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  1. Congratulations, well done.
  2. Boring, boring, boring, Covid is everywhere, and a cruise ship is no different
  3. You've got Covid, so now you can't for a while, time to live again
  4. I wouldn't tell them, and I would carry on as usual, I would wear a mask if going somewhere crowded
  5. You can, I've done it loads of times, including onboard
  6. Yes, Just use the 1st phone as a hotpot, then tether from there.
  7. I've ignored the directions every time, no one says anything
  8. The more you read about Princess, the worse they get, to have your cabin phone blocked from the medical centre is almost criminal
  9. A strong word with the pursuers desk would be very swiftly carried out
  10. The collection table is no where near the security scanner, they just tell you to declare it, why would you bother.
  11. It's the very old numbering system, my 1st cruise was in 2003, I have a A, other family members are B and C
  12. Should of stayed at home, what type of mask did you wear
  13. Yes, any video supervised lft test will be ok
  14. Stairs go all the way to deck 16, deck plans must be wrong
  15. You can use it for anything, basically your account starts at a plus balance
  16. They probably don't want to hear about all the complaints. Easier to buy your head in the sand.
  17. Saves on gratuities I suppose
  18. I think it's obvious, you don't have to work a Princess to figure it out
  19. You should not have to request it, it should be standard
  20. They don't die from Covid, they die with covid
  21. Obviously I do that in normal, natural behaviour. Wearing a mask isnt.
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