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  1. Actually, if it’s a Princess Steak it will be. Chew and mask
  2. I’ve got a cruise booked with a fcc, after that it’s bye bye cruising until masks are no more for me.
  3. Princess in the uk are carrying out the Covid tests at the terminal free of charge for all passengers
  4. Unless you are very early to board cabins are usually ready, but who knows now with Covid
  5. 80% vaccinated rate, not as bad as you believe
  6. You don’t need to quarantine from a amber country if you are fully vaccinated, unless it from france
  7. No limited capacity on the seacations anymore, Princess are now selling the insides too
  8. You can refare with Princess uk once only for £100 per booking
  9. You can adjust the crew incentive to the older rate if you wish too
  10. this is a an interesting statement, do you have anymore information
  11. I thought they had now stopped you doing this
  12. This is a new itinerary Transatlantic 10 November 2023 (15 Nights): Southampton, 3 Days At Sea, Ponta Delgada, 5 Days At Sea, Antigua, St Maarten, San Juan, Grand Turk, At Sea, Ft Lauderdale.
  13. Yes, done that in the past, obviously pre Covid and also pre medallion
  14. We wanted to gift it at the beginning, without the other family getting involved
  15. We have a lot of obc on our next cruise, can you gift it to another cabin/passenger who is travelling with you.
  16. Hi, just booked a cruise for March, fingers crossed the world is fixed. Can the ship arrange so the medallion can have access to 2 cabins.
  17. Why on earth would any cruise line allow any passenger to board a cruise ship unvaccinated is beyond me. Who wants a Diamond Princess situation ever again.
  18. Princess start sailing out of Southampton on July, all passengers most have had both Covid vaccines at least 3 weeks before sailing
  19. Trying to find the link to restricted view cabins. Anyone help.
  20. We had 2 cruises cancelled last year, both booked with fcd, this was refunded back as credit, but no longer shows a history of purchases fcd, will Princess honour these again
  21. Princess start sailing from Southampton in 95 days, non of the crew ( maybe most ) are not vaccinated
  22. So in the past, Princess has put profit above passengers health when it came to staff levels and running a buffet
  23. The UK is most definitely still in the UK, we are no longer in the EU
  24. I only wanted a Yes or No answer, not war
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