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  1. Not seen them in years, so I guess so, all these paid for endorsements come and go.
  2. There will be loads to do, that stuff is like a sticky abd sit in the schedule all the time, by the time you sail the schedule will be full of all sorts. Don't worry at all
  3. Yes, we got gifted credit for the Crown grill or Sabatinas, I think it understandble as the officers aren't available on very short cruises. (this was a 4 day)
  4. Orange juice from the bars, is included, the ship staff are wrong
  5. Just get a Faraday bag, they will never know where you are
  6. If you cancel you will loose the fcd £75, that's all
  7. If Princess wanted reduce the numbers using Alfredo's they have doe a good job, place is almost always empty on the Sky
  8. It should be a stick on cruise critic, it's not like they don't like stickys. Check your account the morning you disembark, before leaving the ship.
  9. Thinking about it, I don't know what the setup with the fridge is, I've been elite forever so
  10. Didn't think so, so I wounder how people are eating 3 times a day there
  11. Are the Dining rooms open for lunch on a port day
  12. Jus Just use your phone as a hotspot, then no need to switch
  13. After 40+ cruises, I've figured it out, not so good for first time cruises
  14. Muster is all but over, unless they think watching a video is adequate
  15. Does Princess check you are an actual share holder, whats to stop someone spending five minutes on photoshop
  16. Chop, Chop, Chop, when will it end. The true colours of Princess will show when the Sun Princess starts sailing. My bet is some shows will have a cover charge
  17. No, not really, the name yes, details no.
  18. I'm from the UK so tipping is a so so subject, I leave the auto tip on but very rarely tip extra, however, Princess makes tipping a personal choice, so no one should be attacked for their own personal decision
  19. She is cruise staff and enrichment, she is salaried and not part of the tip pool
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