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  1. You can guarantee, if you don’t have the vaccine, you will not be allowed on a cruise ship
  2. Well that's good news, the longer the is goes on the more concern I have for the future of ccl
  3. Can I ask how do you know the cruises are not just rebooked with fcc, s
  4. I’m trying to figure this one out. The Regal is supposed to be in Australia in March 2021, she arrive in Sydney on March 14 2021, and then no cruises Are listed until April 30 2021 when she is in Southampton. To confuse matters more the Grand arrives in Southampton on the 30 April 2021, and disappears to be Replaced by the Regal. My guess is the Grand isn’t going to Southampton, the Regal will do this. Any thoughts.....
  5. Any update on this. August 19th and no news
  6. If you goto the Princess website is lists the Grand sailing two different cruises on March 23 2021.
  7. Grand now listing to seperate sailings on the same date
  8. Something doesn’t add up. Will make sense on August 19th.
  9. It’s only a guess but that’s an odd route for the Grand to get from Singapore to Los Angeles
  10. I think you will find it’s being changed to the Regal
  11. Well looking at the schedules the Grand arrives is Southampton on the 30th April and never sails out again, the Regal isn’t in Europe and then leaves on the 30th April. So logic will tell you the schedules have changed
  12. Sorry, I meant March 2021
  13. Does anyone know about this cruise in March 2020, princess website is listing it as the Grand but I thought it had changed to the Regal. Anyone know
  14. Absolutely agree, it’s impossible to cruise without a vaccine.
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