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  1. Do ships have to pay for anchorage
  2. Significant change, by law you are entitled to a refund.
  3. Cancel and get a full refund, simple. Who knows with Covid sailing may not even happen.
  4. I have had 3 emails this year cancelling all of our cruises, a promenade deck or even a ship would be nice for us.
  5. If anyone in the uk is interested iPlayer has a program on Princess covid 19 Diamond, Grand and Ruby. Search ‘ Our World ‘ cruising.
  6. The cruise is from Singapore to Sydney, middle of November, I’ve no idea if the sailing will happen, and at this stage I’ve no idea if we will want to go. As far as I understand it, I’ve done the correct thing by paying the final150
  7. I agree, we have a cruise that was only 150 short of being paid in full, the final payment isn't due until mid August, I've just paid that final 150 because if it is cancelled at least I will get the 25% fcc bonus, otherwise it would be just 100. Cruise is 3500 in total
  8. Not if you are in the UK and pay on your credit card. No risk really
  9. If you have a booking does it not make sense to pay 50% of your booking before final payment. If Princess cancels the cruise you would get double your money back as a fcc. Am I reading the t and c correctly
  10. Princess have told me I can book a cruise with no deposit if I am still waiting for fcc from a cancelled cruise.
  11. My cancelled cruise stayed on the personaliser for a long time after it was cancelled, eventually went along with the medalion record as well.
  12. antsp


    I’m joining the club too, at this rate we are going to need a bigger boat
  13. Yesterday I received a cancellation invoice from out travel agent saying I will have a refund onto my cc within 10days, the deposit 2 x fcd will be posted back to my account by Princess
  14. I’ve just had an email from my TA to say 10 days and fccs from Princess, will post when it show on my cc
  15. Still confused, we have a sailing on the Regal in November, it’s not cancelled but the first leg is, cut out sailing is a go at the moment. Anyway we have this cruise booked directly with Princess, final payment isn’t due yet but I’ve paid the cruise almost in full, paid monies randomly over the last 15 months. if the cruise is cancelled will I get double back what I’ve already paid out.
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