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  1. antsp

    Warning Cabin A434 Crown

    We sailed on the Transatlantic with you, that 1st week the ship was really rocking around
  2. antsp

    Sanctuary Tipping

    The fixed daily charge covers all staff you will deal with onboard. In effect you would be tipping twice
  3. antsp

    Found Ocean Medallion

    I agree, I think I can’t read your font.
  4. antsp

    Reserved seating for shows

    Yes they still do, it’s on a pre record
  5. antsp

    princess disembark

    Oops wrong thread
  6. antsp

    princess disembark

    What was.
  7. Not a criticism just a heads up
  8. Just a FYI it’s Southampton, never South Hampton
  9. antsp

    Pursers Desk Elite

    I didn’t, and to be honest there was hardly ever anyone there. My guess was 1000 elites onboard
  10. antsp

    Pursers Desk Elite

    On our recent cruise on the Crown, the usual special line queue area had disappeared for Elite and Suite, is this fleetwide.
  11. We used the metro/subway in Tokyo. Excellent service and very cheap. Look into the jr rail card.
  12. antsp

    The Last Straw

    Maybe the straws are kept in the same place as the breadsticks
  13. antsp

    Dinning Time Change

    Dining times on the Crown a few weeks ago did not correspond to personalizer times.
  14. antsp

    Medallion Schedule

    Then we can discuss Medallion 2.1, and all moan that Medallion 1.1 was better. All all I say is rip bread sticks, can you trade in your medallion in for a bread stick card/sticker.