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  1. I just went to the USPS website and got my mail forwarded to my daughter's house for the 6 months I'll be on the world cruise. Totally free (well, cost $1 so they could verify my address with the one on my credit card) and she will just keep all my mail in a box for me when I return. And she will throw away any junk...nice service! 😉
  2. Go-Bucks!

    Insignia live - - Miami Cuba Miami

    There are legit rum and cigar stores where you can get quality items. We went to one in Cienfuegos with out private guide and the store was beautiful and the sales people were very professional. My son-in-law liked his rum and cigars that I took home to him.
  3. Go-Bucks!

    How many days until your next cruise??? Part 2

    48 days. Still so much preparation to do. 😜
  4. Go-Bucks!

    Non-smoking cruise?

    This has been the policy on Princess for many years, but it appears it's difficult to enforce unless they catch the people in the act. On 3 different occasions the staff said they'd investigate, but would then tell us that they never caught anyone. But we would continue to smell it throughout the cruise. Oh well....
  5. Go-Bucks!

    Non-smoking cruise?

    Princess's policy is similar to Celebrity's, but they allow smoking on certain nights in the casino and a small area on the pool deck. BUT....on my last 3 Princess cruises, people on balconies below or in front of ours were smoking on their balcony and made it quite unpleasant for us to be out on our balcony. We reported the situation, but the staff said they couldn't find anything. Not much more we could do. I would love to see another completely non-smoking ship be available, but I'm not going to hold my (clean, clear) breath! 😜
  6. Go-Bucks!

    Non-smoking cruise?

    When I sailed on the Paradise, it was a Western Caribbean itinerary.
  7. Go-Bucks!

    Non-smoking cruise?

    Carnival had their ship, the Paradise, as a non-smoking ship for awhile, but it changed back to allowing some smoking a number of years ago. I sailed on it in 2003 when it was still non-smoking and it was great! Especially the casino. Not sure why they didn't keep it non-smoking, but I'm sure it was a financial decision.
  8. Go-Bucks!

    Staying overnight excursion

    We will be staying overnight for 2 nights in Beijing, China and 1 night in Jerusalem. Our TA called Oceania to inform them and it turned out that we needed their permission to do this. They ok'd it and asked us to be sure to inform the Guest Services desk onboard as well. Each cruiseline probably has it's own rules so I would suggest you or your TA contact Celebrity to let them know.
  9. Go-Bucks!

    Oceania NEXT

    Glad to see they left some of the wood paneling in the ship. I hope they left the library as it was.
  10. Go-Bucks!

    Insignia live - - Miami Cuba Miami

    Princess pizza is the best too...better than Oceania.
  11. Go-Bucks!

    Waiver of single cruiser supplement

    I've read that Crystal and Holland America sometimes have lower supplements. Most cruiselines have 100% supplements. NCL has single cabins for 1 person, but are very small (100 sq. ft., I think).
  12. Go-Bucks!

    Any bloggers in Jan 2019?

    VisaCentral offers that too...it costs $200-300! The process isn't hard enough to justify the cost, IMHO.
  13. Go-Bucks!

    Any bloggers in Jan 2019?

    I had to renew my passport in the spring and Oceania recommended getting the largest one here in the USA...has 52 pages. Same cost as the smaller one. As far as what the cruiseline does for visas...it sounds like Regent is the same as Oceania. The "we take care of it for you" doesn't mean that you do nothing....VisaCentral will contact you and give clear instructions of what YOU need to do. For China and India we filled out the applications (lots of info needed), printed them and sent them to a VisaCentral office with passport photos and passport. China photo had to be trimmed to an exact size. It's not like they do everything for you...they do it all for you AFTER you send it in. Plus, 3 other of our visas had to have forms filled out, so you'll have to do that too.
  14. Go-Bucks!

    Oceania NEXT

    Thanks for the pictures!! I was hoping that someone on this cruise would post some. I would like to see pics of the Penthouse (PH) suites, including their bathrooms and closets. Wondering about storage space since I'll be on the world cruise. The new decor is fresh looking, but similar to all other generic modern ships I've seen. Personally, I liked the elegant look that the R ships had and would have preferred them keeping the same style but updating it. They must feel that this style will increase bookings, probably aimed at a younger demographic.
  15. Go-Bucks!

    Any bloggers in Jan 2019?

    No, I don't think Oceania is connected to VisaCentral. O also "took care of everything", but you still have to fill out applications for certain countries and give them passport pics. The cruiseline pays the visa company and has them contact you. When we got our Cuban visa last year, Oceania did all the work...as they will do for our UAE visa.