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  1. Tipping someone before they have rendered service feels a bit tacky, leaving the auto tip in place is adequate, if you want to tip additional then envelopes are available through the pursers desk, I would suggest the final evening of the cruise.
  2. No forward viewing area, no promenade for viewing, small balconies, no covered pool. OK ship but a no no in Alaska.
  3. They Royal has no business to be in Alaska, I couldn’t think of a worse ship to sail to Alaska on in the Princess fleet. Why anyone would choose it I would love to know.
  4. On my next cruise, that’s Medallion I will be wearing a tinfoil hat, I’m not having Princess reading my mind.............. wouldnt take long...........
  5. The Island was a great ship until the bean counters slaughtered her
  6. My choice is the Sapphire, one less deck of passengers, covered pool, smaller Dining rooms. But to be honest where and when the ship sails will always win.
  7. We have just booked the Sky for April 2020, we have booed DW cat, when I started looking only 2 of us where travelling, only guarantees where available. Our dd is coming back from CO for the summer so she has decided to sail back to Europe, as soon as we put 3 pax in the cabin it would let us choose from all the availability, and we had loads of choice. So I’m not sure what the reasons are for the guarantee only situation, makes no sense.
  8. You need to contact Princess and ask for a route deviation request. Takes about 10 days or so to get approval or not.
  9. They have Adults too, quite a recent addition to the fleet
  10. You can do, the way £ to the $ is at the moment you would most likely save money. Princess are selling cruises a lot cheaper in the UK than the USA at the moment.
  11. Just bring the bottles onboard, they will keep them until you disembark. Usually get them back the night before you get off
  12. Because if you have no fcd’s in the ‘bank’ you can book a cruise for £1
  13. You said in the UK we don’t have Future Cruise Credits. We do.
  14. I’m sorry this make no sense, you can use future cruise credits, and we do all the time.
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