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  1. If your wallet was 'loose' in your pocket, I' m not surprised you 'lost' it.🙀 So, if not from the US, where are you from? Interested minds would like to know.
  2. Well, obviously not ALL Americans, but I've noticed it so often on here that I just wondered why? Maybe it's a pronunciation/written word thing. In an American accent they sound the same? And no my English isn't perfect, I'm just nerdy about certain things - like 'quite unique'. It's either unique or it isn't. Like pregnant - you either are or you're not. And less instead of fewer!
  3. Unpleasant as this experience undoubtedly was, you were not physically harmed. As someone living on this side of the pond who hears horrible things about knife and gun crime in the US - what are the chances of being mugged - because that's what it seems to have been - in the US without being physically harmed also?
  4. Why do Americans use 'then' when they mean 'than'? As in blah blah blah 'other then' instead of other than. Then is an adverb of time and than is a conjunction for making comparisons. It's a matter of time or comparison and they are not interchangeable. Than and compare both have an 'a' Then and time both have an 'e' Annoys me as much as dinning room and stewart!
  5. Expectation v Reality. The (tourist) world and his wife think it's a great idea to have a picnic in front of la Tour Eiffel!
  6. If you do decide to do a one way rental from Le Havre to Roissy CDG, you also need to know which terminal your onward flight leaves from. Hertz for instance has 4 different locations at Terminals 1 and 2.
  7. Well, no given that they are over 40kms apart. Orly is south of Paris and CDG north-west of Paris. I would second Hank's suggestion to rent a car and drive as neither are particularly straightforward on public transport. But you DO need to know which airport!!!
  8. Of course!! Silly me - I thought we were into a whole new scooter scenario!
  9. and might be a good segway for dinner conversation. I'm very surprised these are allowed on board, not to mention in the MDR. Aren't they rather dangerous in enclosed spaces??
  10. It's not simply a question of not liking to work on Sundays (or public holidays). A law was passed in 1906 which restricts Sunday trading and not just Sunday trading - by law in France there are only 6 weeks in winter and 6 weeks in summer when sales can take place. And generally speaking, the French don't consider shopping as a pastime - it's just something which needs to be done. Also traditionally France is a Catholic country and although not everyone is a churchgoer on Sunday, it is still regarded as a day of rest - rather like it used to be when I was a child in the UK. But one of the joys of living in France is the extended Sunday lunch with family or friends. It is not unusual to start déjeuner (lunch) at midi (noon) and only be getting up from the table at 16.00, whether at home or in a restaurant. Which helps to explain why many restaurants are closed on Mondays.
  11. Saint Emilion is not the only medieval village in this part of France- and it's also a tourist trap. And I doubt very much that Oregon has anything to compare with the historic chateaux in this area. I WAS only trying to suggest an alternative to an organised tour, but I won't offer any local help again.
  12. Have you a particular reason for wanting to go to Saint Emilion? The Médoc region - between Le Verdon and Bordeaux - is home to many famous Grands Crus Classés like Mouton Rothschild so you could have your wine-tasting at any number of châteaux without the need to spend hours on a coach trip. Try www.ruesdesvignerons.com There is a button (look for the British flag icon)to change the language to English if your French isn't up to it. Perhaps rent a car from Le Verdon and DIY??
  13. If you Google 'Le Havre taxi Honfleur' there is a lot of information from other people who have done it. I personally don't know as we always have our own car when we're in that area. Also note the correct spelling of these 2 places - it will help with internet searches. LE Havre and Honfleur, not La Havre and Honfluer
  14. Just as well you're not on a land trip to Spain! You'd just be finishing lunch at 16.30! We once went into a restaurant in Spain at 21.30 and there was no-one there. Although I do this this thread is largely aimed at/answered by North Americans. As Hank said, no Europeans would eat that early as most people don't finish work till much later.
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