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  1. The view from the Terrace Cafe outdoor seating at dinner last night...doesn't get much better than this! 😊
  2. Go-Bucks!

    Moorea & Bora Bora Tours

    We just took Patrick's tour (Maohi Nui) 2 days ago in Bora Bora and it was FANTASTIC!! We took the 3/4 Lagoon tour with lunch, from 9:30am-2:30pm. Your guide takes you on an outrigger canoe to 3 different places to swim, snorkel and see small sharks and stingrays. Then you get taken to a motu (small private island) to eat a lunch buffet of local foods...suckling pig and other things are cooked in the underground oven that they uncover in front of you. The guides performed a fire dance at the end of lunch as well as singing and playing the ukulele. Look at the color of that water! Amazing!
  3. In Bora Bora we took a tour with Maohi Nui, Patrick's tour company. He was showcased on Rudy Maxa's TV travel show. Our guide was Moses, who took 10 of us on an outrigger canoe to swim and snorkel in 3 different places...one of them had small sharks and stringrays swimming around us. The rays would swim quickly up to me and kinda freaked me out, especially when 2 of them did that at the same time! I did pet them but they were slimy. We were then off to a motu (small island) for a wonderful lunch....grilled mahi mahi and marlin, suckling pig, chicken in spinach, plantains, fresh pineapple and pomelo, breadfruit, raw fish salad, and banana pudding for dessert. The water there was so amazing...green, aqua and blue areas that were so clear. After lunch, we were treated to a fire dance!
  4. Papeete... Tours didn't go to places we were interested in so we walked around downtown, the area across from the ship. A lovely welcoming committee was on the pier. Went into local shops and market places, visited the Notre Dame cathedral, then had a soda pop and good croissant in a small cafe with live island musical entertainment. On our way off the ship there were some local 8th grade students and their teachers who greeted us and wanted to practice their conversational English by advising tourists which sites might be good to visit. They even had brochures that they made. They were so cute and spoke good English after just 3 years of study. Hot and humid today so it felt good to get back to the ship.
  5. Go-Bucks!

    12 suitcases and more....!?

    The shoe bag is great and needed since I'm a shoe-aholic. I was going to bring a shower caddy but after seeing a picture of the shower head, I knew it wouldn't fit. Our shower shelf is big enough for our stuff. I brought too many foldable boxes...I only needed one small one because we have plenty of storage space. I did bring clothes pins and they're great for hanging up the bathing suits. This ship has recently been refurbished and the bathroom has its own blue nightlight! Love it.
  6. Go-Bucks!

    12 suitcases and more....!?

    Nope....all meds, both prescription or over the counter, are free. Connie got 2 meds from the ship doc (1 Rx and 1 OTC) at no charge. They also send you a report of your visit.
  7. Yes! They called my name as I walked into the shop! 😊 👍
  8. I accidentally wrote "world cruise board" when I meant 55+ Cruisers. Sorry for any confusion.
  9. Go-Bucks!

    12 suitcases and more....!?

    I brought alot of OTC stuff like cold meds, cough syrup, hydrocortisone cream, triple ATB cream, immodium, colace, Benadryl, first aid stuff, vitamins, and Rx meds. Didn't think to ask for Tamiflu, although they're now using a newer antiviral for flu. I usually take along my own stash of Zithromax but didn't get it this time. Hopefully, if I get some type of URI, the ship doctor will have it. We get free medical care on this ship for the entire cruise. As far as immunizations, I already had my flu shot this season, am current on Tdap and already had the shingles vaccine. I did get the Prevanar 13, took the typhoid capsules, and got the accelerated series of Hep A & Hep B combo (Twinrix). I called a travel clinic but they were WAY too expensive and they wouldn't accept insurance so I just went to the Minute Clinic at my local CVS pharmacy and saw the NP. She and I discussed my itinerary and she recommended the vaccines. I do wish I had gotten a polio booster despite her not thinking I needed it. My health insurance covered her visit and all the immunizations I received! I have had good luck with SeaBands for years, but one day last year on a rough ride to Cuba I was seasick even with the bands. I've always had the cheap stretchy ones from Walmart but this time I brought them but also got a plastic pair that you can tighten the "button" to give more pressure. Luckily I haven't needed to try them so far on this trip! Glad you're following the Oceania world cruise thread! We're having a blast and making wonderful memories. When I retired 6 weeks ago, I was so happy to chuck the scrubs!! I've loved my nursing career (I'm still an adjunct nursing instructor at a local college) but it was time to stop hoofing it around a huge unit 12 hrs a day! Gotta leave that to the younger girls now. I worked Labor & Delivery for most of my years, but also a little Mother/Infant, maternity case mgmt from home, and a very short stint in hospice (was definitely NOT my calling). Teaching is so easy and I can do as much or as little as I like, so I plan to do that for awhile after I get back home in July.
  10. Day in Rangiroa, FP..... Connie and I rented a Smart-car-wannabe and tootled around the island...couldn't get lost since there was just one road. Went to the Paul Gauguin Pearl Farm and had a very interesting tour which included learning about oysters, pearls, how they're created and then harvested. Got a first hand look at the operation...quite labor intensive. Buying some black pearls in FP was on my bucket list so I was able to scratch that one off! Visited a small grocery store where there was a Christmas snowman sitting at the cash register...I got a kick out of that since it was nearly 90 degrees at the time. We drove all the way to Avatoru, then back to the Kia Ora resort for lunch. The water around this island is the most beautiful I've ever seen...so many lovely shades of green and blue; so clear that you can see the fish swimming below. What a great day! My new motto is: You know you're "livin' the life" when reality is better than anything you can imagine.
  11. Go-Bucks!

    12 suitcases and more....!?

    Oceania gives us nice sturdy laundry bags, not thin paper, so I just keep my dirty clothes in that. Glad I brought thin wire hangers!! Meds....I brought Zofran, Compazine, ginger capsules, Bonine and Benadryl. I've used sea bands for years, but bought a new type recently. No opportunity try them out yet, thank goodness! My friend uses the scopolamine patches with success but I'm allergic to them.
  12. I think this was done by a small group of people...most of us had no idea it was done. I just happened to walk by once...it doesn't seem to have been up long. But I do think people need to lighten up and not insist that everything has to pass the PC police scrutiny....JMHO. About amenities...we priced what private excursions in 81 ports would cost and it was astronomical (for us). The potential value of 70 ship tours is probably going to be more than $7,000 because you can book excursions priced up to $199 each. We chose that option and have a few private tours and quite a few DIY days.
  13. I totally agree with you and plan to put this on my mid-cruise comment card. The leader and his wife said that he's been leading an onboard Bible study for 3 years on Oceania ships and they have been told "no" to his request for having it listed in the Currents for all their cruises. Not sure why O won't since, as you said, the Friends of Bill, LGBT group, Jewish Sabbath service, military group, and Nondenominational church service have all been listed....good question but I don't have the answer.