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  1. UK citizens don't have national ID cards, we have passports😉
  2. You would go through a form of passport control regardless of your means of transport. If going from the UK to, for example Spain, you would have to show your passport at the departure airport, the departure train station (yes we can go all the way to Spain by rail) or on boarding the ferry. ID is ALWAYS checked.
  3. To be fair, that's not the same as knowing where a whole country is. I doubt if any non-Brits would know where Sutherland, Northumberland or Clwyd are (and probably lots of English wouldn't know either!)😀
  4. No we do need passports to fly to Spain/ Portugal. My point is it's not seen as a big deal to have a passport any more than having a driving licence.
  5. When you say 'domestically' do you mean solely within each European country? Because living in the UK (or any other European country) means we can travel for instance from the UK/France/Germany/wherever to Spain/Portugal/Germany for a long weekend and we really don't consider that as international travel. International travel would be from Europe to somewhere outside Europe. And we do travel domestically within our 'own' countries. We invented low cost budget airlines!! My passport fits in my shirt pocket - how big is yours?
  6. I've been reading this thread with a certain amount of amusement and incredulity. For those of us who are not US citizens, it seems the process of verifying your US identity is unnecessarily complicated. Just get a passport like the rest of the civilised world does!!! We (and I'm not necessarily speaking personally - just ask any European) have passports and have had them since childhood/adolescence even if we're not contemplating immediate foreign travel!!!! Why don't Americans do this???
  7. WOW - you can get LION chops in Australia??? And I thought kangaroo meat was exotic!!!
  8. If you read the replies carefully, it wasn't me who made this comment. But obviously at least one person in your group wasn't happy about the 'group decision'.
  9. Well said! I just can't understand this 'hive mentality' attitude.
  10. Still, hardly the world though, is it?😺 Now the Rugby World Cup truly IS a worldwide contest!
  11. Just curious - why is it called 'The World Series' when only American teams play in it???
  12. That's what I thought would be the reply. So why would anyone wear 'holiday' clothing in European cities if they wouldn't do it at home??
  13. Genuinely curious. What would you (American domestic tourist) wear if you were visiting Washington DC, New York or any other American city?
  14. I can fully understand this. Some time ago, before we took our first cruise, we were in South West France for several months. We decided to go to Sète for a couple of days as we knew it well and wanted to have some time eating seafood and enjoying the picturesque streets. Just after we arrived and went out to have a stroll round the harbour, a cruise ship docked. It was a nightmare trying to navigate the narrow pavements through crowds of passengers, so I have sympathy for residents of small places who suddenly find their population has swollen to immense numbers when a cruise ship disgorges its passengers. It must be very frustrating trying to go about one's everyday business - like the postman for instance - when you can't even walk along the pavement and have to keep stepping into the roadway to make any progress. (note to N Americans - what we call pavements I believe you call sidewalks)
  15. Just be aware that if you are wearing one of those 'packs' and particularly if teamed with a baseball cap/visor and sneakers, you might as well be wearing a sign that says 'American tourist'. Nothing wrong with that, but it does make you a more obvious target.
  16. You don't think service means anything to us?.... Bad service....will not get tipped regardless. We don't expect you to tip ... please don't assume and don't paint us all with the same brush. But surely this isn't true? From everything I have read about tipping in the US, I would be expected to add 15% to 20% to the bill for a meal? And it isn't about good or bad service, just something which is automatically expected? So are you saying, for a bill for say $23.95, I can just leave $25 as I would in Europe/Australia/New Zealand?? And not be chased down the street?? Very confused now!
  17. It's La Mercè, not Le Mercie. Always helps to have the correct spelling if searching for information ☺️ The following link should tell you all you need to know. https://www.barcelona-tourist-guide.com/en/events/la-merce/barcelona-la-merce.html
  18. Not sure how easy to access from the port as I don't know exactly where you'll dock, but Avis, Hertz, Europcar and Sixt all have rentals at Marseille St Charles railway station and (unusually for France) they are all open on Sundays. HTH 'location was deep into the city in an area we felt “uncomfortable” to say the least'. Just curious, what makes you say that??
  19. We don't want to do the ship's excursions - what can we DIY here?
  20. Sorry, but the nerd in me has to address this! A lifetime teaching has a lot to answer for! Oxford English Dictionary definition Pallet A straw mattress. A portable platform on which goods can be stacked, stored, and moved Palate A person's ability to distinguish between and appreciate different flavours And I still hate liver too!!!! 😉
  21. I wholeheartedly agree with the previous poster. There is no evidence whatsoever to support the statement that it happens 'ALL OVER' Europe. Barcelona in particular, and another few tourist hotspots - Il Colosseo, La Tour Eiffel for example - in other countries do have pickpocketing/petty crime issues, but to treat the entire continent of Europe as a single entity, when in fact it is made up of over 44 countries, is completely illogical. It's also worth mentioning that although annoying/distressing/unpleasant it is petty crime and no-one is placed in a life-threatening situation with weapons involved which might not be the case on the North American continent. From a personal viewpoint, we have spent many family holidays in various European countries over the last 40 plus years and have only once vaguely been aware of a possible scam/pickpocketing scenario when a couple of women on the Right Bank in Paris tried to tell me I had dropped a gold ring on the pavement. We just laughed at them and they moved on.
  22. Well, obviously not ALL Americans, but I've noticed it so often on here that I just wondered why? Maybe it's a pronunciation/written word thing. In an American accent they sound the same? And no my English isn't perfect, I'm just nerdy about certain things - like 'quite unique'. It's either unique or it isn't. Like pregnant - you either are or you're not. And less instead of fewer!
  23. Unpleasant as this experience undoubtedly was, you were not physically harmed. As someone living on this side of the pond who hears horrible things about knife and gun crime in the US - what are the chances of being mugged - because that's what it seems to have been - in the US without being physically harmed also?
  24. Why do Americans use 'then' when they mean 'than'? As in blah blah blah 'other then' instead of other than. Then is an adverb of time and than is a conjunction for making comparisons. It's a matter of time or comparison and they are not interchangeable. Than and compare both have an 'a' Then and time both have an 'e' Annoys me as much as dinning room and stewart!
  25. Expectation v Reality. The (tourist) world and his wife think it's a great idea to have a picnic in front of la Tour Eiffel!
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