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  1. I know, what passengers were doing, and saying out loud, was they had been to the desk and removed the daily grats
  2. I never had you down as a zoom meeting type of girl
  3. Princess must hate anyone without a smart phone, charging them $5 a hit for room service, don't know how this works with disability rights
  4. I know, now you can get free room service, I just don't how they can be so generous
  5. If sailing out the UK do what lots of British do and remove your gratuities, passengers actually tell everyone they've done it
  6. If you want to take alcohol onboard every one uses rum runners
  7. Have to ask but what was the ' safety issue'
  8. What are the consequences if I ignore the rules and bring water onboard. Princess don't seen to care.
  9. I don't, I was explaining a theory
  10. WhatsApp works without a package
  11. Working on the info from the crew members, you are best removing the tip and give it to your wait staff and steward, the will receive the exact same wage, plus the tip of the passenger
  12. Why doesn't Princess bring back traditional dining like so many passengers want
  13. Not seen them in years, so I guess so, all these paid for endorsements come and go.
  14. There will be loads to do, that stuff is like a sticky abd sit in the schedule all the time, by the time you sail the schedule will be full of all sorts. Don't worry at all
  15. Yes, we got gifted credit for the Crown grill or Sabatinas, I think it understandble as the officers aren't available on very short cruises. (this was a 4 day)
  16. Orange juice from the bars, is included, the ship staff are wrong
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