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  1. If you like sea days, you'll love a TA, definitely a different vibe, it's more of a voyage than a cruise and everything is more relaxed and a bit slower. Lots of onboard activities and things that link together and last longer ie trivia and classes etc
  2. antsp

    How odd

    It officially the worst ship in the fleet, as voted by the ' we hate the Island Princess committee'
  3. Who in there right mind books an excursion with Princess
  4. Now I've read this post, I've cancelled all 6 Princess cruises I've got booked. Thank you for the advice
  5. No, we use the rum.runners to take drink off, we don't want to waste our 15 a day quota
  6. I know, it's terrible, everyone knows you use rum runners to smuggle alcohol
  7. They give 1000s a bottles of plastic bottles of water out with the plus package every day
  8. Pointless purchase, just use your phone as the router
  9. Carnival Corp needs to sort the management out, Padgett needs to resign, if not be kicked out
  10. Ask the passengers who have just received 4 days notice that their cruse is cancelled
  11. Completely agree, nothing worse than seeing his face on the TV when you turn the cabin tv on
  12. This has to be one of the tacky ideas ever. Shame on Padgett. Hopefully he will resign over the Sun debacle.
  13. Your comments are disgusting, I will say no more. Enjoy your cruise.
  14. Feel so sorry for all the pax concerned, Princess management needs a clear out. 4 days notice in inexcusable
  15. Wow, cancelling cruise with 4 days to sail. Princess management need to go.
  16. Knifes and forks, plates, glass wear, what else do you bring.
  17. Key cards still exist onboard, the crew do use medlions, the ones you see them wearing are not active and are just for show
  18. I was just thinking of yourself and your travelling companion
  19. Yes I know, they are allowed and we have had them provided loads of times
  20. Just use your phone as a hot spot, the you can share the WiFi with upto 9 devices
  21. Agree, the staff at San Pedro are idiots, possibly the worst port to board from anywhere in the world. Last time the security woman wanted us to wait 10 minutes so she could search our hand luggage, she scanned it and gave it to us, then said wait and I'll rescan it....... Walked off in the end with bag.
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