because we don't pay for them when we get them, and as far as saving someone paying full price then if I give mine to another member then they have saved paying anything for them at all.

    I can't see that anyone who is Elite and cruises frequently should be so hard up that they need to sell the freebies for a few bucks.

    What's next - selling the laundry privileges?



    Good idea,


    I will start a price list...



  12. There is no charge for the Retreat Pool area, night or day! If you want a cabana, you pay for the cabana. $25.00 for half day, $50.00 for whole day.


    Don't confuse the Sanctuary with the Retreat. That is a charge everyday, all day.


    Retreat Pool – Adjacent to The Sanctuary, the Retreat Pool will offer an exclusive area for adults to relax and rejuvenate. The Retreat Pool on Royal Princess will offer more space and seating than the adult pools on other Princess vessels, plus add new Retreat Cabanas that can be reserved for an enhanced experience. These cabanas are the perfect way to enjoy private space poolside, or even add the indulgence of one of the ship's special picnic baskets. The Retreat Pool is open to all adults, and Retreat Pool Cabana rental will be available beginning at $50 for a half day.

  13. No the Adult pool is free for all adult passengers to use, to the forward of the pool is a area called the Sanctuary, fee area, fancy sun beds and a quiet area. The cabanas are at the adult pool and are new to Princess and only on the Royal. 50$ per half day, and again a fancy sunbed x 2 with a cabana over it. This cabana is right next to the pool that any adult can use.

  14. The more I study the Royal the less I like it, we like to sail warm weather cruises and I think the top deck to me is big mistake, Princess like the term big ship choice, small ship feel. They are more or less forcing everyone to use the 1 pool. I'm also not sure about sun loungers in the shade, looking at the new pics I can't see any. I do so want to like this ship but.......

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