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  1. Yes, it's on the home page, on the right. Your other option is to just open Google maps on your phone and the blue dot will show you your location
  2. I agree, leave passport safe on the ship. Have you ever visited Barcelona, Rome. It's pickpocket central
  3. Wow, never ever heard of that on Princess
  4. Such a shame, ignore the tipping culture, the only person who needs a tip is wait staff 15% is perfectly adequate, don't believe the hype.
  5. There is no tracking of pool towels, so never a charge
  6. No one expects to be tipped in Europe, so don't worry about it, everyone is paid a reasonable wage, if have the local currency that's fine, but don't bother with the wrong currency in the pkace you are in, you will just look like an ignorant tourist
  7. If you can handle your own luggage, ignore it and carry on.
  8. If the question only relates to drinks, both packages are the same except one is drinks upto $15 the other $20
  9. Very very rude, the crew work really hard on these shows
  10. Apologies thinking of a UK booking
  11. That's what you do, I'm doing it now. It works.
  12. You can't have your phone on airplane mode and tether
  13. Because if anyone calls you you will pay for a roaming call on the ships cell network
  14. Set your phone to divert all calls to voice mail, Set phone to plane mode, switch WiFi on and turn mobile data off, connect to ships WiFi, switch hotspot on. That's it
  15. Tethering now on my Samsung, your friend may not know what to do.
  16. apparently it's the phone not the provider, it's blocked on iphones, not on Samsung.
  17. They are laughing, you are correct. Google Princess Boardroom laughing at Premium Desserts. It's on youtube
  18. Our daughter is staff member onboard, she has basic WhatsApp for free without even logging in, maybe varys from different ships
  19. The crew use WhatsApp to communicate, you don't need a package to use WhatsApp
  20. You can use the free laundry too
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