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  1. In the UK anyone over 50 has been eligible for the vaccine for a couple of weeks now, and in my area this week 1st doses were available on a walk-in basis, no appointment necessary. Even with 2nd doses being up to 12 weeks later, that means a great many more people other than just those over 70, healthcare workers or clinically vulnerable will be fully vaccinated by the time Silhouette starts her UK cruises.
  2. Even though the last of the new itineraries returns to St Maarten on 28th August, Celebrity have today cancelled the 19th September California Coastal and the 26th September Panama.
  3. For anyone wondering how the Oxford/AZ vaccine was developed more quickly than is usual for new vaccines, this BBC article from November 2020 gives a good explanation. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55041371
  4. When I read of the latest suspensions I couldn't help but think, who has got it in for the Oxford/AZ vaccine and why? It really does seem that as soon as one unsubstantiated claim against it is proven to have no basis, another one is made. I wondered if it was a 'dirty tricks campaign' by other pharmaceutical companies wanting a greater share of the market, but for the moment at least surely there's plenty of business to go around. So a political motive does seem the most likely. Last week I had my first shot of the Oxford/AZ vaccine and was very glad to get it. Please pass my
  5. I've just read a news report which says, "President Biden said the number of places where people could be immunised would be increased, with veterinarians and dentists among those also allowed to vaccinate people". Which made me wonder, so I'll ask - who is currently allowed to give the vaccine in the US? Here in the UK we've got a wide range of people doing it including volunteers from all walks of life who applied and were trained to vaccinate.
  6. Sorry, it wasn't Celebrity. It was QM2.
  7. 14-day cruise, seated at a table of 6 solo travellers, one man would only eat apple strudel. Not for dessert, it was his full meal each evening. On the first night when the server tried to hand him a menu he refused to take it, loudly demanding apple strudel. When both servers (understandably) looked confused, he just kept repeating it louder. Having ascertained that it was definitely all he wanted, they got it for him. On a few nights when he didn't turn up for dinner, the servers would ask "Where is strudel man?"!
  8. I don't think people necessarily mean that crew will be vaccinated under a country's healthcare system, for example our NHS. But once the vaccine is more readily available, cruise lines may be able to buy it so they can vaccinate their crew. The Royal Group has reportedly said all their crew will be required to have the vaccination before being able to return to work. Given the number of crew and different nationalities involved, I think the only feasible way of this happening would be for the cruise line to offer vaccination once they are able to obtain supplies.
  9. Norway has extended cruise restrictions, to be reassessed by 1 May 2021. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24331-norway-extends-cruise-restrictions-to-may-1-for-reassessment.html Currently Silhouette's first scheduled cruise is a Norway itinerary, due to leave Southampton on 8 May 2021.
  10. Given that the new cancellations start from March 2021, some will have been after final payment date.
  11. I was expressing an opinion on Celebrity's lack of consistency when applying a policy. I don't expect anything, and it isn't an argument.
  12. It appears that Celebrity subscribe to this Orwellian maxim, specifically when it comes to the application of the Lift & Shift aspect of the Cruise With Confidence policy. I was booked on the April 2021 Reflection transatlantic (Fort Lauderdale to Amsterdam). I asked to L&S to the April 2022 Silhouette transatlantic (FLL to Southampton), it being the closest match from amongst the 2022 itineraries. I have been refused, repeatedly, on the grounds that there are no cruises which meet the criteria for L&S. Yet some of my fellow passengers have been allowed to
  13. Thank you, it's a good suggestion. However, right now I think I'll just take my refundable deposit and hold onto the money myself until I see what happens this year with the whole situation. I'm not impressed with Celebrity's current attitude towards their customers, not just with the inconsistency over Lift & Shift but also their refusal to cancel 'non CDC compliant' cruises before final payment date. I don't know how other cruise lines are handling their equivalent of L&S, but I certainly know that many are being much fairer and more realistic about cancellations.
  14. The Lift & Shift policy is very clearly not applied consistently by Celebrity. I've no idea whether it's down to how much clout your travel agent has with them, or if your face fits, or simply luck of the draw, but it is most definitely not applied fairly or consistently. I was booked on the April 2021 Reflection 16-night transatlantic. There are no 16-night TAs in spring 2022 so I asked to L&S to the most similar itinerary, on Silhouette. It was refused. Yet other passengers on the same Reflection TA have been allowed to L&S, including to Refl
  15. It's not necessarily a lack of trust in Celebrity surviving, for me it's an issue of timing. When my Oct 20 cruise was cancelled I took the 125% FCC knowing I already had 3 cruises booked in 2021 that it would pay towards. However, since then CDC have said no cruises over 7 days so 2 of mine are likely to be cancelled, even though Celebrity haven't done so yet. As a result, I am highly unlikely to be able to use the FCC by the deadline of 31 Dec 21 (for cruises up to 4 May 22). Although more and more cruises continue to be cancelled, Celebrity haven't pushed the FCC
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