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  1. I don't know how the tip pool is distributed as our daughter is in the 'entrainment dept' she's friends with a few bar tenders, (always useful) and they don't know who's removed the auto tip, as far as she understands tips are pooled fleetwide and most crew now are on a minimum fixed salary
  2. Our dd works onboard a Princess ship, and is currently on a contract.
  3. Because I have 100% up to date information
  4. This information may be out of date, the individual crew member does not know if the auto tip is removed
  5. Because they are allowed, oh well, it is what it is!
  6. One time we took a load of rum and vodka onboard in Rum Runners. This one time security didn't see it.
  7. Explorers lounge holds all the same events as Princess live, it's just a much nicer space
  8. Our dd has this job, look up jobs under Holland America group
  9. You can adjust your daily tip up or down, or remove it completely. This is carried out at the passenger service desk.
  10. You are correct about the Internet, not on tips. Tips given to crew members no longer have to be turned in. All auto tipping is pooled across the entire fleet. Crew are now on a fixed amount
  11. Our daughter works on Princess, all is not what it appears
  12. I can assure you crew are not tested every week, and not even when they start a new contract. What crew tell you, and what's reality is different
  13. Might of been on the Sky, all cruises blend into one after a while, but they definitely exist
  14. This is not what was asked, as its on some ships already. From memory they are on the Regal
  15. Just your passport, the app is irrelevant
  16. Brexit didn't take care of it, The UK (England) was never a Schengen country
  17. How do they verify the shares
  18. I've never known a Princess ship to have a different time to the port time
  19. We rang the Dine line and booked for the same evening ( Emerald)
  20. Currently on the Emerald, 14 nights Caribbean, last night was formal, to be honest it was hard to tell it actually was.
  21. I put mine under my tinfoil hat whilst outside of the cabin, solves all sorts of problems
  22. There is a cruising world outside the usa and Caribbean, within Europe (EU) there are no restrictions
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