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  1. She is cruise staff and enrichment, she is salaried and not part of the tip pool It was a joke, if you have any questions our daughter works on a cruise ship
  2. It was a joke, if you have any questions our daughter works on a cruise ship, not Princess but HAL
  3. Are you Princess crew, if so, do tell, i have loads of questions
  4. No they don't, you canink up with someone with there booking number
  5. Agree, so when will the chocolates on the pillow be back, pub lunches and elite obc
  6. Anyone onboard at the moment and know what the main movies are on muts. Thanks.
  7. You know it 2023, I did check the dates on this thread
  8. There is now a charge at this location
  9. Absolutely agree, who in the world would pick a ship because of the internet
  10. Passport is all that's needed, the medallion app is irrelevant when boarding
  11. It is for cruise staff, not sure if crew are charged differently
  12. All crew get messaging free whilst onboard, if they want 'Normal' Internet it's $1 a day
  13. Yes, I have 3 cruises booked, the package was half price
  14. The 3rd passenger, our daughter cannot travel as she has a new job, ironically on a Cruise
  15. Port fees are per person, the person won't be at the port
  16. Does anyone know how port taxes are handled with a 3rd person no show
  17. That's correct, but it depends how often you need the Internet and how much time you spend apart
  18. Just use the connected phone as a hotspot, then any in your family etc can connect together
  19. The taxes are more than the cruise fare
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