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  1. I was on the recent 2019 Oceania world cruise. One of our perks was free medical, but that was valid only on the ship...not if something happens to you in port or if you have to be taken off the ship for medical care. One of our passengers had a heart attack on the ship! He got care on the ship to stabilize him, but was quickly transferred to a local hospital by squad and spent about 7-10 days there. Luckily he had private travel insurance!! Comprehensive travel insurance covers trip cancellation, trip delay, baggage loss, baggage delay, medical, medical or emergency evacuation, and more. I always get this...for my world cruise the policy cost me $5,000+, but was a small amount compared to what I could have lost. The premium is based on the price of the cruisefare, length of the cruise and the applicants age. I would NEVER have done a world cruise without it. I use www dot insuremytrip dot com, then compare policies. The one I chose was from Berkshire Hathaway.
  2. With a travel agent, you have total control of your booking. I've used TA's for 30 years. They do the "leg work" for you, not the decision making. For a world cruise, you don't just miss "some perks", you miss very valuable ones! My roommate and I each got $3,500 of onboard credit or the same amount deducted from final payment (a solo would have gotten $7,000), plus more things! You can usually transfer your booking to an agent before final payment. I do suggest using an agent who is experienced in booking luxury and/or world cruises.
  3. I just finished 7 months on the Insignia and took many ship tours...about 95% were very good! There were NEVER 40-50 people on a tour! The max was 30, but most had 20-24...usually on a bus that seated 52. I went on most tours as a solo and never had to sit next to anyone. Regarding "panoramic" tours (sit on the bus and look out the window instead of getting off and physically visiting a site), they are clearly marked in the brochure/website so you won't accidentally book one. Plus, there are icons to show how much physical activity is required. I've seen it mentioned that private tours are cheaper, but that depends on how many ports you visit...I visited nearly 100 ports, so the OLife option was far more economical.
  4. That's why we all did it! Very cheap 3 extra cruise credits that got us to the free cruise...and we didn't have to fly somewhere, we were already on the ship. 😉
  5. Yes, they are available at the gang way. They will also provide these small bottles in your cabin.
  6. Oh my...Pat & Audrey were so fun! Glad we got to share a couple overland tours together. Hope our paths cross again someday. I'll be on the Marina in September, 2020.
  7. Leaving tomorrow...here are some pics of the awesome crew, lecturers and entertainers! I'll really miss them.
  8. Yes, there are individual 16 oz. bottles or tall glass containers of the Vero water.
  9. I've had this issue in 3 different cabins (decks 8, 4, and 3) for 7 months. No one seems to have any idea (or they're not saying) what the cause is. But I'm leaving tomorrow so cannot pursue it any further.
  10. There will still be a spa, but Steiner will run it. My massage woman verified that they have a 5 year contract with Oceania. She isn't too happy and is worried that she'll have to start pushing products. ☹️
  11. Yes, calling it quits on 8/11...even though I'm still enjoying it. All 5 of us remaining RTW passengers will be leaving on this day. Maybe we'll meet on a future cruise...I think all 5 of us have now earned the free cruise so we'll be back on O again.
  12. Not talking about someone living on the ship...of course that would be longer. He was meaning someone who is on vacation. And I would estimate that 211 days would be considered long on most any cruiseline for vacationing passengers. BTW, I can't imagine having more of a life than I've had...God has blessed me beyond measure, to which I am so grateful. I've learned so much from my fellow passengers and the crew that has broadened my world...my thanks to each one.
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